Business Process Automation Solutions have replaced workplaces full of file stacks with paperless machines and systems. We have come a long way ahead! Technology has enabled business process automation applications to ease workload in every industry. Many emerging technologies have made daily functioning pretty much automatic.

The enterprise mobility solutions are not very heavy on the pocket, focused on the programmed task, reduce errors, and, more importantly, give accurate results.

In the first place, business process automation tools have made it easy to handle business operations in real-time. Additionally, these business process automation solutions have been enabling remote working and work from home.

Although the employees are out of the premises, companies are at ease. Team leads can know everything about employees’ attendance, productivity, task completion, the efficiency of tasks, etc.

UNKNOWN FACT! More than 80% of business entrepreneurs report increasing the work process automation and expanding the remote work concept even more!

How can Business Process Automation Solutions Help?

By incorporating system integration solutions in your business, you can create the next-generation business model.

Let’s understand the role of emerging technologies in business to simplify your operations by adopting the following six solutions:

Automating Business Processes Help

1 Business Process Automation Applications to Handle Financial Transactions

It’s about receiving money from debtors and about paying the money back with calculated interest to the creditors. On the whole, keeping track of many such business transactions and purchase orders can be a cumbersome task to handle.

Moreover, tallying all these at the end of the accounting period can be a pain. In such cases, customized apps that digitally record the transactions help a lot in saving essential resources like time, money, and labor.

→ Industries that can use this technology are Financial, Healthcare, Retail, etc.

2 Robotic Process Automation RPA

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96% of decision-making employees of IT companies believe that RPA is essential for digital transformation.
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RPA is an automating business process that performs routine and repetitive tasks with its artificial intelligence. It helps in building, deployment, and management of resources digitally. This is a superb 24×7 solution that also helps to reduce cost and employee time and energy. Since the task is machine-operated, there is no or meager chance of human errors in recording information.

→ Industries that can use this technology are Financial, Healthcare, Retail, etc.

3 Communication Softwares

Imagine you get half of the information from your colleagues or seniors due to a poor network. Would you like to compromise your task’s quality in that case?

Furthermore, it would probably be dumb to wait for the day when connectivity is low.

What’s the solution?

The best business process automation application is Communication softwares. These help in long term internal and external communication in an organization. Not to mention that your company can switch to a single medium to communicate with the employees as well as clients.

→ Industries that use NLG softwares are the ones who would want to read the summary of the data. This business process automation tool makes the organization’s work very easy.

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4 NLG – Natural-Language Generation

NLG enables human-computer interactions.

Wondering how?

Well, NLG is an automation software engine that creates seamless communication between humans and computer devices. Also, at the same time, with the help of technology, it can translate the data into text format for the user to understand easily.

→ Industries that use NLG softwares are the ones who would want to read the summary of the data.

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Get an IPA from EWW!
Most technologies that businesses use comprise IPA, i.e., Intelligent Process Automation. IPA removes the robot from the human body and performs the functions all by itself.
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5 Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is still an emerging business process automation solution that tests the product during its physical and digital development phases. It can run five different types of tests:

  • 3D printing
  • Stereolithography
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Selective laser sintering
  • Software rapid application development

It becomes easier to make changes or optimize the device at the end. You can do significant tests via a single technology. It is a cost-effective method and saves time for changes in the final stage. Provided that, it saves the cost of doing the product again if the client rejects it after completion. You can show the prototype and 3D prints from time to time to get regular feedback.

The impact of emerging technologies on business will show the rise of your organization.

→ Industries that can use Rapid prototyping technology are Manufacturing, IT, etc.

DID YOU KNOW? BPA and BPM sound awfully the same, but on the contrary, BPA (Business Process Automation) is a subset of BPM (Business Process Management). BPM is the strategy to streamline manual and automated business processes.

6 Cloud-based Solutions

A cloud-based solution is a shared connection that helps an organization’s staff access the stored data. For example, the daily reports of employees, contracts, NDAs, etc can all remain safe and secure in the cloud. In the long run, we all want the data backup for future reference.

→ Companies of many industries use the cloud for data security.

3 Golden Key Elements to Choose Business Process Automation Solution:
1. Consistency in the whole organization
2. Reiterating process
3. Error-free & accurate results

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Technology has graced the business industries with ample facilities. It is indeed not a race of using the leading technologies as compared to your competitors. With this in mind, it is a competition to digitize the operations against oneself to reduce costs, time, and energy consumed in manual work.

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FAQs on Why to Get an App For Your Business?

What business processes can be automated?

Anything and everything that is the day-to-day operations of businesses can be automated—for instance, the onboarding process, employee attendance tracking, employee productivity, etc.

What is the ROI on automating business processes?

Technical automation processes replace all manual and repetitive tasks. In such a scenario, dividing savings created by not spending on the manual labor for getting those tasks done with the cost in automating business processes is considered the ROI (Returns on Investment) in automated business processes.

What are the technologies used in business?

Many technologies like softwares to control and manage inventory, accounts, human resources, devices, etc., are used in business. 

How can information technology support business processes?

IT supports the business by automating business processes, replacing manual labor with machines, etc. This, in turn, provides the organization a competitive edge over the competitors by streamlining and simplifying the business processes. 

Which system specifically facilitates the automation and management of business processes?

ERP, i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning, helps in automating business workflow management. It specifically allows the jotting down of all tasks in a checklist, supported by a timeline that the employees can finish. ERP systems are engineered to perform all repeatable and scalable functions with excellent efficiency.