What We Aimed to Make Diet Planner App.

An ambitious diet conscious entrepreneur approached us with an exciting idea.

Excellent Webworld helped in developing a smart mobile app solution supplementing the efforts of diet-conscious individuals around the world.Our aim was to build the best meal planning app for the diet conscious people.

Besides that, the user could also find recipes and their preparation details that fit their dietary needs. Our diet planning app provides an all-in-one platform for meal planning and recipe searching, as per the user’s requirements while describing the detailed recipe, nutrition values and calories of a particular dish.

Diet Meal Plan App Diagram

Features of Meal/Diet Planning App

We wished to make a diet meal plan app that was easy to use for the people but also not an app that just gives out calorie readings of dishes.

We aimed to bring a balance between users’ ease of operation and an all-round advanced diet planning platform.

  • Search Recipes
  • Recipe Ingredients List
  • Nutrition Overview
  • Diet Tips & Instructions
  • Meal Planner
  • BMR Calculator
  • Variety of Online Recipes
  • Effectual Meal Planning Strategy
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Diet Meal Plan App Brand Guideline

How We Worked?

Before starting the development of the best meal planning app, understanding the whole concept behind this diet and nutrition mobile app was very important.


We picked the brain of our client until all his smallest ideas were on our planning canvas.


Our designers then started making wireframes and screen designs according to our client’s vision.


Android app development team began implementation of the designs and both, the front-end and back-end team started working simultaneously. Using the Google Firebase Database, Mashape and Spoonacular API we were able to successfully manage all the user and app data.

QA Testing

Our team of QA is trained to find even the slightest of bugs in the app so that you or your users’ won’t. Instead of using simulators, we test our apps on various real mobile devices to get the direct result.


The client didn’t have to worry about a thing. He provided his server details and we took care of the rest. For our other clients who don’t have their own servers, we provide our in-house servers facilities.


We had a clear plan designed from the beginning of the project how we will be marketing the app. Our approach was for two main industries: Fitness and Nutrition.

Best Diet Meal Plan App Development Solution

Explore the App

Our entire team of developers and designers were focused on designing an interactive and engaging interface to serve a great experience to the users. The user can select the desired recipe from various cuisines, and every recipe’s nutritional value is calculated based on their daily needed calories.

Along with this, we also integrated a meal planning feature that helps users to plan their daily meal. A unique BMR calculator feature was also integrated into the app. Users will find it easy to lose weight, track nutrition and fitness with this calorie counter & diet planning app.

Home Screen

We designed the home screen with the thought of a minimalist approach. We didn’t want to bombard a whole lot of information on the first page. So we provided huge buttons with small texts and icons that give a positive reassurance that the process would be quite easy.

Diet Meal Plan App Development
Diet Meal Plan App Search Screen

Search Screen

The search screen gives straight forward results to whatever the user searches. You get a small one-line description of what items the dish has in it and a picture of the recipe itself.

Cuisines Screen

If the users are not sure what dish to look for, then they can choose from various cuisines of food if they have a general liking or goal towards some cuisine. From the cuisines, they can select a specific meal that fits their need.

Cusine Screen
Diet Meal Plan App Nutrition Screen

Nutrition Screen

Besides getting a complete table of ingredients in a dish, the users can also view not just the total number of calories they would consume but the subtypes of which ones they’ll be intaking.

Do You Want to Make a Diet Meal Planning App Like This?

Easy nutrition became an instant success due to the large user base that is looking for fitness apps and the best diet app for weight loss. This is a very lucrative section of app market which is yet to be explored and if you wish to build a similar diet planning app or fitness app then now is the time.

Best Diet Meal Plan App