Best Automotive Software Development

Automotive Software Development for the Manufacturing Industry

We may not yet have flying cars but we are on the verge of a technological revolution where manufacturers can rectify all the mistakes at the production stages and provide you with a safe ride. Automotive software development has become the need of this hour for the manufacturing industry.

Internet of things solutions in the automotive manufacturing proffers user with the car, integrated with the sensors which detect any fault in the car and inform users as well as the manufacturing company at the same time.

In addition, augmented reality and virtual reality, the latest buzzwords in the technology are transforming the complex production process. Manufacturers have already started to use virtual and augmented reality to optimize the flaws of the manufacturing process.

We at the Excellent Webworld provide tried and tested automotive Industry Solutions for the manufacturing industry. In addition, we focus on revamping your business with our best enterprise mobility solutions.

Here is the list of Automotive Industry Solutions we Offer:

Onboard Detection

The vehicular diagnostic is a mobile app which uses OBD, Bluetooth dongle to connect or in build OBD to any vehicle and help the technicians and car owners to track the faults within the car.
  • Display of live data

  • Graphical representation of vehicle condition

  • History log of vehicle

  • Emission status reports on the mobile app via cloud

  • Dashboard & Mobile app Push notification

Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions

You can get emergency alerts for intelligent business decisions as we deliver cloud-enabled fleet management software solution which includes iPad Apps, desktop automobile software, embedded software, mobile apps, and backend panel with an innovative solution like:
  • Advanced monitoring tools

  • Manage battery level, ignition, door state, and fuel

  • Real-time status of vehicle status and diagnostics

  • Activity reports

OEM Connected Solutions - Automotive Equipment Makers, Suppliers and Manufacturers

We help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to get access to the latest technologies with solutions like:
  • Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

  • NFC

  • Connected Cars

  • Prediction Of Vehicle’s Issue

  • Embedded Software solutions

IoT Solution for Automotive Industry

Automotive industry software solutions can be offered from the automotive IoT solution for the Manufacturing industry with unique outcomes like:
  • Connected car solutions

  • IoT solutions for the vehicle safety

  • Telecommunication technology

  • Vehicle to everything communication

  • Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) Communication

  • On-Board Diagnostics- Predictive Maintenance

  • Start/Stop Car Engine With A Tap On The Phone

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Augmented Reality for Automotive Industry

Augmented reality for the automobile industry is redefining the user experience as well as the manufacturing process of automobiles and automobile industry by providing:
  • Real life view models

  • Designing of the vehicles

  • Support and assistance tool

  • 360-degree view of the vehicle

  • Develop driver-less solutions

  • Details of interior parts and features

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Business Intelligence Automotive Industry Solution For

Business intelligence is serving automotive industry software solutions which help in:
  • Identify trends

  • Make effective decisions

  • Data analytics powered with BI

  • Data collection on a daily basis

  • A complete overview of the company

  • Check performance levels

Virtual Reality for the Automotive Solutions

Virtual reality for automotive engineering virtual reality allows companies to experience products before they are even made and test scenarios with some interesting solutions like:
  • Virtual test drive

  • Virtual showrooms

  • Self-driving car testing

  • VR training to the employees

All in all, to provide automobile users with a seamless automotive solution, it is imperative to embed the latest technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT.

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