Today, IoT adoption remains strong across all industries. Along with it the need to hire embedded engineers is also on a rise. There is no doubt that in the future there will be more demand for embedded engineers for hire as the number of projects keeps on rising.

Internet of Things (IoT) And Non-IoT Active Device Connections Worldwide From 2010 to 2025 (In Billions)

Source: Statista

Embedded systems remain the core part of these evolving technologies. It perfectly meets your tech needs. Moreover, it provides you with high-level functions.

So, if you are searching to hire firmware engineers or  hire embedded hardware developers, then hold on. The blog guides you on how to hire the embedded engineers for your product development.

Hiring embedded engineers aid you in converting your Product ideas into reality. Therefore, you have to be selective about which sack works best for your product development.

Skills & Responsibility for Embedded Hardware Engineer

Undoubtedly, the process of IoT is complex. Product designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers have to work for IoT devices. There has to be collaboration among these teams. Proper coordination brings a seamless process.

Hiring embedded engineer that are well equipped with technical expertise when designing the embedded system hardware design. It is also vital for these people to know a host of topics.

Here is the list of skills one should keep in mind if you want to hire embedded engineers.If you are someone who wants to upgrade your existing embedded hardware design or get an end-to-end hardware development solution then here are the skills and responsibilities you should check.

Note:- Check the skills of your embedded engineers before you embark on the journey further.

Embedded Hardware Developer Skills:-

  • Experience with schematic capture & PCB design layout tools ( Allegro, Orcad, Altium, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Electronics.
  • RF Board Design.
  • Design Validation Testing.
  • Compliance testing and hardware product certification for different geographical locations – FCC, CE, IC, BIS, RCM.
  • Good Technical Communication Skills.

Hardware Engineer Responsibilities

  • Understanding the customer’s requirements
  • Identifying components
  • Block diagram
  • Draw Schematic
  • Proper instructions should be given for the schematic for the PCB routing team
  • Test Plan
  • Create Bills of Materials (BOM)

Roles & Responsibilities of a Firmware Embedded Engineer

If you are someone that wants to install specific signals into your product then you have to connect with a firmware developer. Apart from taking care of embedded systems security, below is the list of skills and responsibilities you should know before hiring firmware-embedded developers.

Embedded Firmware Developer Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or electronics.
  • Knowledge of basic circuit design with I/O intensive microcontrollers or microprocessors.-firmware.
  • Well-versed with languages C++, Python, Matlab, and Rust programming and Linux requirements.
  • Debugging Skills.
  • Proficient with CAD.
  • Expertise with RISC & ARM-based controllers.
  • Firmware development lifecycle- requirements, design, implementation, testing & deployment.
  • Knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, AI.

Firmware Engineer Responsibilities

  • Integration of sensors and microprocessors
  • Utilize logic analyzers and in-circuit emulators
  • Implement & design software of embedded devices and systems as per the requirements
  • Analyze the technical problem and support appropriate resolutions
  • Identify technical risks and challenges
  • Propose action plan
  • Maintain, upgrade and modify embedded systems as needed.

How to Hire Embedded Engineers for Your Next Project?

Once you get a checklist of the skills, roles, and responsibilities of your embedded engineers. The next crucial thing is how to hire embedded engineer for your next project.

Before selecting the embedded programmer for your project, you have to be clear with your requirements. Make sure you check this before you finalize the company for your project.

Firstly check the scope of your project. Do you want the team of dedicated developers for this specific project?

  • Short-term tasks
  • Recurring Project
  • Full-time
  • Dedicated team

Once you are clear about how long you want to tie up with developers, next in line are their areas where you should check.

1. Check the portfolio of the company. Also, verify their projects related to different types of embedded systems and IoT.

2. Decide what skills are crucially required for your product engineering services. Identify those skills in the engineers. The team must have those skills that will turn your product idea into a reality.

3. Select the team which has the best knowledge about the embedded system and hardware capabilities.

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FAQs About Embedded Software Development

The embedded system engineers are solely responsible for designing, developing, producing, testing, and maintaining the embedded systems. They also have an array of responsibilities which is mostly related to ensuring that the developed product meets the expected results.

As mentioned in the blog, an embedded system engineer needs an array of skills. They should have a rich knowledge of programming languages, understanding of hardware component level.

Debugger, editor, Matlab, Arduino, Linkers, Libraries, stimulator, and many other tools used during product development. The tools used can vary depending on the requirements of the project.

Firmware developer works on programming firmware that takes low-level functions and features. On the other hand, embedded systems take care of high-level functions & features.

Embedded system engineers can work on the below-given fields:-

  • Transport Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Smart Home & Cities
  • Consumer Electronics
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