Cars are probably one of the best and most important inventions of mankind. They are easily accessible and the most common means of transport in the world. Cars are amazing just as they are, but with automobile app development, the whole thing goes to the next level.

Among all, automotive management solutions have been changing by leaps and bounds. But with a high pace comes high friction and the requirement for balancing. No matter how large the industry is, if it doesn’t adopt the ongoing trends with time, it will be lost into oblivion.

According to recent surveys

  • At any given time 1,500 individuals are looking to buy a car.
  • Approximately 72% of them use a smartphone app to purchase their next car.
  • Around 52% claimed to use their Smartphone while looking for a new part of the vehicle.
  • Approximately 29% said that they use a mobile app while selecting and reviewing mechanics.

Automobile Apps are Changing the Auto Industry

The automobile industry is heading for technologies offered by mobility, social media, and disruptive solutions to meet the need of the hour. All of this is possible due to the automobile app development possibilities that we are witnessing at present.

Bearing in mind the consumers’ transition, many automobile brands are developing innovative and game-changing mobile apps for vehicle users, dealers, auto parts sellers, and mechanics that can easily engage with their customers.

Today we will be talking about the various types of trending automobile apps and the best automobile apps of each category.

So get ready to find out more about car sharing apps, car selling apps, price comparison apps, and many different apps that are making human life easy and completely revolutionizing the automobile industry.

Automobile Selling App Solution

The last thing you bought was probably from Amazon or eBay, but buying a car is not something to be done online, right? Wrong.

What people want while looking for a car is an unbiased seller who will take into account your needs and show you the right vehicle instead of selling you the one they need to sell the most. You can’t get such an impartial representative in an automobile dealership store.

Users always welcome a trustworthy car-selling platform instead of believing in mediators. Online car portal development is in trend today. People rely more on the stats provided (with proof) on these automobile-selling apps.

Our Automobile Selling App Solution Includes Features like

  • Effective Car Listing
  • Finance and Other Documents Storage
  • Nearby Service Center Listings
  • EMI Calculator

Top 3 Car Selling & Reselling Apps







Automobile Leasing App solution

Automobile Leasing App Solution

Hey perhaps you don’t have enough money to buy a new (or used car) but still, are in desperate need of one. What will you do now? Car leasing is a very viable option that comes to mind, and with automobile leasing apps, the process becomes quicker and easier.

The user needs to feed in their budget and the type of vehicle that they are looking for and get results according to the set filters. You can add more custom filters like make and model year, vehicle brand, miles traveled, etc. to get more precise results.

With modern automobile leasing apps, the process of getting a car has become almost instant and effortless. Everyone can benefit from this type of automobile business model.

Our Automobile Leasing App Solution Includes Features like

  • Broad Range of Vehicle Listing
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Vehicle Listings According to User Location
  • Save All Documents in One App

Top 3 Car Leasing Apps




National Car Rental



Automobile Price Comparison App

Whether you buy a new/used car or lease it, you wish to get the best price on it. So would you like to go from store to store and jot down price, performance, EMI rates, etc.? Or get all the information on a single car price comparison app?

Obviously, the second option seems much better and more efficient. Usually, when consumers buy an automobile item, they tend to compare the prices with your competitors. We develop a web portal and/or mobile app for automobile price comparison for your customers to compare the local deals, get discounts and coupons from thousands of options with some interesting attributes.

Our Automobile Price Comparison App Solution Includes Features like

  • Price Notifications
  • Category-based Listing
  • Clear-cut Comparison Among More than Two Products
  • Multi-Lingual Support

Top 3 Car Comparison Apps



Cars Com


Kelly Blue Book (KBB)

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Automobile Apps for Auto Dealers

In the tough competitive world of the automobile dealership business, the only way to survive is by investing in a digital app solution. When the rest of the auto dealers are keeping their noses to the grindstone, you can get much more sales done just by having your own auto dealer app.

Such an app solution is also perfect for auto parts selling stores. An Automobile App for Auto Parts Selling on eCommerce will give these stores an extra stream of income, which may soon become your primary source of sales.

You can also launch your own enterprise mobility solutions for Car dealers, used car dealers, OEMs, and Multi-brand car dealers as a SaaS-based model and sell it to other automobile dealers around the globe.

Our Automobile App Solution for Auto Dealers Includes Features like

  • Attractive Car Portfolios
  • Customer Profile
  • Break Down Assistance
  • Offers
  • Locate Dealers
  • Social Media Linking
  • Users Car Inventory

Top 3 Automobile Dealer Apps


DealerApp Vantage




Auto Dealer by PulseB)

Automobile App for Garage Owners

Automobile App for Garage Owners

Just like the automobile dealership vertical, the auto garage business is also a quite cutthroat business vertical. The garage owners know that just relying on their few loyal customers for business is not going to cut it, they need a steady flow of customers coming to the store.

With advanced hybrid and native app development solutions, garage owners can easily maintain records of the customers, and daily operations along with sending notifications of upcoming offers by providing an auto service app.

An automobile garage app will also make sure that you get all the customers that are in your immediate vicinity. They’ll be shown your garage location on the map so that they can get to you when needed.

Our Mobile App for Garage Includes Features like

  • Nearby Store Locator
  • Appointment Booking
  • Reminders for Services
  • Video Tour
  • Store Check-In
  • Engine Type, Registration, Date of Insurance
  • Social Media Integration
  • Car Service Status
  • Automobile Part Listing

Top 3 Automobile Garage Apps



Torque bhp




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Searching for an Automobile App Development Solution?

At Excellent WebWorld, we embrace new technologies and trends to employ advanced Automobile IT solutions such as web portals and mobile apps.

Here is the list of trending automobile app solutions that we provide

  • Secure User and Driver profiles
  • Integrated Driver Analytics
  • Web Admin Panel for Real-time Monitoring
  • Outstation Module
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Prime Membership for Riders

Want our help with your automobile app development or tech-integrated fleet management solution? Talk to our experts.

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