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This blog is to illustrate all the elements of music app development for:
  • Startups looking to make an apps like Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Deezer, iTunes, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, Google Play Music
  • Record Labels, Music Producers, and Singers
  • Enterprises looking for new ways of investments
  • Appreneurs– Who wants to start their own music streaming service startup
Remember the days when we used to wait for CDs or Cassettes of our favorite songs? We used to raise the sound level of our music systems whenever our favorite song used to be broadcasted. Well, those days are long gone; seems like the intervention of the internet has both simplified and surpassed our music experience.

YouTube channels was also a major mode of music streaming. Due to drawbacks like unable to download and high internet usage, there was a strong need for a platform which can play any music online and offline.

Consequently; music streaming app development is introduced. With the popularity of apps like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, Google Play, people started leveraging entertainment app development; as a great way of earning. Hence the startup idea: Create music streaming apps like Spotify came into the limelight.

Furthermore; Let’s begin the journey of dive deep into the music app development.

What is a Music streaming & How does it work?

A music streaming app allows you to search and play any music online for free, if the user wants to download the music or stream offline then a paid subscription will be required. Also; the music can be searched based on the album, genre or the artist.

The reason behind the popularity of music streaming app development:

  • Quick access
  • Affordability
  • Unlimited storage
  • Social engagement

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The Best Features Of Music Streaming apps like Spotify

Do you want to make a music streaming app like Spotify stand out from its competitors? Then certainly; you need to offer the best functions and features in your music app. Only then will your Music Streaming App succeed.

Here are some basic features of Spotify that you need to integrate into your music app

User profile

An authorized separate user profile is necessary, you will need various forms of login, registration, forget password along with user account creation with email or social media.

Search Option

The easy navigation through the app will allow your users to search and play the songs. As a result add filter options based on title, artists or genre and save their favorite track.


A push notification will be sent to all the users for every latest news about their favorite artists, community or friends.


The most noteworthy feature you can add is to allow the users to store their songs in their playlists and can edit, listen and share their playlists to their connections online and offline.
Probably; These are just basic features that you must think about. Therefore; If you want to build an app like Spotify, you can categorize your features as per the subscription: Free and Paid, just apps like Spotify.

Check out the comparison of free and premium account of Spotify.




Millions of tracks available instantly

Play local files on your cell phone

Spotify Social

Play and organize your own MP3s

Take your music abroad

Spotify Radio mode

No advertising

Offline mode on your cell phone

Exclusive content

Enhanced sound quality

Play Spotify through multi-room music systems

Want to make a music apps like Spotify & Pandora ?

How to earn money from a music streaming app like Spotify

The basic question arises in our mind is: What will be the financial benefits of building a music streaming app like Spotify. To understand this aspect we need to understand two factors. These are the two-mode of earning you can consider for your music app as well.

Let’s have a look at both the factors:

Paid subscriptions:

Provide special features to your premium subscriber, but don’t forget to keep the amount affordable. It will be easier to earn $10 from 50 persons than to ask for $500 from one person. Above all; Make sure that the features you are offering the premium account are worth the cost.


The second most important revenue factor is advertising. This will be mainly dependent on the free subscribers. Decide when to display an ad and what type of ad like an audio ad, sponsored session, homepage takeover etc.

How much does it cost to make a music app like Spotify

Just like any other app, the cost of developing an app like Spotify depends on several factors: the most noteworthy ones are the functions of the app, the developer rate per hour and the number of hours.

Let’s have a look at the hours required to create an app like spotify


Android (hours)

iOS (hours)

App skeleton



Main screen









Music player









Video player





















Social integration






Push notifications



  • Overall; the front-end development of a Spotify like the app will take 140+ hours.
  • The backend development will take around 40+ hours
  • UX/UI Design will have around 50+ hours

Finally; The number of hours depends on the experience of the developer and the quality of work. Hence; If you have to ask for changes again and again because the developer does not understand your perspective then the hours may increase.

Considering the basic app developer rate to be $25 the cost of developing a music streaming app like Spotify will be:

  • MVP with basic functionality only $15,000
  • Similarly; iOS music streaming app $30,000+
  • Android app similar to Spotify $45,000+
  • Finally; multi-platform full feature application $55,000

Why Buying Spotify Clone Script is a Bad Idea

Spotify app Clone & Source code is the highest requirement we are receiving right now but do you know what your audience is looking for something new and unique and not the same old concept. We have built many music streaming applications so Spotify app clone scripts are ready with us but instead of copying an existing mobile app, try to Make a Similar Apps like Spotify from Scratch with new features.

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Over to You!

Now that you are aware about every aspect of “how to create an app like Spotify” and “how much does it cost to make an app like Spotify” it’s time to move forward. If you had made your mind to develop music app like Amazon Music HD, Pandora or Spotify, SoundCloud for your locality then you need to start the work from now.

Get started before your competitor; hire experienced and skilled developers to get quality results within your timeline and budget.