In the emerging world of eCommerce, every day some or other creative thing comes into action. However, this ever-changing landscape of Live eCommerce is sometimes scary as well as exciting.

For some eCommerce businesses, these updates may work as a boon while for others it may seem challenging to deal with. No matter what comes and goes, the eCommerce industry always keeps expanding to shine bigger and brighter.

In the current plot, Live Stream Shopping is the most trending topic emerging in the minds of people. This spark of a new idea has made it easy for the eCommerce giants as well as startups to hail up their sales with skyrocketing success.

According to TechCrunch, the live video shopping startup named “Talkshoplive” raised more than 6 million in a short span of time.

So, curious to know more about this Livestream shopping thing?

Here is an article that covers everything from Live eCommerce app development to its benefits and future of online shopping.

Let’s deep dive into the article for details!

With all the hustle and bustle of the pandemic, as we’re approaching the new year – let’s first peep into the eCommerce Growth trends in recent times.

eCommerce Trends in Recent Times

  • By the end of 2025, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $8 trillion.
  • Omnichannel shopping will become more prominent with passing days. In fact, 73% of the customers use multiple channels for their shopping.
  • Every three customers out of four say that online shopping is more suitable in comparison to traditional shopping.
  • There are more than 2.14 billion digital buyers across the world.
  • 81% of the customers will first conduct online research before going online shopping.
  • Every national market covered by eMarketer saw double-digit eCommerce growth in the recent year. The numbers are more clear with the below-given graph.

Retail eCommerce Sales Growth Worldwide by Region

So, that was a short glimpse of the current market scenario, now let us take you through the biggest trend i.e., the Livestream shopping platform.

What is a Live Video Shopping App/Website?

Finally, we can say that the missing link or a new phase of the live streaming app is here – that is in the form of Video Commerce or Live Stream Shopping (purchase products online via videos).

So, starting with traditional stores – enables you to focus on a single customer at a time and providing bespoke recommendations until the customer is ready to buy the things. On the other hand, eCommerce platforms come with a broader space to reach out to customers at any time and anywhere.

The Livestream video shopping platform is a combination of both the conditions mentioned above. It’s just like putting retailers in front of a wide range of audiences across the globe. Live Commerce enables customers to respond to video shopping and buy their things. This is made possible by a properly planned eCommerce App Design and Website UI.

For instance, a grocer can come up with a Saturday morning live stream session for a holiday dessert bar, a complimentary gift and have a question-answer thing to make the live stream more interesting. Or, a furniture retailer can share the knowledge to the shoppers for various collections and answer their queries as well.

“The Right Influencer Always Matters” – These words seem to be perfect for video commerce platforms.

Adding more to it, Live video shopping generated sales of more than $60 billion in the last year. It shows the popularity of live-streaming apps with eCommerce.

To put it short, livestream video shopping provides an inclusive experience to the customers rather than just clicking and filling the virtual carts.

So, now you’ve got a glimpse of the live streaming eCommerce platform, but what are the actual benefits that you’ll get with this future of online shopping.

Benefits of Live Commerce App Development

There are oodles of advantages to live stream video shopping apps. We’ve highlighted the top three fortunes of live commerce. So, here we go,

Enhanced Customer Experience

In a live video shopping app, the influencer works as a floor salesperson or even a customer service representative. So here, rather than just showcasing the product with points of detail,  this salesperson explains each specification with a sort of attractive word. They will not only share the product details but also compare the same with different products and talk about its benefits and faults.

It is one of the key points that increase the interest of a customer in a product or service. This way, you can create a shopping app which provides an exclusive experience to the users and enhance virtual store extravaganza.

Lesser Distribution Cost

The fact is with live eCommerce platforms, almost every product is directly sold to the customers from its warehouse. That means you can cut the cost of products for the traditional brick-and-mortar shipping to different locations.

Secondly, a live streaming shopping app makes order collection management much easier when compared with normal online shopping. In short, the order of operations, putting labels on products, it’s shipping, etc is easier with a live video shopping app.

Brand Loyalty & Marketing Effects

In 99% of the cases, an influencer is the one who has the ability to attract and convince customers to any topic. Henceforth, for your live commerce platform, it is one of the best ways to build your brand loyalty in the mind of the people.

Besides that, more and more people will be connected to your brand which ultimately will increase your sales. The customer value increases for the influencer as well as your brand.

That’s all about the benefits of live commerce app development for your business. Now let’s move towards the next hot topic which is in trend across the globe.

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Why Live Video Shopping Apps Trending?

Basically, with the increased use of live shopping, some new ideas are generated every day to make the shopping experience more attractive.

Starting with basic, there are many live streaming shopping apps floating around the app store. Here, we’ve analyzed and listed the most common and effective working of live video streaming apps.

The entire premise behind the working of a live video shopping app is quite simple. It works like it efficiently combines the effect of live streaming with any social media platform for eCommerce applications. Many social media platforms also provide the direct purchasing feature.

In a way, a customer feels it like an unboxing video on youtube wherein they can purchase the product then and there.

One of the tactics followed by many businesses to gain the attention of the users is mentioned as below;

“Key Point: These tactics are generally used to generate hype among the customers”

Limited edition live streaming:

Some of the brands come up with live streams wherein the product is available only for a set of time periods. Additionally, a countdown timer is showcased to the customers in order to create urgency in the order and drive more sales.

Time-specific discounts:

Influencers come up with product discounts for a specific time period. For instance, if a live stream shopping is running for an hour, there will be a special discount for 15-20 minutes.

Both these schemes lead to a tendency of urgency and excitement among the customers.

Adding more to it, you can conduct live stream video shopping via reel/TikTok videos. It is one of the newly emerged trends in the live commerce app. Wherein swiping right or left is an option to either buy or reject the product.

Another way is the pop-up comments that drive the sales. Many live commerce apps enable you to share your reviews or queries for a product via commenting during the live video.

You have read almost everything about video commerce platforms, but do you know how you can create a live commerce app?

Here is an answer for the same!

How to Build a Successful Live Streaming Video Platform?

Build a Live Streaming Video Platform

One of the questions which our clients keep asking us is about creating a video eCommerce platform or livestream shopping platform.

Predominantly, there are two core things that you need to pay attention to while developing a live commerce app. The first one is the technical stuff and another is the core market side analysis.

Firstly, we will go on the analysis part to get a better understanding of the second part.

Research & Analysis

The first and foremost step that you need to follow is to go through critical research for your brand’s industry niche. Check out what is trending over there and how your platform will give a boost to it by gaining user attention.

Another point to take into consideration is the competitor analysis. You must know what your competitors are up to, and try to provide something unique or better in your live video shopping app.

Building a pre and post-marketing plan for your app launch is important. In the initial phase, it is essential that users come to know about your application. With a perfectly blended marketing plan, you can easily get into the eyes of the people.

Once you’re clear with all these points, the next step is to work the tech part of your live streaming app with eCommerce.

Technical Stuff

The only thing that you need to give utmost attention to is for hiring a mobile app development company for your business or startup. The entire success of your application is dependent on the company you hire.

Apart from that, decide on the app development platforms for your video shopping. If your targeted audience covers Android and iOS users, we would suggest you build a live commerce app for both platforms. You can even opt for a hybrid app development solution in this case.

Give a special focus to the UI/UX design of your application. As it is one of the ways to attract users to your live commerce platform. Users are always in search of a platform that is easy to navigate through. Your UI/UX design talks much about the user experience and success of your application. Thence, never compromise anything with the app design.

Now comes the key thing – Features & Functionalities. You can even call them the heart of your application. Some extraordinary features can make a huge difference to your sales and app traffic. We have worked on some amazing features that you must include in your Livestream shopping app.

Features to Draw Attention

  • User Login
  • Social Media Login
  • Browse Events
  • Watch Reel Video
  • Join Event
  • Set Reminder
  • Add Product to Cart
  • Order Tracking
  • Online Payment
  • Order History
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Sub Admin Dashboard

Another key aspect to take care of is about the speed while live streaming. You cannot let your users wait with a buffering. Therefore, pay special attention to speed and data loading for your live streaming shopping.

When you’re clear with all the above mentioned points it is easy for you to develop your video shopping app. Take a note of the point that the company you hire follows each and every step of a mobile app development process. It enables you to have a bug free and efficient application.

Some of the top Livestream shopping apps that you can take inspiration from are given below.

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Top Live Video Shopping Apps This Year?

Alibaba: A China-based application that first launched online broadcasting of products with the tagline “See Now, Buy Now”.

Taobao: A C2C marketplace operated by Alibaba wherein 10,000+ celebrities review the products via live streaming.

Amazon: Recently Amazon launched “Amazon Live” wherein the retailers can live stream their products.

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Harness the power of Social Media

If you’re planning to build a live video shopping app, social media is one of the best ways to create brand awareness of your app. Go live on various platforms introducing the products and functionalities of your app. This will definitely enable you to gain traffic for your application. The ultimate thing over here is people can take part in the live stream from any corner of the world.

Need more information?

Rebuilding the Out-Of-Box Online Shopping Experience With Live Commerce?

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the widespread wings of digitization come up with new leads every day.

Delivering the best user experience and creating brand awareness is the goal of every business or startup. Online video shopping apps are one such lead that is adopted and cherished by people worldwide. Adding such a feature to your existing or newly built eCommerce app comes with an extra point for you.

We’re an experienced software development company who has catered their expertise in almost every industry niche. Just share your thoughts with us, and we will serve you with top-notch live commerce app development solutions.

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