Best PoS System Software

In 1800s, James Ritty a businessman created the first ever cash register to stop his employees from stealing from him. Over the next several decades, major improvements made cash registers a common sight in retail stores. In the 1970s traditional cash registers evolved into a computerized point of sale systems and by 80s and 90s, the retail world got electronic registers and PC-based point of sale systems.

How To Improve Your PoS Systems In 2019

POS System History

So this was the glorious past of Point of Sales systems that we see today. But enough with the past, the future holds more exciting possibilities. Cloud-based pos apps will improve the management of sales, inventory, and customers across several stores and channels for vendors.

POS systems will keep offering features that integrate online, offline, and social shopping solutions to improve customer experience. We will be talking about such future innovations in PoS systems.

With the advent of new technologies like RFID, beacons, foot-traffic analytics and hardware like as sensors, terminals, and kiosks the point of sale systems has a bright future. But before going to the future, we need to learn why Nowadays PoS systems need an urgent upgrade.

Why Existing PoS System Software are failing?

Why do we need to upgrade PoS system software, they work just fine, right? Well, there is always room for improvement and only the businesses who keep improving stay for the long run. The new revolution that we mentioned above is concerned with IoT and retail industry. Today every electronic device is connected to each other thanks to IoT. If every business has accepted and prospered due to IoT so should PoS systems.

Many retail shop owners spend a small fortune over buying and updating such PoS systems but there are certain problems with existing PoS systems which we aim to solve.

Cost High

The PoS system cost is high and also the maintenance and upgrading price is more compare to cloud POS system.

Require More Space

Huge Machines and devices take up space of the store where you could have set up a whole new shelf.


The older billing systems in restaurants, cafes, Stores, Shops and hotels are very bulky and hectic to use.

Paper Bills

Bills are just a waste of paper and energy to set up printers and maintaining them. New trends are direct email or SMS.

Online store customers

Online store customers are a whole category of users that your stores are missing out if you don’t go digital.

Order & Inventory managment

Management becomes hectic with such systems and if the system goes down everything halts, which means a loss to the business.

What comes to your mind when you hear Point of Sale (PoS) system?

Big bulky machines and a set of devices connected to each other near the exit of a store. What you are seeing is true but there is a complete revolution coming that has changed how PoS systems look and work.

Now is the time of mobile technology and this change has been introduced to New PoS systems. Since 2014, iPad and Mobile PoS apps are on the rise and has made its way to almost every major country. But there is an even brighter future awaiting in the face of Cloud-based PoS solution.

Keep reading to learn about of the best mobile PoS systems.

How Our Cloud based PoS Solution is becoming the best solution in the market?

Unlike other companies providing software of PoS systems, Cloud-based PoS Solution are applications primarily created for iPad and Smartphones. It’s one of the best mobile PoS systems that offer centralized or single-view systems for vendors to stay in command of various channels and stores from one platform. There are a lot many new features that will be added which were never tried before with older PoS system. The main aim was to resolve all the challenges that vendors faced while using the old PoS systems.

The Cloud-based PoS system is a trending SaaS (Software as a Service). It is the perfect business startup for any entrepreneur who wants to make it huge in 2019. You can build your own SaaS PoS system by hiring an IT development company and then sell the software (in this case an app) to various vendors on a monthly subscription base model.

Check out the Success Story of Cloud Based PoS System

Cloud Based POS System
  • Small Size

    First of all, we have reduced a lot of PoS system hardware to the minimum so that the problem of bulky systems is solved.

  • Printer Connection

    In case you are an old school that needs printed receipts or probably need additional hardware for your store; our app is capable of integrating all the billing system hardware that are IoT enabled.

  • Smart Hardware Integration

    We also interconnected all hardware using IoT so there are no worries of the system going down or manage it from anywhere.

  • Email Invoice

    The sales receipts can be sent via emails/SMS so there is no need of wasting time and money behind paper bills.

  • Cloud Based

    The complete database is stored in the cloud making the data accessible from anywhere at any time and remain secure.

  • Admin Management

    The Admin has all the privileges of the app like keeping track of employee management, inventory system, orders, deliveries, accounting software, etc.

  • Smart Menu

    In restaurants and cafes, waiters can go to the table and take the order directly on the iPad. Print receipts and orders remotely from any location to the cash counter or the kitchen.

  • Fingerprint Security

    Fingerprint-based system access for all the employees of the store.

  • Cloud PoS customer app

    The customers can give order straight from the table using the Cloud PoS customer app and their order will be served directly to the table.

  • Easy Offer Managment

    Promo codes, Deals, loyalty programs, and Offers can be offered to the users via the app. This is a feature that we have brought for the first time in a PoS system. None of this was possible with older PoS machines.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Platform Integration for vendors and users to share their favorites and store specials for the day.

  • Reports

    Admin vendors can receive a detailed report of any factor that they wish to observe like sales for the month, total inventory cost, orders etc.

What your customers get from Cloud based mobile PoS System?

Besides the vendor app, there is a very profitable reason to go with Cloud-based PoS. It offers a mobile app for your users/customers to order from your stores. The end users need to download a single app for all their nearby shopping needs. Every vendor that is integrated with this Cloud PoS will be shown to the users in their app.

They can choose their preferred vendor and then choose all the items that they want to purchase. If the vendors provide delivery services, the user can choose that or pick their parcel from the store.

Cloud Based PoS App user

Old PoS system

If you are going to the store to buy groceries:

  1. You will get to the store
  2. Pick your items
  3. Go to the cash counter
  4. Most probably wait in line
  5. Generating a bill of the items
  6. Pay at the counter

Cloud based PoS

If you wish to buy some groceries:

  1. Open your app, choose your vendor and choose all the items
  2. Just make a check out in the app (pay in-app)
  3. Visit the store and collect your parcel or choose home delivery

Business Benefits of new cloud based PoS System or solution

Business Benefit of POS
  • Saves a lot of time of customers and store operators
  • Saves the cost of buying and upgrading to costly PoS systems.
  • Customer satisfaction due to security and feature-rich user app.
  • Cloud storage gives access to complete inventory and billing list at any time & anywhere.
  • No fear of losing any data due to cloud-based storage recover anytime.
  • E-billing will save paper and makes bills and receipts accessible to customers at any time.
  • Manage online orders, offline orders, and pre-orders without any hassle with the app.

See how Cloud POS can grow your retail business.

We offer custom POS system software/application development with support, for all the major retails business like below. In simple terms, all the businesses that use a billing system can use our Cloud-based PoS Solution in 2019.

Fashion Store

Home Appliances

Toys & Gift Shop

Shoes Store

Non Profits

Sports & Supplements

Health & Beauty

Bike & Car Shop

Restaurant & Food

Pet Store

Jewelry Shop

Electronics & computer

Cloud based PoS System seems a very promising alternative to current PoS system software. It is probably the best mobile PoS solution out there that gives a lot more than any other solution in the market. If you wish to make a fortune from this amazing PoS system then you should talk to our experts.