This year 11 new Startups are launching out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator- an early-stage venture capital fund and technology accelerator based in NYC. Each company has gained seed funding of $100,000. These 11 startups are covering major industry verticals like hospitality, healthcare, retail, and so on. This was the 14th group of startups introduced out of the ERA.

Have a Glance at These New Startups:


Choosy best utilizes the machine learning algorithm for social media. The startup instantly Whips up the latest fashion designs, sends them to China for manufacturing, and renders flash-fashion products through Instagram. Where brands like Top Shop and H&M persist to accelerate their offerings and operations Choosy seems to utilize the technology to continue the pace.

Health Now

Health Now is an on-demand service that effectively bridges the gap between pharmacies, patients, and healthcare professionals. The platform allows patients to enter medical details online and receive their prescriptions or equipment, make payments for the same, and schedule deliveries. Also, hospitals can ensure on-demand delivery of the prescriptions they give.


Orcadex is a business intelligence platform having a key focus on cryptocurrency verticals and blockchain. The startup uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide insights and analysis to customers. Orcadex assists professionals to build models and recognize trends while the blockchain space keeps evolving rapidly.


Spryfit is an app-based startup. The Spryfit app lets the user connect their fitness trackers and accomplish their fitness goals to win a cash prize. The aim of the startup is to exploit the underutilized health data from smartphones and wearables to encourage users to win prizes.


Welnys offers a wellness management platform for companies focusing on employee health. It provides a marketplace for workplace wellness vendors like meditation and yoga instructors, nutritionists and others.

Young Alfred

Young Alfred simplifies the buying of home insurance. It allows users to recognize their needs, whereas a machine learning algorithm recognizes the customer risk and generates custom proposals for home insurance that precise to user requirements.


Butler is aimed at partnering with hotels to manage the room service and other facilities from butler’s different branches across the city. The platform makes use of SMS for communicating with guests and serves a big number of hotels.

Spin Analytics

Spin Analytics works with banks to provide actionable insights for matching the regulatory compliance and reporting needs and diminishing the cost and time of maintaining compliance.


Myro offers an all-natural deodorant in a refillable container, allowing individuals to sense better for what they’re applying on their body. Myro launches afterward this summer.

Flume Health

Flume Health collaborates with self-insured staff and healthcare providers for ensuring that the employees well utilize their healthcare advantages. It uses concierges for connecting employees with the finest healthcare at the affordable cost based on their benefits plan.


StellarEmploy makes use of deep learning algorithms in order to match employee presentation to job essentials, allowing companies to employ hourly employees that will like and do a great job.

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The Entrepreneurs Round table Accelerator has been efficiently investing in diverse startups like these. Do you have any startup ideas and are willing to bring it in this list? Implement your startup idea into reality and step into the entrepreneurial world. Contact us to get an appropriate solution.

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