Netflix is one of the biggest phenomena of our times in the entertainment app development. Hence, following their footsteps with a Netflix clone script app solutions approach seems a very lucrative decision. So, we’ll be talking about the Netflix clone app development option and why you should consider a Netflix Clone as your next business venture.

Netflix has one of the most successful business models in the world that has currently made the company worth more than $83.45B. Netflix is everywhere, and it plans to stay here for the long run.

How Successful are Netflix & Amazon Prime?

  • generated over 765 million global visits until the Q1 of 2022.
  • As of 2022, Netflix has 221.64 million paid subscribers across the globe.
  • had over 2.2 billion combined desktop and mobile visits from the United States.
  • An average Netflix subscriber watches 60 movies annually.
  • According to E-marketer survey, 58% of users subscribe to the Netflix service for its originals.

So, what is Netflix doing (or has done in the past) that makes them so successful? Further, how can you replicate their success for your video streaming startup platform? Learn about Multi-Screen OTT/Video Streaming Platform and how to build them.

If you work in the SaaS industry, then you will find Netflix’s business model pretty similar to your company’s model. However, Netflix is not the only competitor in this industry vertical. That is to say, there are several other video streaming services and platforms that are quickly rising to success. Further, some of these global video streaming platforms are Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, YouTube Red, among many others.

How Different are Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Netflix provides only an online video streaming service while Amazon Prime is a mix of all their platforms (video, music, books, shopping portal,etc.). So, a Prime user gets several features with Amazon Prime membership.

Netflix is still at the top of the game because of its content quality, so Amazon Prime has to offer more features to compete against Netflix.

Build Your Own Netflix Like App

You must be thinking that if this business is so simple and immensely lucrative, then why aren’t there more and more such startups emerging daily? Certainly, the reason is the amount of capital needed to invest in the initial development stage.

Netflix will be the biggest but not the only competitors you’ll be facing with your video streaming platform startup. So, to build such a high-quality app and website platform, you’ll require highly robust cloud hosting services.

For a video on demand websites of such magnitude, software licenses do not come easy. In most cases, they are priced really high. Also, acquiring ownership rights and maintaining security is very important.

No need to pick your own brain, calculating the cost to build an app like Netflix. We can help you get a cost estimation:

Development Module Development Cost
iOS App Development $37,000-$54,000
Android App Development $38,000-$54,000
Back-end Development $37,000-$48,000
Front-end Development $29,000-$38,000
Total Cost $141,000-$194,000

The total cost amounts to $100k-200k. In most cases, you may not be able to afford such a app development cost. So, is this the dead-end for your newly thought business plan? No!

Enter Netflix video streaming script clone solutions.

Start building your own Netflix-like app today with Excellent Webworld and revolutionize the world of entertainment!

What is a Netflix Clone?

Clone-based app development has been prevalent since quite some time. Netflix clone script source code is exactly what it sounds like.

You may already know that Netflix clone app development has a complete source code that makes the whole app work. Netflix, just like any other app, has such a source code script. So, we take that code as it is and make changes to the code as per our requirements and choice of app design and app features.

This way, you cut short the tiresome time to build an app from the base and just modify it to fit your vision and requirements.

We know that there is no stronger video streaming platform now than Netflix. Now, the Netflix clone script source code is ready to go solution that will make the ball roll for you to start your Netflix clone app development.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing a Netflix Clone Script?

  • Time to develop such an app reduces from months to merely days. (We provide a 48-hour ready-to-market solution)
  • Cost to develop such an app reduces to almost 20-30% of the custom app development model.
  • There is no need to use additional resources to develop from scratch; instead, choose to build a Netflix clone app with modifications.
  • You only need 1/10thof the developer workforce to create the Netflix custom app.

Best Netflix Clone App Features

Whether you build a custom Netflix-like service or Netflix-like app, certain features are mandatory to have in your OTT app development.

Basic App Features

  • Users Registration
  • User Profile
  • Content Search
  • Payment Gateway
  • Chat & Comments
  • Push Notifications
  • Offline Download
  • App Settings
  • Admin Panel
  • User View History

Advance App Features

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Blocking Screenshots/Recorders
  • Social Sign-in
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Easy social sharing
  • Video Content Management System
  • Content Recommendation Algorithm
  • HD Transcoding
  • Highly Customizable Menu
  • Geo-Blocking

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Let’s Build Your Netflix Clone Script App

So, these are the benefits, features, and reasons to go with Netflix clone script approach to create your Netflix like video streaming app. Now, after reading this blog, if you wish to go with the custom Netflix like app development process, then you must read our blog on Building a Netflix app from scratch.

Remember that the clone approach will always be a money saver while the custom app will always be costly yet more advance. In conclusion, if you wish to build your own video streaming app like Netflix, we can help you with the app development. So now, launch your own-branded white-label video streaming service across web and mobile platform.


There are numerous ways a Netflix clone app owner can earn. Here’s a peek into its possible streams in the revenue model:

1. Subscription Plans – Viewers can pay monthly, quarterly, half-annually, or annually for the plan they choose.

2. Advertising – You can run ads on your platform and charge a good enough amount from the advertisers.

3. Pay-Per-View – Viewers can rent a movie/show or pay to watch it just once.

For more revenue stream ideas, get in touch with the team at Excellent Webworld to strategize your earnings from a video streaming platform.

Opinions will differ regarding startups going for Netflix clone scripts and custom development from scratch. However, a startup with a limited fund should try a Netflix clone script. This will help them in collecting enough user feedback.

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