“You’ll never walk alone”. Well, we sure are Liverpool football fans, but we are saying this in the context that you are not alone in your app development quest. Leverage our app development partnership and rage your industry market with a customer-centric app.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”. ― Steve Jobs

We all are aware that a lot of hard work goes into building an application. – Right from brainstorming the app’s concept to planning how it will function, from curating its look to ensuring that it works properly. There are more details to it than what is visible in these steps.

If you are wondering why one must find app developers, you ought to know that a proper app development team structure can help in the organized programming of your app.

Confused about how to find a partner for app/website/software development? We will guide you with the following in this blog:

Wrong Notions About App Development in People’s Minds

There are a couple of points that you might have got wrong in your mind. So, before we tell you where and how you start an app development partnership, here are a few things that we think can destroy your dream of launching a powerful app.

Let’s eliminate these thoughts entering your mind or having already made some room in your mind.
Wrong Notions About App Development

  1. “I’ll develop my app.”
  2. “I’ll hire trainee developers or interns.”
  3. “I’ll work with a freelancer.”

There is a problem with each of the above thoughts. Read & explore with us…

App development is not child’s play. Even when a team is working on it, it takes several months of work. How do you think you can accomplish the same while you are just a one-person army?

Hiring novice developers who have just passed their graduation can be a disaster. Numerous factors can cause a failure threat. These are age, maturity level, seriousness, experience, etc. Also, you will blindly hire them based on their skills which are easy to pretend during the selection process.

Working with a freelancer can be an overwhelming experience because not all freelancers are loyal and diligent towards their clients. This also implies that freelancers don’t work on just one task. They sign projects with multiple clients. Furthermore, this means that their time, attention, skills, and energy are divided among all projects they work on.

task. They sign projects with multiple clients. Furthermore, this means that their time, attention, skills, and energy are divided among all projects they work on.

While looking for THE ONE app development partner for your digital product, all the above blind leaps of faith can make you land in quite a threatening situation.

Plenty of brilliant projects fail – for a reason of their mobile app development partners not seeing eye to eye.

Wait… Before You Approach IT Companies for App Partnership, Check This Out!!

Did you know around 78% of businesses all over the world feel positive about outsourcing their digital needs? Are you a business looking for partners who can help you technically/digitally? Approaching an IT company to sign them as your software development partner, you must ensure that you are all set from your end. There are two tips that we advise you to keep in mind and execute.

Firstly, what are the services you need from your business application developer? (Their task list, basically)

While you interview your shortlisted companies for app development partnerships, you need to be very clear about what role you want them to play for you. It would be a plus to have a list of tasks ready that they will be performing for you. This will benefit both parties as clarity never harms.

Secondly, what outcome do you expect?

When expectations are not met, one gets hurt. On the same line, you should always communicate your expectations to the service provider. If they are capable enough to meet them, they will sign the contract with you.

What All Comes Under App Development Partnership?

Some call app development partnership a massive cloud; some call it an umbrella of services. The reason behind it is that it involves a lot of services.

Listing down a few aspects that fall under this umbrella:

  • New App Development – Building an app from scratch, this involves making the application or software from conceptualization to coding.
  • App Upgrade – Improving your existing application – UI, UX, designing, or anything.
  • Bug Fixing & Security – Spotting the bugs, fixing them and adding layers of security.
  • App Maintenance – Launching an app is not a one-time thing. It requires regular screening, maintenance, upgrades, etc.
  • Partial Making of the App – Need a partial service like a design partner or quality assurance team? For design partnerships, app development team, security layer embedment, quality analysis and testing, etc. – hire a reliable app development partner like us.
  • There’s also an alternative for filling the tech geeks’ gaps in your organization by opting for IT staff augmentation in your team. You can hire the best resources to join your team for completion of the project so as to avoid wasting time and organization’s other resources.

4 Key Factors to Pay Attention to When Starting App or Software Development Partnership

Factors to Pay Attention to When Starting App or Software Development Partnership
Looking for partners for application or product development is like finding your match made in heaven. In the beginning, this can make you restless; you might face multiple obstacles in your search, etc. And, it is pretty challenging to compromise here.

On the brighter side, it is to note that you and the application development team you pick must meet at a common point.

Following are the four criteria pillars that come into the picture of choosing the application development partnership:

1. Judge the Portfolio

A company’s work portfolio shows how capable they are of doing stuff. They would actually be aware of the best way to develop an app.

While reviewing the company’s work portfolio, you must check out the visual strength and quality of their work, their creativity, color combination choices, scrutinize UI and UX, etc.

2. In-depth Industry Experience

The long experience is excellent, but the deep experience is great! Do you agree with this statement?

We possibly 100% agree with it and would appreciate the fact if you second us too.

As a matter of fact, you must check how worthy and relevant the company’s experience is.

3. Communication Flow & Comfort Level

While you start screening company profiles to sign your digital partnership agreement, you should start noticing how they communicate, respond, take the initiative, punctuality, etc. their attitude towards their client (i.e., you) makes a lot of difference. It will show their communication understanding also.

4. Digital Presence

However shallow it may sound, we judge people according to their appearance. Along similar lines, you can check the social media presence of your chosen company. Rarely maintained business profiles, questionable reposts, and poorly designed profiles are a few red flags you must look into.

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The DON’TS When Looking for an App or Software Development Partner or Software Design Partners

Apart from giving you tips on what to do, we thought we must also guide you with a few NOT TO DO stuff while screening the app development companies.

1. Don’t Make Cost the ONLY FACTOR

Undoubtedly, the cost factor plays a vital role while fixing the app development company. But don’t make it the only factor of your choice since the cost cannot be the only deciding factor. Make sure you check all the aspects of apps developer company in and out.

2. Don’t Forget to Sign an NDA – It is a MUST

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your chosen company for software partnership can make you feel safer and more secure. Blind trust doesn’t have any room in such scenarios.

3. Do NOT Ignore the Power of Documentation – It is a Great Proof!

Don’t we ensure to collect receipts for all small payments we make to help us during tax rebates? Similarly, it is essential to jot down every point possible.

Terms You Can Expect in an App/Software Development Agreement

Remember how you always ensure to sign an agreement with your landlord? In the similar way, when you plan to get an app developed, you will sign a contract for software development with your app partners.

The following list of components should go in the custom software development agreement:

  • Duties & responsibilities
  • Ownership of software/application/website/web app
  • Monitoring of development staff
  • Confidentiality
  • Warranties
  • Terms & termination
  • Waivers
  • Successors
  • And anything else that you find important…

Tip – you can use the above bullets as a software development agreement checklist also.

Conclusion – Where to Find Your One & Only Partner??

Just as you choose your toppings on your Subway and Huber & Holly, you have to make a combination choice here. You need to decide on one of the following:
1. Affordable + Fast
2. Affordable + Good
3. Good + Fast
Where to Find Your One and Only Partner
Most entrepreneurs choose A because of their tight budget and restlessness to make the app as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, many pick pair B because they look for good quality work for as little as possible. However, will the service provider who charges you less money need to give his 100% in work? Less money also implies a lesser drive to deliver the best work.

Coming to the last choice, i.e., C – If you choose C, you will join hands with the best full-cycle mobile app development company that delivers robust solutions at the speed of life.

Fill out the inquiry form and hear from our team within 24 hours! (It’s a promise! 😉)


Market research is the way to go when you are choosing a remote team! Without screening the companies, how will you know which is the best option to pick? Create and follow a checklist so you end up with the best software or app development partner.

Making a successful app involves signing the app development partnership agreement with the most suitable digital partner. Your right choice will lead you to the right path.

There are 2Es that matter a lot when it comes to app, software, website development partnership. They are – Experience & Expertise. The amount of time your chosen development agency/company has spent in the industry and the knowledge they have gained over this time will help you in building a successful application.

Application partner is the team associated with you and your entity responsible for building the app from scratch or a part of it as agreed by both the parties.

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