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In this day and age, buy and sell apps are booming in the market due to its extraordinary features and services. Some of the buy and sell apps like Letgo, Offerup, Craigslist, and more are popular among the users. Out of all, Letgo is the first choice by the users in recent times. The users of Letgo have stated that they are so comfortable and impressed with the features of Letgo app. The fact says that Letgo made around $1.6 billion just in the first three years of its launch. Isn’t that amazing? That’s why Letgo is a new entry in our “App of the Week” column.
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What Makes Buy and Sell App Like Letgo Popular?

Letgo – a popular marketplace app impressed a lot of users with its services.

The app aggregates the gap between buyers and sellers. They can easily connect via Letgo app to make a deal. The company claims that it takes less than 10 seconds for a user to post for a sale. And, there are no limits to selling the products on Letgo.

The best part of marketplace apps like Letgo is unique features. The platform comes with artificial intelligence, geo technology and image recognition technologies that draw the attention of the users. These technologies help to list the advertisement based on the regions. For a better transaction and person to person exchanges, the advertisements are listed in 50 miles radius of the users.

Artificial Intelligence and image recognition will help users to automatically set the title and category of the item. Another best part of Letgo is users can list products as well as services on the platform. Letgo supports the selling of goods and services both, which, in turn, attract more users to it. If you’re planning for a similar startup then it is a great idea to go for it.

“Reports Say Letgo has more than 20 million active users in approximately 25 countries around the globe.”

How Does Letgo Work?

You might be curious to know about how Letgo works, so let’s get an answer for the same.

Just like any other marketplace platforms, Letgo lets the users post the advertisements for free. Users can register on the platform via social media login. Sellers can post the picture of the item with a little description. Buyers based on the areas can have a look at the products and services. Buyers can apply the filter based on location, latest, price, category, distance, and many more.

Later, with the help of in-app chat or contact details, buyers and sellers can decide the time and fix the meeting. Remember, Letgo app just connects buyers and sellers, the product exchange process works offline. Buy and sell apps like Letgo does not charge any fees to the sellers. Letgo business model is quite different from that of other buy and sell marketplace apps.

The speciality of the Letgo app is its “Bump up” feature. The feature lets sellers list their products on top for the seven days in a row. Letgo will charge $0.99 to $3.99 to sellers for using bump up features. Marketplace apps like Letgo even come with two subscription plans for its users. If you’ve experience and knowledge about such buy and sell marketplaces, then developing an app like Letgo is good to go.

Screenshots of Buy & Sell App Like Letgo

Looking at the screenshots of the app, you might get a better idea of how Letgo works.
Even, these screenshots can help you in the development of UX/UI designs of your app like Letgo.
Screenshots Of App like Letgo

Features of Letgo App

The features of letgo app are quite amazing that it attracts users to the platform.

Cost Breakdown of Letgo App

Features Web App (Hours) Mobile App (Hours) Approx Cost
Registration 20 20 $1,250
Social Media Login 30 40 $2,000
Product Page 20 24 $1,200
Profile Page 9 14 $2,500
Add Product 10 24 $1,200
Advanced Filter 24 40 $3,000
In-App Chat 55 55 $1,700
Geo Location 24 $1,710
Notifications 10 10 $7,00
Help Center 24 24 $610
Reviews & Ratings 16 12 $450
Capture Photo 15 $510
Features Hours Approx Cost
Create Sub-Admins 80 $900
Reports & Analysis 80 $300
Complaint Management 80 $900
Profile Management 40 $450
Product Management 40 $1,200
Payment Management 40 $1,800
Commission Plans 80 $1,000

Apps Available On!

You can download the apps from the Play Store and App Store.
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Having a startup in the marketplace industry is a one-time investment with lots of benefits. These days you can easily build a buy and sell app like Letgo or Offerup by hiring a software development company. You just need to share your plans with the software company and rest will be taken care of by them.

So, are you curious to know about how to create an app like Letgo?

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