On-Demand Video and Live Streaming App Project Synopsis

Nigerian OTT market suffers from low levels of broadband penetration, quality services, and affordability. On the one hand, VOD providers struggle to deliver the best quality content, but poor internet connectivity forbids them to do so; the consumers struggle to find cost-effective subscriptions for comprehensive VOD services, on the other hand.

Our clients understood the needs and requirements of people and hence made plans to build a live streaming app that provides quality content and offers cost-effective services. Showmax, Netflix, iROKO, etc., are already offering live streaming and VOD services in the region, but there are so many gaps that they fail to fill.




Web Development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



What Our Client Wanted

Our clients Chris Anusa, Ahmed Illo, Ahmed Umar approached us with their ideas of creating a live streaming app for cross platforms (Android and iOS). They wanted us to create an app that not just provides easy to navigate through the app but also delivers an excellent video streaming experience at the click of a button.

They were exploring ways to provide the cheapest subscription options to users so that everyone would find it on their budget. They presented their business ideas to our CTO and explained everything they wanted in their new live streaming app.

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Our Approach

Once we got the requirement, a team was set up to explore the requirement, including drafting tech specs, understanding the competitors and users’ demand in the region. Our team drafted a final report in the given time and contacted the clients for further discussion.

Even though clients had already provided us all the needed information, including feature lists, we explained the rest of the things, such as the tech specs, project competition timeline, budget, and added features.

Everything was as per our clients’ requirements. We had also noted some of the added suggestions in the draft. And, it took them no time to give us a green signal to get started with the project.

Features of Hootu App

We created an app (two apps —one for iOS and other for Android platforms) for cross platforms and a functional website with two panels —one for users and the other for admin. Let’s take a look at the features both panels include.

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Add Users Role
  • Manage Ad, Banner
  • Manage Categories, Subcategory
  • Manage Videos and TV Shows
  • Subscription Management
  • Event Management
  • Promocode Management
  • Content Management
  • Notification

Features of App and Website

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Subscription
  • Upgrade Plans
  • Add/Remove Videos
  • Select Categories/Genre
  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Search
  • Download Videos
  • Notifications

Challenges We Faced while Creating the Live Streaming Apps

No great work comes without challenges. And, when it comes to creating a live streaming app for Android and iOS with a complex set of features, challenges are there at every step forward. Let’s take a look at a couple of challenges that kept our team busy a little longer.

Making the App Scalable

Creating an OTT live streaming platform is highly complicated as you have to take very extra care while making a design and writing code. Making the app scalable without compromising with the app’s performance was a key challenge. Thankfully, with several testing & bug fixing sessions, we made the app with exceeded expectations of our client.

To Provide Streaming Options for All Users

We were not sure how many users would be streaming the videos from the live streaming application at a time. Some of the complex things kept us busy a little longer, from selecting data formats, schemes, and algorithms to deciding framework, security, scaling, and performance.

Let’s Get a Glimpse of Hootu App

It was the most fruitful we had while creating the Hootu app. We successfully completed the app within the deadline, and our client was amazed by the quality of work and performance. Let’s take a look at how the app looks on devices.

Glimpse of Hootu App

Technology Stacks for Hootu App


PHP(framework: laravel 5.6)


HTML, CSS, JavaScript




Apache HTTP Server


Amazon S3 bucket, AWS S3 Transcoder

Do you have a similar concept in your mind or want to create amazing and exclusive app ideas to build your own OTT platform? Let us know, and we bring your dream business into reality.