With technological advancement and the rapidly changing digital landscape, startups commence with mobile application development to ascertain speedy growth. Over the years, mobile phones have completely evolved and have become a focal point for businesses that wish to advance at lightning speed.

Businesses from handing out company brochures and leaflets have migrated to the mobile realm as the mobile app benefits are far-fetched. From making customers’ experiences meaningful to boosting brand awareness, mobile apps have become crucial.

The advantages of mobile apps for business are palpable as they have changed the definition of business and marketing. Furthermore, a mobile application has several breathtaking functionalities that deliver relevant and massive brand exposure.

Let’s dive in to get a clear idea of how relentless the pace of migration to smartphones is. There are the top 10 important facts about why mobile apps are important for your business.

10 Crucial Statistics About The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business

Do you wish to start your business and claim your share in the multi-billion dollar industry?
The best option is to find investor for an app but before that you need to have a better understanding of how businesses are gaining benefits from mobile applications to reach there.

However, smart entrepreneurs look at numbers before jumping into mobile app development. Here are ten important statistics that show why mobile applications are essential for your business:

  1. Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by the end of 2023.
  2. 85% of shoppers prefer mobile apps over websites for online shopping.
  3. Play Store and App Store spending is expected to grow by 120% by 2023.
  4. The ROI of every dollar spent on user experience is 100%.
  5. App-based startups have 825% higher Initial Public Offering (IPO) than Non-App- based startups.
  6. Netflix generated $31.6 billion in revenue in 2022, a 6.7% increase year-on-year.
  7. Uber generated $31.8 billion in revenue in 2022, an 82% increase from the previous year.
  8. The food delivery app industry is expected to reach a $320 billion market size by 2029.
  9. According to Newzoo research, 3.07 billion individuals will use smartphones to play games worldwide, which will add 10,000- 12,000 jobs by 2023, according to IBEF data.
  10. Research by Markets and Markets states that the worldwide esports market will grow at a CAGR of 18.61% to touch $2174.8 million in 2023.

Top 9 Mobile App Benefits for Businesses Can’t Afford to Miss!

Developing a mobile application for business according to your requirements helps your business stay relevant. Still, detailed mobile app consulting can also help you generate leads, grow your customer base, and remain at the forefront of new technology.

For startups, there are umpteen numbers of reasons to focus on mobile app development. We have listed the major benefits of mobile app development for businesses.

1. Provide Greater Value to Your Customers

he past decade has variably changed the business landscape due to technological evolution. Small, medium and large businesses now rely solely on technology to initiate and finalize transactions with their customers. Modern customers prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience, and apps make goods and services available at the touch of a button.

2. Quick Conversion Rates

When compared to other marketing platforms, most mobile apps have a conversion rate of over 2%. The capacity to engage the customers is what makes the mobile app a conversion tool. If consumers find the functionality or application easy and convenient for day-to-day use, the dependability increases, and so does the conversion rate.

3. Build a Stronger Brand

Along with the Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized businesses are also reaping the benefits of the mobile app by following the mobile trend. Brands are most likely to have a better marketing outcome if the applications are customized, keeping in mind the logos and color schemes. Mobile apps with a successful brand strategy can increase brand recognition, client trust, and familiarity.

4. 24/7 Accessibility for Smartphone Users

Mobile apps for business provide easy access to products and services around the clock. The advantages of mobile apps for businesses are more as apps are easier to access and provide personalized information and messaging functionality. The 24/7 accessibility of apps avers prospective customers to keep using mobile apps for the long run when compared to mobile websites.

5. Improved Revenue and Profits

One of the most obvious benefits of mobile apps is to give your customer a personalized mobile experience to communicate with you successfully. A customized mobile app is the fastest and the quickest way for users to learn about your company’s products and services. With the help of a mobile app, users can make faster and more informed purchase decisions which in turn will enhance the company’s overall revenue and profits.

6. Reach a Higher Customer Engagement Level

One of the fastest ways to increase revenue generation and brand value is to focus on your customer engagement level. Mobile apps are the best way to increase customer loyalty as well as customer relationships. With the help of a well-planned customized mobile app development, you can send push notifications to communicate with your customers.

7. Customer Loyalty Program

A successful organization has a strong client retention rate. To become more successful, it is important to pay attention to the requirements of your customers. Loyalty programs are the greatest way to strengthen your bond with customers.

8. Brilliant Marketing Tool

A mobile app can be customized according to your customer’s perspective to gain maximum mobile app benefits. Developing various specialized functionalities like product information, team and contact information, personalized messaging, and engagement tools like campaigns and contests will increase user engagement and make your app a marketing tool.

9. Cost Effective

Mobile business apps eliminate the need for traditional offline marketing as they focus solely on digital marketing, which helps businesses to save costs. Now, with the changing technology, customer expectations and trends are changing at a rapid pace, making a mobile app for business the best way to match customer requirements, draw in new clients, and grow your business.

In a nutshell, your mobile app can act as a reliable and valuable source of direct and personalized marketing channels. It also boosts your customers’ engagement while giving you a great ROI.

Maximize your business potential with our mobile app development services

How Does A Mobile App Give You Control Over Your Business?

Creating a mobile application that fits your business’ vision could help you build your brand loyalty, improve relationships with your customers, and stay relevant on the cutting edge of new technologies.

What does it mean, though?

How could the advantages of mobile applications strengthen your client relationships?

Having a mobile app for business lets you acquaint users with your brand and the services you offer. The benefit of an app is far-fetched, as it allows you to personalize your services and cater specially to your target market.

For example, you can form a quiz and request your customers to take it. With this, you will be able to find out what your customers like so that you can provide services relevant to their preferences. You can also make changes to your app for business promotion and gain the advantages of mobile marketing.

Studies have proven that an application is always better than a website in terms of saving time. Technology is constantly updating and evolving, and so are customers’ demands and expectations. The importance of a mobile application is growing folds, so you need to broaden your ideas and your way of looking at business development.

Moreover, you need to be up-to-date on all the new upgrades in order to stay at the top of your business and get the best results when developing an application for your business. For this, you need a mobile app development company like Excellent WebWorld to help you gain the benefits of a mobile app for your business.

How can Excellent Webworld Help You Build Your Custom Mobile App?

Looking to kickstart your business and boost your profitability significantly?

Excellent Webworld always believes in serving clients with the best and most effective mobile app solutions to get over startup challenges. Today, most of the online traffic is powered by mobile devices, and getting your own mobile app puts you ahead of your competition.

The apps developed by Excellent WebWorld are the result of a detailed mobile app development process. We have an entire app development team who will cater to your requirements and find the most appropriate solution for your business by providing you with all the mobile app benefits.

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A mobile application can build a loyal customer base and add value to your business. It can encourage more customer engagement through loyalty programs and secures a strong presence in the industry.

The best ways to improve customer experience and loyalty are by providing discounts, exclusive offers, and promotions. This will motivate your customers to keep your mobile app on their mobile devices.

According to a study by eMarketer, mobile app usage on a mobile device is increasingly outpacing the use of the website. 85% of smartphone users prefer using a mobile app over a web browser for website usage.

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