Okay. Imagine a scenario – You’ve got an amazing idea that will definitely bring fortunes for the company. You get excited – You think like why didn’t you think of this idea before? Later, you start making a presentation to showcase your idea to coworkers and collaborators. All of them are happy with your idea and join the project. So, now you start your master documentation that lays out the strategies and plans that will help to achieve your benchmarks.

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In the next phase, you circulate the master document to team members. Finally, after many revisions and updates from the team members, you’ve started executing your plan. A month goes by; now you’ve piles of presentations and documents with you.

Think, how will you manage this river of emails, tons of phone calls, and the most important thing which version of the plan is the latest one to implement? Everything gets stuck and messed up.

All these problems can be solved with SharePoint CMS.

Yes, you read it right!

SharePoint content management system comes with myriads of features and functionalities to effectively handle every business task.

To give you a better understanding, here are a few statistics on SharePoint development,

  • Microsoft states that SharePoint has more than 200 million users.
  • It has a collection of approximately 2 million sites.
  • SharePoint is used by approximately 78% of the companies across the globe.
  • The below-given graph shows the popularity of SharePoint as per the regions across the globe.

SharePoint CMS Popularity based on region

This was a quick glimpse of SharePoint. However, let’s deep dive into the overview, benefits, and features of this content management system.

Here, we will start by deep-diving into the details of SharePoint content management.

What is SharePoint CMS?

Built by Microsoft, SharePoint is an extremely customizable cloud-based content management and collaboration platform. This CMS system helps you to work remotely, definitely, and smarter with your team members. You can even build your own website with the help of SharePoint development services.

There are Microsoft Search Server, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) from a technical point of view. Each of them comes with variant functionalities, though are built on each other.

MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) – Used to integrate SharePoint with the Microsoft Office application. SharePoint developers mostly use this version as it enables them to save a document as a part of a web app.

WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) – When you look for file and folder storage, WSS is an ideal choice. It is suited to the basic functionalities of content management.

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Those were a few points on SharePoint CMS. It’s time to have a look at its features and benefits.

Benefits & Features of SharePoint CMS

The most curious question that you might be dealing with is about the pros and functionalities of CMS SharePoint. First, we will begin with the features of this CMS, which later will be followed by its benefits.

Features of SharePoint CMS

SharePoint Content Management System Features

Content Organizer

SharePoint enables the content authors with one of the most amazing features that are known as Content Organizer. A set of rules and drop-off libraries enables content authors to automatically route the content to its locations. It even avoids content duplication errors and any issue from the end-user side.

Asset Library

The journey of SharePoint advantages begins with the asset library. It lets users manage media assets like images, videos, audio, and more seamlessly. The three efficient functions of asset library are,

  • Automatic extraction of metadata from the images available on the website.
  • Get a thumbnail view for rapid browsing of assets.
  • Offers more metadata features than normal doc files.

Records Management

If record retention is essential in your business, then you must take advantage of the record management of SharePoint online CMS. Traditionally, recording is done with the help of a record center.

On the other hand, with SharePoint, there comes an in-place “record management,” which is activated in any library in the platform itself.

Shared Content Types

You can share the content types among sites with the help of this feature. It creates connections to the services from each web application and later specifies that they use content types in the services. In short, Shared Content Types enable users to define the different collections of columns and documents.

Managed Metadata Service & Navigation

A feature specially built for the advanced management of blog posts. This service allows you to create and manage both types of metadata, i.e., formal and informal. With managed metadata service, consistency is maintained across your contents.

Whereas, Metadata navigation is activated for a huge amount of data and libraries. It helps in organizing the data and makes the search of a specific file easy.

Benefits of Sharepoint Based CMS

Highly Secure & Scalable

For Microsoft, security comes as the top priority. And, same is the case with SharePoint CMS. They have invested approximately USD 1 billion to avoid any security concerns. SharePoint team follows a simple and effective principle – Protect, Detect & Respond to maintain the security of their platform.

Besides all, the SharePoint content management system comes with many in-built security features like set the access permissions, built permissions to allow or block certain users, block the access based on the locations, ability to limit the users who can view the content of your organization.

Helps to be More Collaborative

The main aim of SharePoint content management is to enforce its users with a collaborative team experience and ease the management of various documents and data.

When you deploy SharePoint with Office 365, it will enable you with a virtual space wherein you can meet, allocate, manage, and perform various tasks. The real-time co-authoring capability of SharePoint enables multiple people to work on the same document.

Enterprise Information Portal

Microsoft SharePoint is popular as an enterprise information portal that is integrated to run with extranet, intranet and internet websites. It is one of the major benefits of SharePoint for the business.

The information management and dynamic microsite provision make it an extraordinary tool for organizations. In addition, our SharePoint experts can work with every industry domain and provide you with custom solutions. So let’s brainstorm your business idea together.

Implementation of Business Intelligence

SharePoint’s BI capabilities are on another level. It lets organizations centrally store and manage every process of their business. Be it about projects, data connections, scorecards, reports, web pages, apps, and more. All of these are seamlessly managed with SharePoint’s BI.

Custom Suited to the Development Needs

The interesting part is SharePoint comes with a whole package of tools and features that can handle every twist and turn of a development project in hand. In addition, you can develop your own custom features with an array of custom tools.

Easy Curve to Learn & Use

With robust tools, features, and administrative assets, it becomes easy for organizations to integrate SharePoint into their site. You can seamlessly manage and use SharePoint without the need for coding skills.

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How to Acquire the Best SharePoint Development Services?

If you’re planning to enforce SharePoint Content Management System in your business or organization, then you need to make sure that you go for premium CMS services. There are two ways in which we would recommend implementing Microsoft SharePoint CMS in your business.

1. If you’re running a small business, and need only 1-3 resources, then we would suggest you hire SharePoint Developers on an hourly or monthly basis.

2. On the other hand, if you run a big organization, then you might need a whole team of SharePoint developers who will work on your requirements.

You need to find the best SharePoint development company with in-house experts for this content management system in both conditions.

Bonus Point:

We have professionals who have years of experience in SharePoint development services. Get in touch with our experts. We assure you that we share the best possible solution for your organization.

The Concluding Point – SharePoint CMS

So, that’s all about the SharePoint development. You can choose these CMS for structured as well as unstructured content. SharePoint CMS combines every type of content management within a single platform to build an exclusive CMS enterprise for an organization’s intranet, extranet, or user-facing internet.

Yet need more knowledge on SharePoint or how it will work with your organization or business? Feel free to get in touch with our experts to know more about the CMS development services.

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