About the Project

One of the best Home Automation Company in Germany hired Excellent Webworld as their technology partner to develop cloud-enabled home automation mobile apps in the Android and iOS platforms for their customers.

After becoming a global name in web and app development company, Excellent Webworld was still spreading its wings in IoT solution and services industry when this project gave us our golden chance.

The IoT startup at that time had products primarily in 3 ranges: Smart Wall Sockets, Smart Lighting Products, and Smart Radiators. Even a couple of years back, every smart device or appliance had their own app which was irritating to access for the end users. They decided to go for mobile app development of a single app that can operate all their smart products.

About the project home automation

App Features

  • Integration with all the smart products
  • Changing the light intensity of the bulb from the app
  • Changing color of the bulbs using our Smartphone App
  • In-App audio player feature
  • Disco feature that changes room lighting as per the music played in the in-app audio player
  • Scheduling of all the smart products
  • Temperature equalization
  • Creation of space profiles

Advance App Features

  • Apple HomeKit self-certification & Integration.
  • Cloud to Cloud integration – Wi-Fi connectivity to Amazon Web Service AWS cloud-based IoT Platform.
  • Integration of various connectivity devices Bluetooth 4.0 LE, ZigBee or Low power Wi-Fi to control devices through mobile app and voice too.
  • Maintenance & support for embedded device integration, voice & mobile app solutions.
  • Specific API for sharing custom configurations.
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Smart Home App Overview

Vision: Our client was clear of how the project was to be handled, and we obliged to their every request and requirements. They were looking for a Unique IoT Solution for the Smart home with full proof security.

Requirement: Within one mobile app the user should find multiple controlling options like the room temperature, lighting, and kitchen appliances, the particular naming of the rooms and various color changing in the rhythm of the music.

Research: We were not going to leave any stone unturned, cause that’s how we roll.

Our designers wanted that the app represented not just our client but the tech-savvy Germany in the app design. On the other hand, our developers learned new skillsets especially for this project like Core BLE frameworks, IoT based R&D.

How we worked

We build the Voice enabled smart home app by using a Bluetooth Low Energy technology, NFC, and WiFi. Our team has also provided a convenient way of reducing the electronic cost by selectively turn on and off option for connected consumer electronics devices.

We also integrated a scheduling feature so that the products would execute commands as per your pre-defined routine of the day. You need to schedule for the product just once, and they will execute it until a command not to.

App Overview

Do You Want to Develop a Smart Home Automation App?

Our client has become an international sensation since its launch outside Germany, and they have been growing ever since. Home Automation Industry is a futuristic business sector that has infinite possibilities and very few stakeholders at present.

If you wish to be one of the early bird to this lucrative buffet, you would need a technical partner. We’ve come a long way in IoT app development solution and services and our every client has been benefitted from our service.

Let’s make your Smart Product clients’ life easier by developing all-in-one Smart Home App with voice-controlled technology.

Would you like to be the next one?

Voice Controlled Home Automation Solution