Businesses these days have no choice but to go digital based on the current situation. In fact, some entrepreneurs think to first set up their business online and then go for an offline one.

The path of choosing the right technology has now become a hurdle for many businesses. There are myriads of technology available, and searching for an ideal is like banging your head against a brick wall.

Two such technologies are trending among businesses. – Laravel or ASP.Net both come with an ample base.

Although, a never-ending argument about choosing an ideal one from Laravel Vs ASP.NET framework keeps going. Both these technologies have emerged powerful and give a nip and tuck competition to each other.

Let’s jump into these dominating technologies to choose the best one for your application development.

Though, before going to the comparison, let’s first understand both the technologies individually.

Laravel vs ASP.Net Framework – A Brief Overview


Over 1.1 million websites are built using Laravel across the globe, and the number count still continues. It is one of the most standard PHP Frameworks that offers numerous functionalities to the developers.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Laravel developer is that it offers you tools that enhance the website’s speed and web applications. Besides that, Laravel is a stable and easy to handle PHP framework.

In order to grow the performance of your website, Laravel helps you make your speed optimization techniques seamless and easy to implement. A few popular Laravel websites are 9GAG, BBC,, and so on.


A web-development framework by Microsoft that works on unquestionable rules like managed code framework to rule over the run time of the code execution. It is an open-source framework that is used to build robust and scalable websites and web applications using C#.

The best part of ASP.Net is that it does not stick to a single language; you can use various .Net languages like J#, C#, VB, etc. It lets you build complete applications with the help of Visual Studio and amazing tools.

ASP.Net development lets you reduce the lines of code for large applications and dynamic pages. A point to take note of here, ASP.Net is a server-side web technology; therefore, any code is first processed on the Windows server and then to the web browser. Some of the best web applications built with ASP.Net are GoDaddy, Stack Overflow, Dell, and many more.

Now, as you have gone through an overview of the PHP Laravel & ASP.Net, let’s nosedive into their differences.

Laravel vs. ASP.Net – Points of Difference

To give you the best idea on the points of comparison between Laravel Vs ASP.NET Framework, we have explained each point separately. All the key aspects of comparisons are mentioned here for you.

We will begin by peeping into Google Trends. You must check out the things trending on Google.

Popularity Laravel or Various Regions

Another image shows the popularity of a particular technology in various regions. (This could help you to decide on the region to hire a developer.)

Popularity Laravel or Framework

After briefing you on the trend, now let’s move towards the real point of comparison.

ASP.Net vs Laravel – Compatibility & Scalability

When it comes to compatibility, we can say that Laravel is favorable for small businesses while building large and complex applications, ASP.Net is more scalable.

Although, both these languages are highly scalable for web applications. Another point to take into consideration here is that ASP.Net is compatible with more languages than Laravel development. Again, in terms of a wide range of parameters, Laravel wins the race.

Laravel being new to the tech field, comes with more flexibility than ASP.Net development.

ASP.Net vs Laravel Performance & Speed

Let us start by explaining one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about speed and performance. The language you choose to code recognizes the overall performance of the website.

However, that’s not really the case. There is a little difference!

For instance, consider the most common query of any website that is a query on the database, send the output results to the web servers, and finally to the end user’s browser.

In the situation mentioned above, it is just about simply communicating with the database and servers for any coding language.

Now, be it ASP.Net or Laravel development, both of them are equally equipped to fetch images, files, or display pages to web servers. Nevertheless, loading speed relies on the end user’s desktop, internet connection, database server, and more.

None of the above, compared to PHP Laravel vs. ASP.Net, will compromise with their coding qualities. However, the rest depends on your project type and size.

ASP.Net vs Laravel – Cost

It is an area wherein Laravel development comes with distinct advantages. It is like Laravel is an open-source framework while ASP.Net comes with a hosting fee. Thus, in a way, we can say that ASP.Net development is costlier than developing a web application with Laravel.

Besides that, the cost even depends on the web development company you hire, your requirements, and the size of the project.

So, these are the major points of difference between Laravel Vs. ASP.NET Framework. Except for the aforementioned, there are so many small and big differences showcased in the below image.

Bonus Point

Do you know why developing your web application in Laravel is beneficial in comparison to ASP.Net?

Laravel is a latest technology that is compatible with almost all types of js whereas you cannot get this facility with ASP.Net. Besides that, the cost to hire Laravel developers is less when compared with ASP.Net developers. Meet our experts to know more about the beneficiary points of Laravel development.

Which One to Choose? – Laravel vs. ASP.Net

We cannot choose one appropriate framework for you without knowing your business requirements. In a few cases, Laravel development is an ideal choice, whereas for other .Net development would be more suitable.

As we said, the battle between Laravel vs. ASP.Net is never-ending. However, you can take the help of a Laravel or ASP.Net development company to know about the technology that will suit best for your project.

We have expertise in ASP.Net as well as Laravel development; get in touch with us and share your project ideas. Our team will help you to decide the best tech stack for the project. Let’s have a word to take your project idea to its first phase of its development.

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