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What Is an eToro App

What Is an eToro App?

eToro is considered the first social trading platform that allows users to check their investments at any point. The trading app eToro was founded as RetailFX in 2007 by brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia with David Ring.

It was in 2010 when the app got on to its first Open book social investment platform, where it automatically enabled the copy network and top traders. And slowly, in the current scenario, it has become one of the most trust-worthy investment solutions where the investors can manage their portfolio and take the recent updates on the market situations.

This best crypto trading app comprises 3000 tradable symbols, mainly CFDs, Forex, and Exchange-traded securities. Furthermore, the app comes with advanced features such as leverage and short sell also enables traders direct access to the different markets worldwide.

Moreover, when it comes to easing deposits and withdrawals, multiple payment methods for which they have the smartest eToro Money offer free and instant deposits. Interesting Right?

Now, dive in to understand the working of this best stock trading platform.

How Does This Public Trading App Work?

Post signup procedure in the eToro app, the end-users are divided into a ‘Demo Account’ and a ‘Professional account.’ Besides, the user needs to qualify for at least two answers from three to get professional account experience.

The three questions that need to be answered are as follows:

  1. Did you carry out transactions in a significant size at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters?
  2. Does the value of your investment portfolio exceed €500,000?
  3. Did you have experience working in the financial sector in a professional capacity for at least a year which requires knowledge of the transactions and facilities at that stage?

If two of the three answers stand out to be yes, then the user can avail of a professional account on this online trading platform.

The demo account will help the end-users improve their financial skills. And the end-users get over $100k with a virtual eToro account to practice. Besides, this stock trading app development is made to enable users with unique features, which we will see through screenshots in the next section.

How Does This Public Trading App Work

Preview This Best Crypto Trading App Through Screenshots

Take a view of this best trading app through the screenshots and know some brief about its working UI and various other details:

Best Crypto Trading App Screenshots

Know Some Unique Features Of Trading App eToro

Features Of Trading App eToro
  • Virtual Portfolio
  • Procharts
  • Offline Trading
  • Market Tailoring
  • Market Intelligence
  • Real-Time price feeds
  • TipRanks Research Tab
  • Trailing Stop Loss

Two Features That Makes These Trading App Best For Investors

One Click Trading Icon

One Click Trading

eToro app has inserted this fantastic feature to provide traders who like to open an account with the same positions and instruments at different times. And with a single click on this public trading app, end-users can open a new position using these ready-made parameters.

Profit Increase Icon

Stop Loss & Take Profit

This feature is enough to make the new user understand that this app is secure. It will help clients better manage their positions and protect investments and profits. It closes the position automatically if it reaches a specific loss while it will take the profits at a predetermined price point.

The Development Cost to make a fintech app like eToro

The cost to build an app like eToro will vary from features, platforms, and many other variants as per the requirement; the cost can be defined as follows:

  • The cost to build an MVP trading app will be around $12K to $15K
  • Mainly, the cost to build a Web platform & Software like the eToro will cost you around $15K to $25K
  • Lastly, the Fully-functional paper trading app like eToro will be around $30K to $45K

Note: We have put the estimated costs to make an app ahead of you, but please discuss your estimates and POV with our consultants on call!

eToro App is available on:

The eToro is available in the web platform and software format for the investor’s convenience.

app of play store
App Store

We know you have come this long way intending to make a fintech app like eToro, but you will need the best fintech app development company in the market. And will need expert developers who can help excel in this cut-throat competitive market.


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Follow these steps to sell an instrument on eToro mobile app:

  1. Tap on your portfolio in this trading app to watch all the instruments that you are currently trading.
  2. Choose an instrument and select the sell option
  3. Then, organize and close the trade.

eToro app is an excellent choice for beginners to professional investors, which is why it enables two separate accounts for the investors and has a feature-specific approach. Besides, it tends to enable valuable tools and features in the online trading platform, making it easy for investors to grow in the market.

Yes, it is the best and most secure platform for the end-users as it operates following FCA, CySEC, and ASIC regulations, which is enough to protect the investors.

There are distinct parts, and by compiling them, you can create the fintech app for your business:

  • Initiate a Trading platform
  • Define the scope
  • Get the app secured
  • Design the Core Features
  • Consult with the best app development team
  • Develop an API by implementing core and non-core features.