The reason why fitness apps are gaining much popularity is obviously the increasing concern of people regarding their health and need of staying fit in this busy lifestyle. If you are planning to start a new venture then you must exploit this scenario and decide to create a fitness app or any other best fitness app like Fitbit.

Many entrepreneurs who have tried to create a workout plan app for fitness like Fitbit have faced failure with their apps, due to the lack of proper research, trending features, functionality, and many other aspects. Therefore, creating an accurate mobile app business plan is important for every business.

Though, we have recognised this fact and thus have decided to explain each and every aspect of this economy to you and many other keen entrepreneurs who want to build health or fitness apps like Fitbit.

The first step is for creating a successful fitness app like Fitbit is to select what you will serve to your users.

Best Workout & Fitness App Ideas 2023-2024

Top Nutrition Counter App

We all know that the healthy eating is the key to fitness. Keeping this fact in mind, the world has become more conscious about their eating habits. People try to keep their meal full of nutrition and track their diet on regular basis. consider this as an opportunity and build a nutrition and diet app for such inhabitants.

Create a fitness tracker app that will track nutrition and diet habits of the user with a specific functionality. Users should get daily stats about their diet and health in the form of a detailed and comprehensive graph and get a notification on achieving a particular goal.

Easy Nutrition app is one of the best examples of calorie counter & diet app. Besides helping users to track nutrition, lose weight, the calorie counter & diet app also assists them in planning their meal, searching healthy recipes, calculating BMR and so on. The app also describes the nutrition values, recipe, and calories of a particular food.

Activity Tracker App

Knowing and managing our everyday activities such as sleeping, walking, eating etc is highly essential in order to achieve the fitness goals. You can also make a decision to create fitness app for Android and iOS users which will allow them to track their physical activities such as sleep hours, steps taken, sleep quality, calories burned, distance travelled and stairs climbed.

It is not necessary to create a fitness tracker app that will connect to a smartphone sensor only. also, develop your own IoT solution for the fitness industry using Apple HealthKit API or Google Fit and track fitness and health data collected on their platform.

Creating a fitness tracker app for wearable devices like smart Watches, armbands, chest straps, and wristbands expands the usability of such wearable devices. Hence, only the best wearable app development company in the market can help you develop a lucrative app like Fitbit.

Of course, Fitbit is the most suitable example here. The fitness tracker application allows users to track whole day activities, sleep, workouts, etc. Users can use the Fitbit app and run on their phone to track basic activity, or can also connect with one of Fitbit’s activity trackers to get complete information about their health.

Best Workouts Assistance

The most essential thing for a workout is having a personal trainer. Things become more effective and easier when you have your personal workout trainer with you. Here as well a personal workout trainer app comes as the best gym workout apps solution or best alternative to your personal trainer. Making a personal workout app is also a good fitness app idea that you can build.

A Personal workout trainer app includes pre-arranged routines in various formats like video, 3D models, or just text. This kind of gym fitness app will allow users to get the right instructions on how to do any particular exercise and how to plan a weight loss program.

For an instant, Workout Trainer is the best personal workout app that offers thousands of custom training programs and free workouts conducted by expert coaches. The certified trainers guide the user through every workout with step-by-step photo, audio, or video instructions.

Top Yoga & Meditation App

The awareness of Yoga is increasing day by day and people are gradually embracing this effective approach for maintaining their mental as well as physical health. Meditation apps like Calm are emerging as the best app solutions to learn different yoga and meditation activities easily. You have this excellent alternative if want to step into this area.

The app can include a video tutorial, photos and other text information to demonstrate how to perform different asana and pranayama. Further, you can also add some Meditation activities, relaxing music, and games so that users can have a peace of mind and relax their entire body.

Pocket Yoga is an excellent example of a yoga app. The Yoga meditation app consists of thorough visual and voice instruction guide for every pose. It includes more than 200 beautifully demonstrated yoga poses with correct alignment and posture. The user can also play music from their music library or a default list.

Some Key Features to Be Added To a Fitness App

After selecting your niche it’s time to attract users. The market is overflowing with the best fitness tracker apps like Fitbit; to win the competition you have to be the best. With knowing how to create a fitness app, it is important to be very careful while choosing the features. Here is the list of top fitness app features, Let’s Integrate these features with your fitness app to make it unique:

User App Features

  • Social Media Integration
  • User Registration
  • Geolocation
  • Track Workout
  • Video Tutorials
  • Push Notification
  • Exercise Calendar
  • Connect With Wearable Devices
  • Create User Profile
  • Make A Diet Plan
  • Track Daily Activities
  • Buy Equipment And Health Drinks
  • Loyalty Programs And Rewards

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Reward Points
  • Manage Users
  • Add Video Tutorials
  • Manage User Data
  • Push Notification

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How Much Does It Cost To Make a Fitbit App?

This is the most awaited question that you are also looking for. Just like other apps fitness app development cost would depend on several factors such as:
How complex is the app?
Which platform are you developing a Fitness Tracker App for, Android or iOS?
What type of developers you are hiring, freelancers or an in-house team?
What extra features you want to add to a fitness app?
The development cost for fitness apps like Fitbit would vary according to the hours needed for each aspect of app development such as UI/UX design, app development, app testing, and so on. However, the rough fitness app development estimation will be around $30,000 to $40,000. You can also converse with the any best fitness app development company to get the exact quote about the cost to make a Fitness Tracker app like Fitbit.


We have given a thorough idea of developing apps like Fitbit. Now it’s your turn to decide the type of Fitness app you want to build and features you need to integrate with that fitness app. Whether you want a fitness tracker app for Android or iOS, just ensure to hire experienced developers who can portray all your requirements precisely in the fitness app. Excellent WebWorld has acquired enough proficiency by developing a range of fitness apps like Fitbit. Contact our experts to create a fitness tracker app that will be super successful in the app market.

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