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Best home automation solution using Amazon Alexa

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Smart Home App

Bluetooth Low Energy | NFC | WIFI |Android |iOS | AWS Cloud | Lamda Server, HomeKIt Integration

About The Client and Project

A Complete Smart home app is another best effort of Excellent WebWorld as a IoT solution & Services provider with Amazon Alexa Integration, a new voice enabled technology solution for Smart home. The home automation app is designed to easily control the radio-controlled sockets, wireless radiator controllers, Home Thermostats, Monster Plug/Smart Plug device, door lock and door camera, Cooking Devices and LED lamps via Bluetooth, NFC and Cloud.

The client was looking for a unique IOT solution for the Smart home with full proof sequity. A smart home app was a requirement by the client for controlling all the Best Smart Home Devices.

Within one Mobile app the user can find multiple controlling options like the room temperature, lighting, and kitchen appliances, the individual naming of the rooms and various color changing in the rhythm of the music.

Smart House App

What We Made

Our native Android and iOS developers succeeded to implement this unique idea for the smart home solution. They have build a smarthome app by using a Bluetooth Low Energy technology , NFC (we are working on NFC), WIFI and it is a best innovation in the IOT app development. The app has extreme features for controlling the connected smart home gadgets and appliances.

  • HomeKit self-certification & Integration
  • Cloud to Cloud integration – Wi-Fi connectivity to Amazon Web Service AWS cloud-based IoT Platform
  • Integration of various connectivity devices Bluetooth 4.0 LE, ZigBee or Low power Wi-Fi to control devices through mobile app and voice too.Maintenance & support for Embaded device integration, voice & mobile app solutions

With the primary need of device control, we have also provided a convenient way of reducing the electronic cost by selectively turn on and off option for connected consumer electronics devices. In addition to this a Holiday function is provided so that the room temperature is maintained at a previously determined level during the absence.

smart home app android

Other Features

  • Remote control for smart electronics

  • Temperature equalization

  • Room Temperature control for phone

  • Colour Change of lights from the app

  • Creation of space profiles

Result- Business Benefits

  • Electricity Cost Reduction
  • One app for multiple works
  • Effortless electronics handling
  • Easy Temperature Management

Beautiful Design

Tailoring Digital Experience For Exceptional Designs