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San Francisco, USA

What is The Wish App

What is The Wish App & Why is it The Best Online Shopping App?

An American eCommerce platform, Wish is developed by former programmers from Google and Yahoo – Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang.

Wish clothing, an eCommerce App was published by ContextLogic Inc in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco. This business has kept growing since its inception and is now valued at $1.7 billion.

The primary objective of the business is to provide an online site for customers to shop for products at the lowest rates in the market. Wish is a legal app just like eBay and Amazon. This app supports both sellers and buyers from all around the world, like the USA, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine & more.

Wish has the lowest price tags for the most expensive items because they source all the products directly from the manufacturer or factory picked-up.

Apps like wish in the online marketplace get you all you can imagine, from selfie lighting to any bizarre product; it has an endless inventory list.

How Does The Wish App Work?

The Wish business model is unique and innovative as it removes all intermediaries and retailers and connects directly with the production house to source its inventory. Wish can keep the prices at the lowest possible because it sells many unbranded products and takes more time to ship.

Customer video reviews, unboxing videos, and product try-on videos on the Wish have supported online shopping trends. These video reviews help other customers to make thier choices on products available on Wish. The products sold on this app are not owned by Wish but are sold by individual sellers offering various product ranges.

The home page shows a variety of products based on your preferred choices. When you open a product description page, you get all the details concerning color, size, and materials. The best part is if that particular product you are looking for is sold out, the Wish gives you options of similar products available in stock.

The next tab is the Wish Deals page, where you get the currently available deals on the app and choose from a wide range of items.

‘Blitz Buy’ is a spin-and-win feature on the lifestyle application Wish, where you can spin daily and win extra discounts on products at a discounted rate. The Rewards page is divided into three main sections: Dashboard, redeem, and information. The Dashboard section shows your points earned and a detailed description of your available, used, and history of your points. You can track your shipment in the menu tab and keep a record of your points and rewards.


Screenshots Of The Wish App For You To Experience

Now, look at this vibrant app with various items it offers through these appealing screenshots.

Screenshots Of The Wish App

Interesting Features of the Wish App

Features Of Wish App
  • Discover products easily
  • Plenty of savings and coupons
  • Money Back Guarantee on all orders
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Ships to countries worldwide
  • Secure payment options
  • Blitz Buy
  • Unboxing and product try-on videos

2 Most User-Gripping Features Of Wish App

Wish homes millions of products from across the globe. You can find everything from essentials and basic everyday items to smartwatches and luxury products. The two unique features that make this app away from others are:

Blitz Buy Icon

Blitz Buy

The Blitz Buy feature is the daily spin option, where you can earn rewards every day while shopping on the Wish. These rewards can be clubbed with any other ongoing deals on the app or that particular product, thus saving you more money.

Unboxing and product tryon videos Icon

Unboxing and product try-on videos

People upload unboxing videos and product try-on videos of products like tech gadgets, clothes, beauty products, and home decor items. These videos help other customers shopping on Wish to learn about the product’s various applications and benefits.

The Development Cost Of An App Like Wish ($)

To make an application like Wish, you must consider all the factors influencing its development. An app development cost estimate includes significant elements that need to be accounted for, like its features, design, technology to be used, team size, and the time your app would take to reach the market.

To build an app similar to Wish, we have given a breakdown of the cost below:

  • A basic MVP should cost between $20-25k.
  • Creating a shopping theme software or web platform should cost you roundabout $40-50k.
  • A full-fledged application can cost about $50-60k.

Note: The above rate is an approximate estimate of the actual rate. The final rate will differ depending on the complexity of the app.

Wish App Is Available On

Wish is available as a web platform on for web users. And on app stores for Android and iOS devices for convenience to its mobile users.

app of play store
App Store

If you read through this brief introduction to the app, you may want to build a website like Wish or a Wish mobile app. And to accomplish this purpose or to positively push your recent online shopping business, you will need the support of experienced developers and designers with eCommerce development services. To understand the design and development of and Wish business model, discuss the idea with us, and we will help you to make your dream come true.


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Yes, it is legal, legit, and safe to shop on Wish.

Your search history cannot be deleted from the app, but yes, you can play smart by modifying your search to change your search history.

The following steps need to be followed to build a shopping app like a wish:

  1. Market Research and Planning
  2. Create Essential Features list
  3. Select a platform for development
  4. Create attractive UX and UI Design
  5. Integrate advanced technology
  6. Test, deploy & launch your app
  7. Continuous maintenance and update regularly.

Wish application generates revenue by charging a commission fee to its merchants when a user makes a purchase on its eCommerce platform. Another source of income is by charging a delivery fees for providing logistics services to merchants.