No matter how saturated a mobile app market looks, you would encounter unique app ideas and products on the app store and play store every day. For instance, this mobile app product was launched a few days ago on the product hunt; it is a simple app idea that allows people to find nearby DJs. They can see reviews of DJs and their photos and then book the DJ for an event.

Ideas are everywhere but how to build an app for business from those ideas. According to Gartner, only 0.01% of the app financially succeeds in their endeavor. That means 9999 apps out of 10,000 apps fail to live up to the expectation of users. That is shocking but a truth that should be accepted.

Those who cross the barrier and stand out among their competitors get millions of app downloads. But how does their approach towards any apps differ from the rest of all? What makes their app successful? Well, a straight answer would be “their execution of the idea”. It’s their efforts in developing an app idea that makes them stand out among the crowd.

In this article, we are going to uncover the anatomy of a successful mobile app for startups. We will understand how to develop an application idea that helps you understand how to create an app from scratch.

7 Steps to Develop an App Idea

steps to develop an app idea

1. Research Your Niche

Before you go further in your app development process, you need to properly research the niche you want to create an app. In which domain do you want to start your app? At the first sight, it looks compelling to go for popular apps like note storing apps, camera apps, or social network apps. But you may have to work a little harder to get your app noticed in such a super competitive niche.

Do people in a particular domain have an inclination toward a mobile app? Will they be interested in your app idea? Where is that industry heading with technological adoption? Is it still relying on the same old legacy techniques or it is leveraging the technology?

Ask these questions before jumping on to a particular category or industry.

You can use google trends to find a particular trend in a specific industry. Google Trends will provide you with the search trend of that particular term. Do thorough research on the industry before you come up with an app idea. Websites like appshive showcase daily updates on the app ranking you can have insights into which type of app is fairing well among users. You can also have a glance at the App Store and Play Store for what are trending apps.

2. Research Your Competition

Today, we find many local-level apps giving tough competition to the more popular global-level apps. And it becomes possible with proper market analysis and competitor research. In the past, many such local-level app startups have proven to beat global competitors with thorough research. In a recent takeover of Uber’s global food delivery chain, UberEats was acquired by India’s local food delivery company Zomato. Which was quite shocking when the press release was announced. The thing is, you can not think that you can’t build an app like Netflix or Uber because they are more popular and you don’t stand a chance against them. With the right app development partner and sound business model, you can beat Netflix in your local market or even in the international market.

Hence, whenever you create an app idea, keep your competition in the mind. Inquire about which territory they are operating in and know how they started. Have they been successful in their campaigns in a particular location? What has been their marketing strategy? You also have to dig out their pricing strategy. In short, you shouldn’t take your competitors lightly. It’s better you filter out the mistakes your competitor app has made in the past.

3. Develop a Business Plan for Your App

How to develop a business strategy? before launching your app in a full-fledged mode is a prudent decision. It is said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. A well-planned business plan could work as your north star. It will help you sell your app idea to the investor unless you are bootstrapping.

So, when you develop your mobile application idea, consider building a foolproof business plan for your mobile app. Include the executive summary, business description, detail of your app (or you plan to have it in your app), your team (Although you are two people), SWOT analysis, and marketing analysis in the business plan. Also, make sure what you want to achieve with your app in the near future in terms of the financial aspects.

4. Create a Business Model

business model canvas

The business model of your app is different from the business plan. It will contain a mechanism through which your app will generate a profit. It should be at the center of your business plan. Here is a business model for marketplace apps, if you are building an app based on Saas that connects buyers and suppliers.

Ensure that you develop a framework for a healthy relationship with your partners, suppliers, and most importantly customers. Ask yourself these questions before laying out your business model for your app.

  • What value do you provide to your customers with your app? Or what unique problem your app solves for its users?
  • In what way should I charge my customers?
  • Which channels will be helpful in reaching out to my customers?
  • What can be done to generate a predictable revenue stream?
  • What does my customer acquisition cost look like?
  • Which app monetization strategy I am going to implement?

5. Develop A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) App

Despite doing thorough research, many apps fail. As long as there won’t be involvement of potential users in your app, there is a high possibility, you might fall short of delivering the perfect product. You must ensure that your audience has an active involvement in your final product. For that, you should know how to build an MVP of your mobile app.

MVP is a product built with essential features only. Features that have been included keeping in mind what customers are looking for. MVP allows you to gather early reviews of your app. It helps you figure out whether you are going in the right direction or not and also help you to get investor and crowdfunding for an app idea. Many popular apps were started as MVP products and eventually became the leading app in their niche. Airbnb, Instagram, Dropbox, Instacart, and Uber are well-known examples that started as MVP.

With the help of a suitable app development company, you can create an MVP for your app.

6. Build a Marketing Plan

Customers coming to your business and that too voluntarily- that’s impossible until you reach a certain level of your business. As a startup, you have to have a marketing plan prepared. Your app will have to reach the customers.

A sound marketing strategy will play a vital role in your app’s success. And for that, you have to leverage every marketing channel available there on the internet. Social media is considered a simple and cost-free marketing channel, especially for a new app startup. Do not start promoting your app directly on these platforms. Identify what core problem your app solves and then create content that revolves around your app’s motive.

You can create a website for your app and include a blog section that allows readers to understand what problems they are facing and how your app might be a perfect solution for them. You can use various other platforms like Product Hunt, Reddit, Indie hacker, Appshive and Slack channels to promote your new app idea.

If you are willing to go beyond free marketing channels, you can set aside some budget for paid marketing. Influencer marketing has also been a great way to reach your potential customer in recent times. Affiliate marketing is also a way to spread the word about your app.

7. Find a Product-Market fit

Product market fit happens when your app’s value proposition aligns with the customer and distribution channel. If any of the only two align, you may witness a success, but that would be ephemeral. It will not be sustainable. You may want to develop an app that brings all three elements together.

Think of product-market fit as the moment when your customer becomes your salesperson. Remember when you will find a perfect product-market fit: Your current users will recognize your product’s value. They will share the experience of your app with other people. You have found a product-market fit when the value provided by your app can not be provided by another app.

So, finding the product-market fit should be your primary goal while developing a mobile app idea. According to Hubspot, If more than 40% of your users get disappointed not finding your product where they used to be, then you have achieved this feat. In simple words, when your product sells faster than its manufacturing rate of it, you have achieved the product-market fit.

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So these were the essential steps to developing a mobile app idea. It is never about the goal. Anyone who wants to develop a mobile app can set higher goals for their app. Just like anyone taking part with Michael Phelps in the Olympics has the same goal as the legend. The difference is in their execution plan. It’s Michael Phelps’s training process and dedication that differentiates him from others. So is with a mobile app.

Our sole focus is to brief you on the process of app development. 

The steps to make the great app a reality are to relate to a successful application and the scalability of the product. 

If I have an app idea want to create an app with the best mobile app development company. They will guide you through what’s right and what should be done. You need to work on how effectively you implement your business plan and marketing plan. What efforts you are giving in finding the right market for your app? How successfully you are solving your customers’ problems with your app and more.

If you do not understand how to go about creating an app and how to develop an app for your app idea. contact us immediately.

FAQs for I Have an Idea for an App

There are multiple ways to make money from developing an app. How to develop an idea efficiently will increase the chances of making more money than investing in the app. Choose the right startup idea and turn your mobile application idea into reality with the help of a mobile application development company.

The best approach is to discuss your idea with the app developers you have hired. They will surely guide you through the steps to make your app idea into a reality. Follow the tips and guidelines discussed with the app development company and enjoy the success.

Yes, if you have an idea for an app, you can directly submit it to the mobile fund. A series of tests and reviews take place to get the funds for development and deployment share the profits.

Do your market research and identify the audience you want to target. It is always to understand what are the stages in the process of idea development and get started with it. Mobile app development will surely fetch you good returns.

Coming up with an idea is simple, but developing an app is complex. Not understanding what to proceed with next becomes a confusion. Also understand that the right idea and understanding the acceptance to face the risk of launching an app will be the right business move. Craft your value proposition and create a business model canvas. Find founders to fund the app and the right app development company to give you a push and turn your idea into reality.

A good app development company will never steal your idea. They have a process to start and finish the development of the application for your business. Therefore, the company will sign an NDA with rules and regulations that need to be followed by both parties. Turning your app idea into reality becomes easy when you are connected with the right mobile app developer.

The mobile app development steps to make an application idea into a reality involves the entire cost to build an app. Developing a mobile app can vary from simple to complex with adding features and designs that would be needed according to your business.

There are a series of steps involved in developing an app like:

Idea Generation
Idea Screening
Business Analysis
Product Development
Testing Market

These steps to develop an app from an idea will convert your dream business into reality with profits.

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