How much do your employees love your office? And when I say your office, I mean everything from the infrastructure, ambience, facilities, architecture, etc.

Though, have you ever imagined incorporating smart building technology here?

While running a company, many new businesses forget that the IoT Enabled Work Spaces is an essential factor that sets the first image in front of clients and your employees. So, the smart office app concept is better option for your business.

Today we will be talking about the most popular smart office solutions and IoT Enabled products that are loved by international startups and enterprises across the world. In other words, it’s time to create the connected workplace, let’s do it together; one device at a time.

Why Use These IoT Enabled Smart Office Solutions in Your Company?

There are several benefits of using smart office products. Let’s view a few of them to give you an idea of how you benefit from the decision of turning your office into a Smart Connected office.

1. Increased Safety in the Office

With connected smart devices, efficient sensors, security cameras, and access control systems, your smart office offers a better and safer environment for employees to work. Further, if we talk about digital safety, AI-based smart security systems also decrease the possibility of hacking or phishing in the work environment as well.

2. Super Convenient Working Environment

Many smart office products are solely designed for enabling the comfort of its users. So, bringing in such smart iot products and smart office solutions will definitely help to create a connected work environment for your team.

3. Handy Solution for Anyone with a Smartphone

Most of these smart products work with a smart office mobile app which can be used by anyone in the workplace to operate. For instance, locate your colleagues, control the temperature and humidity of the room, find available meeting rooms.

4. Smart Office Energy Solutions

Most Smart Office Energy Solutions offer energy-saving modes in the workplace. Additionally, some of them can be set up to adjust according to the office hours to save energy automatically.

5. Increase in Work Efficiency

With various smart office technology, employees can focus on the tasks according to their priority. Several smart products and devices help them do that like the smart sticky notes that convert handwritten sticky notes into digital notes.

Most Trending Smart Office Solutions of 2023-2024

Now that you know why these smart office automation products, and devices are useful; it’s time to learn more about each device that creates a smart office building.

Connected Office Lighting Systems

Smart Office Lighting

Lighting is a crucial but often neglected topic when building a smart office building architecture. The optimum light for an office environment is the one where people can clearly read handwritten and printed pages, while at the same time creates no glare on computer screens.

Phillips is the pioneer in the smart lighting control system. Their most coveted Phillips Hue lighting range is the pinnacle of smart technology in the lighting industry. With this lighting setup, you can change the tone, color, and contrast of lighting any way you want.

Phillips gives a virtually infinite custom option with their lighting products.

Nest Thermostat for Connected Smart Office

smart office thermostat

Nest is the most popular smart thermostat providing company in the world. After conquering the smart home market across the globe, they have stepped into the smart offices vertical and are leading here as well.

Besides the beautifully designed touch-pad round knob to control the office temperature, you can do the same with the nest thermostat app without having to even get up from your seat. Make the room as cold or warm as you like with just a tap on your phone.

These modern smart thermostats also monitor and show the energy usage to help you save electricity and your money.

Ring : Video Doorbells and Security Cameras for Your Smart Office

Smart Office Door Bell

Ring is for smart doorbells what Nest is for smart thermostats. This doorbell has a camera on it so that you don’t need to put on an additional camera on your office entrance. You can see who is at your door from the doorbell using the Ring app and also talk to them via the same medium.

Now, even when you are shorthand with staff, you can still receive visitors on your own. The smart doorbell also has a motion sensor. So, if someone comes to your office door, the video recording automatically starts.

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If you are looking for a smart way to receive your office guests and visitors, then this internet-enabled smart doorbell is what you are looking for.

Smart Speakers

smart office speakers

What’s an office without a little fun and music? It’s important to keep your employees motivated and entertained to get the best quality work. A smart speaker fulfills several tasks like play music, make notes, set reminders, and give several other commands to smart devices compatible with it.

Some of the most popular smart speakers are, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Sonos Connect: AMP. The Sonos is doing some exceptional work in the smart speaker region; you can connect with up to 32 different devices with their Sonosnet wireless mesh network.

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Smart Switches

Smart Office Switches

What if you can’t afford to buy all the costly smart products mentioned here? I believe you still deserve the benefits that this technology offers and turn your entire office into a smart office concept.

Our new line of smart switches can do that for you. With these smart switches, you can turn any simple appliance into a smart device. With our new smart switches, you can On & Off your projector, coffee machine, AC, light, and fan with just a single mobile app.

Our smart switches are built with IoT solutions & technology. So, every switch in your office is connected to our custom-built mobile app that can be accessed by only your chosen admin-members.

There are many more smart office solutions and products that you may be interested in like:

  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Portable Laptop Monitor
  • E-Reception
  • Smart Desk
  • Portable Scanner/Printer
  • Smart Sticky Notes-QUiCKiES
  • Smart Pen-Equil Smart Pen 2
  • Smart Windows & Blinds

Note: These products are still not accepted as mainstream solutions. So, getting guaranteed products like the above mentioned smart products would be difficult.

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How Smart is Your Office?

So, these are the most popular smart office solutions that you can bring into your office and improve your employees’ performance and comfort.

The smart living and smart working industry are ever-growing, and there is still a lot of room for new startups with several industry-first smart products. Along with smart office solutions, companies can also implement smart waste management systems for a clean and healthy environment. But to start such a promising smart startup, you need a smart technology partner that has the relevant knowledge and experience in making smart IoT products and solutions.

Excellent Webworld has been actively working in this industry and has helped several entrepreneurs in setting up their smart enterprise. We launched our new smart solutions for IoT in retail, smart parking, and many more. Since then we have further developed our solutions for several clients. Connect with our IoT Team to transform your workplace into a smart office!

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