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Urban Dictionary Application Useful

How Is The Urban Dictionary App Useful?

The entire world on Urban Dictionary right now, ‘Say my Name.’

Interestingly, over the years we have observed that people are adapting unique ideas in the social world. And the dictionary of English slang adds a new flavour to the social media world.

Almost 5 years ago, TikTok came into the market & it has gained millions of downloads on the App Store and Play store. Similarly, we could say that people are now going crazy for apps like Urban Dictionary too.

Talking about the Urban Dictionary, people are avidly searching for their names and are awestruck by the result it shows.

What adds more to its popularity?

Surprisingly, celebrities are taking advantage of this latest App. Well, they have been promoting their movie characters with these dictionaries.

For instance, one of the cast members of Harry Potter flaunted when Urban Dictionary defined the series as ‘quite possibly the greatest series of books of all time.’

People promoted their content on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and many more favorite social media apps. It seems Urban Dictionary is adding to its list.

But how does this online slang dictionary app work? Let’s find out in our next section!

Take a Quick Scan at the Urban Dictionary App’s Screenshot

Check out the fantastic UI/UX design of the App. You, too, can take inspiration from the App’s screenshot for a similar application.

Screenshot of the Urban Dictionary App

How Does the Urban Slang Dictionary App Work?

It would be too vague to define that Urban Dictionary works like any other dictionary app. Let’s get a bit specific about how this unique App works!

Once you have downloaded the app, you are welcome to the newly defined world. Your standard dictionary might have a different meaning to the same word, but it’s a bit sarcastic in the Urban world.

Well, here you can search for any word. A to Z vocabulary words with meaning and sentences are available on the application. Just type it in the search box, and the funniest definition of the word appears. Additionally, the dictionary updates you with ‘Urban word of the day’.

Found a definition too funny? Share it on social media accounts and let others have a great laugh too. Moreover, for your better understanding, there is a link given in the definition for tough words.

One can submit definitions with an email address. Don’t worry; you do not have to write the actual meaning of the word. Instead, you can define the word with your own experience.

You might be wondering why people love this crazy App? Understand, these days, people love to have a great laugh through social media. For the same, they spent hours scrolling through the news feed.

And Urban Dictionary has filled the same expectation in a different way!

Urban Dictionary Application Work

Top Features of the Urban Dictionary App

Top Features Urban Dictionary
  • Search
  • Vote
  • Shake and find a new word
  • Top Suggestions
  • Share on social media accounts
  • Word of the day
  • Family Sharing

Urban Dictionary Development Cost

There is no fixed cost for developing an app like Urban Dictionary. The cost would depend on the features one wants to add or the complexity of the application. Any company providing mobile application development solutions can throw more light on the costing part. However, the rough cost of developing an app like Urban dictionary would be around $40,000-$80,000.

Urban Dictionary Apps for Android & iPhone!

You can download the apps from the App Store and Play Store.

app of play store
App Store

People are ready to adopt apps that serve them something different. The craze of the Urban Dictionary app has been a prime example that if one has a unique idea, it’s likely to succeed.

So, are you too thinking about launching an app that has the potential of attracting people?


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