So, do you find the word “IT Staff Augmentation” a bit weird or striving to understand these terms?

Wait, let’s go through the whole story to enjoy the climax!

It all began when the term technology came into existence.

We all are drowned in the ocean of the digital world. Do you agree with this point?

There are tons of websites and applications built every day in different corners of the world. However, the immense rise in digitization has led to the scarcity of tech talents. And, it is driving the tech companies, entrepreneurs, and startups to look out for offshore resources to get the end solutions.

The main concern for most organizations is to keep complete control over their project. To let them reach the end results, the IT staff augmentation model was brought into the picture.

Staffing augmentation is working as a fortune for organizations to reach the final destination in less time and money. So, finding this topic helpful for your business or tech needs?

Let’s deep dive into the details of the staff augmentation services for a better understanding. Keep reading the blog as we’ve covered each pile of data that is important for IT staffing services.

We’ll begin with the basics of the IT team augmentation!

What is IT Staff Augmentation? – A Brief

Let me give you a scenario to explain the tech staff augmentation in the most ideal way.

Imagine a scenario wherein you’re working on an enterprise-level project and, due to some uncertain event you faced a scarcity of resources. So, what will be your next step to fill the gaps in your project development?

IT staff augmentation is one of the ideal models to follow for hiring resources. We can define it as a type of outsourcing service whereof software development companies provide their talented engineers on a time and material basis.

To explain in simple terms, the in-house team of an organization is prolonged by the external resources for the required project. Take a note of the point that the engineers hired have to work either from the premises of the organization or remotely until the project is completed.

In short, globalization and technological innovation has made it easy for organizations to build international teams, and let them work remotely.

“Resource & staff augmentation is all about using outside personnel to fulfil the project requirements based on organizational requirements.”

For a better understanding, we’ve explained a few scenarios that show the need for software development staff augmentation.

A Stack of Scenario to Leverage Resource Staff Augmentation

Specialized Skills: In case, you require some special skilled person to fulfil the project needs. (logo, UI design, brand setup, how to setup a tech company, tech skills, and so on)

Strategic Resources: Want to outsource the entire team for flexible work progress and gain their competitive advantage? (Hire CTO, project manager, delivery manager, and so on).

Increase Engineers: When you need to enhance your present team to share the daily workloads. (project thing, increase in projects, staff scarcity, spikes in demand, and more)

Long-Term Hire: To hire engineers for long term projects either on a contract or permanent basis.

These are some of the key reasons why organizations opt for IT team augmentation services. You might be curious to know about the working of the IT staff augmentation services. Here we go for the same!

How Does Staff Augmentation Work?IT Staff Augmentation Work

The best way to know about the working of the resource staff augmentation is by understanding the entire process. Here are the few steps that you must be aware of,

Learn About Your Requirements

Once you start feeling the shortage of resources for your project, it is important that you first deeply understand your requirements and the number of remote resources you need.

You must have clear thoughts on the qualifications and skills of a candidate you’re looking for. Therefore, make a list of qualities you want like years of experience, expertise area, industry domain, and so on.

Finding IT Staff Augmentation Company

When you’re clear with your requirements, it’s time to choose an ideal company for staff augmentation. We would recommend building a list of the top 5 companies based on their reviews and ratings. Conduct interviews and the selection process, and then choose the one that suits best your project requirements.

Introduce Remote Developers to Team

Just signing up with resource staff augmentation is not enough, you need to integrate the remote resources with your team. You must enable complete support to the new resources so that they get comfortable with your work environment.

It will be easy for you to successfully move forward with your project if the remote resources are entirely set with your team. Besides all, make them comfortable with your company’s rules, processes, values, and procedures.

These are the three core steps for IT staff augmentation services. Furthermore, let’s move towards the key elements that you must know before you go for the augmentation services.

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Peak Points To Draw Attention For IT Staff Augmentation

You must be aware of some terms before you go for IT staffing. With the knowledge of staff augmentation process flow, you can not only evaluate the external resource but also the in-house team of your organization.

Henceforth, this model is even trending for employing a dedicated workforce. Although, prime points to remember for the staff augmentation model are as given below.

Signing NDA & Property Protection

It is advisable that you sign a non-disclosure agreement from the IT staff augmentation company you’re going to hire resources. Besides that, by signing an NDA you can secure the rights of your intellectual property.

Make a note of the point that the remote developers working on your project have the right to access confidential information. By signing the agreement you can ensure that they don’t misuse the data.

Transparency in the Fees

You must have a clear word for the fees, as it will include the actual salary of the developers and the commission that the resource staff augmentation company charges. Most of the companies will charge you monthly fees.

Official Employer Will Always Be The Augmentation Company

The contract of the remote developers may be small or big, but they will always remain the official employee of the outsourcing company you chose for the IT staff augmentation. Henceforth, you need to make sure that both parties agree with the contract before getting into the final thing. Even confirm the week off days, vacations, and so on.

Now you know everything about staff augmentation consulting and its services. However, there is a question: why do organizations opt for augmentation services in comparison to managed services or outsourcing?

Let us share with you an answer for the same. But before we get into the main answer, first we will get into the difference between IT staff augmentation and managed services.

Difference Between IT Staff Augmentation & Managed Services

For staff augmentation vs managed services, the main goal of both the services is the same. They just vary based on some rules and conditions.

For managed services, the remote teams are managed by the outsourcing company, whereas with staffing augmentation the organization or end client will manage the team or remote resources.

In another way, managed services come into the picture when you need some authoritative resources like a project manager, CTO, experienced dedicated developers, and so on for your in-house project. On the other hand, managed service is used when the clients are not able to handle the remote developers, and leaves everything on the outsourcing company.

“Confused with any point? Let’s get in touch to explore the details

What Are The Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Like any other service, staff augmentation also comes with its own unique advantages, have a look at it.

  • Saves you time and money. With remote resources and teams, you can save huge bucks as they’re going to be part of your company only for the allocated time. Therefore, you don’t need to bear their maintenance cost for the future.
  • With remote resources, you get more flexibility and excellent techies as there are no geographical boundaries for hire. Thence, you do not need to compromise with the tech talents for your projects.
  • Hiring in-house developers comes with a lot of legal formalities, although IT staff augmentation makes it easy for you. There are fewer formalities to do in comparison to in-house hiring.
  • With IT staff augmentation, you get the authority to keep a hold on the engineers and stay assured of the confidential information shared with them.
  • IT staffing services enable you with entire management control for the team that you’ve hired. Therefore, you can shape the project as per your requirements.
  • An experienced remote engineer works as a fortune for your project. You can get a chance to explore the new strategies and skills that enhance the working of your in house team and project functionalities.

That’s all about the core advantages of IT staff augmentation services. Now you know everything about augmentation services, and it is time to implement them for your project or organization.

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IT Staff Augmentation – The Finale

We hope now you’re clear with each point on staff augmentation services. It comes with numerous benefits for you if implemented in the correct way. You need to be accurate while choosing IT staff augmentation as a wrong choice can spoil many things of your project. Take your time while selecting the engineers, test and interview them until you’re satisfied with their answers.

We’re a reputed IT staff augmentation company across the globe. Our engineers have expertise in almost every technology and industry domain. You can get in touch with us, and share your project requirements. Our experts will look into it and serve you with the best resources.

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