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Features of FirstLine Benefits App

What is the FirstLine Benefits App About? – At a Glance

Every health insurance agency provides its members with health benefits. Members get credits to purchase medicines and receive other medical treatment. The app has its exclusive online store with products that the users can buy to maintain health and hygiene.

The app allows users to choose from numerous plans with a set of terms and conditions. All programs and products can fit seamlessly into your routines. It serves as a platform that can understand the specific needs of users and suggest products accordingly.

There are ready set kits available for members to buy for various purposes. We will talk more about the ready kits in the further section.

We firmly believe that good health starts with good health decisions. By choosing a suitable FirstLine Benefits health plan, you can maintain a nutritious diet, develop good food habits, and save a lot of money on unnecessary ER visits.

Screenshots of FirstLine Benefits App

An app’s design is the make or break point for the users in further deciding if they like the app. Here are some app snippets to show you the UI and flow structure of FirstLine Benefits app.

Screenshot of the FirstLine Benefits App

How Does the FirstLine Benefits App Work? – Functioning Simplified

After signing up, you can choose among the four distinguished programs provided – Essentials, Essentials +, Select, & Select +. Next, the app asks the user to choose the program that suits your needs the most. Product eligibility display element makes the app stand out from the rest.

There are also ready sets available for members to order online for home delivery worldwide. These kits have items for fall prevention like anti-skid slipper socks and shower benches, and for weight reduction items like protein shake bottles and weighing scales. The best ready set kit they introduced was the prevention kit in times of COVID-19 pandemic: hand soaps, sanitizing wipes, and face masks.

The quick scan tool allows users to scan and find the product online to check whether an item is eligible to be purchased with the benefits or not. You can save yourself the tension and curiosity of finding out whether the products are eligible to buy during the billing process.

Users can shop health benefits product online. There is an auto-renewal option and an easy cancellation process that users can access in the app settings.

Firstline Benefits Application Work

Significant Features of FirstLine Benefits App

Below are the lined up features of the FirstLine Benefits app.

Shop Firstline Benefits App
  • Benefits Balance Check
  • Product Scan Tools
  • Shop Online
  • Find Stores Near You for In-Store Purchase
  • Support Centre
  • Expiry Notification
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Automatic Renewal
  • Ready Sets
  • Set of Plans to Choose from
  • Worldwide Home Delivery
  • Easy Subscription Cancellation

Cost of Developing an App like FirstLine Benefits

To give an exact cost of app development would be very tricky for any mobile app development company. But, it would cost between $30,000 to $80,000 to build an app like FirstLine Benefits with good features, user-engaging UI, and an easy-to-understand flow structure.

App’s Available On

The FirstLine Benefis App is available for download on Play Store and App Store.

app of play store
App Store

Having worked with the healthcare industry giants, we are an experienced mobile app development company that you can trust your app with. Schedule a Call with us and our expert development team will take it ahead from there.


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