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Birmingham, Great Britain, UK

What is Whisk App

What is Whisk & Why is it the Best Meal Prep App?

Whisk is on a mission to make cooking a joyful experience. Whisk is the cooking app where all your recipe search ends. This best cooking app allows you to save recipes from any platform to your recipes section. It also helps you find, save and create your personal cookbook. You can also plan your grocery shopping list online from its registered supermarkets and retail stores.

The app has relevant communities depending on the recipes shared, like desserts, continental food, healthy salads, etc. The users can share their diet preferences and receive personalized recipe content in recommendations.

Adding more to this, users can make recipe recommendations and edit their tried and tested recipes. You can even share your recipes with your family and friends over any social media platform.

Nick Holzherr, the founder of Whisk, is one of the finalists of the BBC Apprentice 2012, one of the most popular show of England. He first presented his idea of Whisk in the final episode of the same show. Soon, Whisk announced its headquarters in Birmingham, Great Britain, United Kingdom.

How Does the Whisk App Work?

Whisk App has a collection of recipes and can find recipes from America, Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, and from all parts of the world. The Whisk recipe app has a meal planner section where you can plan your meals for the week. You can plan your entire week ahead of time and save ample time thinking over what to cook on a particular day.

All recipes here are presented in three sections; the first section shows the ingredients required for that particular dish. The second section gives step-by-step instructions on the meal to be prepared, and the third section provides a calorie countdown to inform you of what you will be consuming from this meal.

The best part of this is you can save a recipe from any platform to your personal cookbook. And you have the privilege to edit any recipe ingredient and instruction and even give tips based on your experience of baking this dish. You can use the whisk recipe calculator to calculate your recipe ingredients as per your requirements, like serve 4, 6, etc.

This best meal prep app gives you the freedom to select recipes based on your diet preferences and choice. You can also shop along for the ingredients while learning a recipe and order them from your nearest grocery store. You can even place an order with their integrated stores like Walmart, Insta cart, Amazon Fresh, and many more on the list.

How Does the Whisk App Work

Screenshots of the Whisk App for You to Experience

This best cooking app has many creative features and a well-presented screen layout. Let’s view this award-winning app through these screenshots.

Screenshots of the Whisk App

Creative Features of the Whisk App

Features of the Whisk App
  • Recipe saving
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Recipe sharing
  • Community interactions
  • Save recipes from any platform
  • Edit the recipes
  • Create your own recipes
  • Personalized recipe
  • Meet health goals

The 2 best features of Whisk App that place it at the top of the Cooking Apps Market

Whisk app reviews have shown the popularity of the App with the masses, as all its features are applicable and useful in everyday life. The 2 best features of this App are mentioned below:

Meal Planner Icon

Meal Planner

The weekly meal plan app allows you to plan your week ahead of time and save ample time thinking over what to cook on a particular day. It even lets you save the recipe you plan to cook on that specific day of the week.

Grocery Shopping Icon

Grocery Shopping

The meal prep app has an option to grocery shop for ingredients required for your favorite meal. You can create a shopping list and make purchases from your local grocery store. Whisk App even has major retailers registered to give you more convenience in grocery shopping.

The Development Cost Of An App Like Whisk ($)

To build a meal plan app like Whisk, you must consider all the affecting factors. Like all app development cost estimates, the significant aspects that need to be considered are its features, design, technology, team size, and time to market.

However, giving you a rough idea, the cost will be between – $15,000 to $50,000.

Note – The above-mentioned price is just an approximation of the actual rate. The exact rate will be different depending on the complexity of the app.

Whisk App Is Available On

Whisk App is available as a web platform on for web users. And on app stores for Android and iOS devices for the convenience to its mobile users.You can also download the app from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

app of play store
App Store

If you are reading through this brief introduction to the whisk app possibly you may want to build a meal plan creator app. And to fulfil this purpose and give a positive push to your recent cooking business, you will need the support of an experienced on-demand app development company. To get assistance with designing and developing an app like Whisk, discuss that idea in your mind with us. We will help you to bring it to reality.


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Whisk App makes money from content-relevant advertisements and charges supermarket fees for all online grocery purchases made through the app.

Whisk recipes and meal planner app has no subscription or membership fees. It is absolutely FREE for its users. Whisk only charges a minimal fees to the registered retail stores with them.

The best meal planner app, Whisk, currently has more than 1 million monthly users.