Project overview

The client’s idea was to create a reward system platform where businesses can register and offer deals on their products and services.

Schools and Colleges will also register in this reward system platform where they will receive a physical reward system card (similar to reward coupons) which they can show in affiliated business stores and get discounts and deals. Morgan wanted this mobile app-based reward system for the students of institutes that are part of some sports team.

For instance, if your affiliated school has 15 different teams each having 10 players, then those 150 students will be eligible for this sports-based reward system.




Mobile development,UI/UX Design



Client Overview

Morgan Phelps (Founder & CEO of FanCard) approached Excellent Webworld with a unique idea that brings together schools and businesses while benefiting students.

The client had two main goals while creating such a platform:

  • To encourage more students to take part in sports.
  • To give businesses a steady customer base from students.

This created a win-win situation for the local businesses and the schools, while the students got favorable deals for their input in school sports.

Business Categories Integrated

  • Food & Drink
  • Shopping
  • Home Projects
  • Gas & Auto
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Entertainment
  • Rentals
  • Recreation
  • Services

Technology Stack

Languages Used

Swift(ios), Java(Android)

PHP Framework






Frontend & Backend

Angular JS

3rd Party API

Google Places API


Google Map integration, Apple Maps

Reward Points Typo

App Features

  • No Signup/Login needed
  • Locate nearby deals with geolocation
  • Filter deals by category or business name
  • See business photos, hours, ratings
  • One click call or visit business website
  • Displays information of businesses from Google

Advance App Features

  • Auto fillup form for businesses
  • Get directions to the stores
  • See school game schedules
  • Get directions to schools
  • View map pins only for filters

What We Made?

We understood that our app and website would serve 3 types of users: Local Businesses, School Administration, and (most importantly) students.

Reward System Website

So we made a website in AngularJS that provides the space for schools and businesses to register themselves and become a partner with this One Team America initiative.

We integrated Google Places API so that the businesses can fill their membership form in a single step. They just have to fill out the name of the store and the API collects the rest of the details from Google and fills out the form itself.

Reward Points System Web
Reward Points System Mobile App

Reward System App

We created the best reward app for Android & iOS platforms. This app is a reward system for kids to search for deals near their locations.

So as soon as the app is opened, it takes in the user’s current location and shows businesses affiliated with the platform that is nearby to their current location.

The users can also search for businesses by filtering category or directly by store name in the search bar. Besides the deals, the reward app users will get all the essential information like working hours, business description, store address & directions, contact number, and link to their website.

Reward System Backend

The reward system platform also needed a backend development where all the data of the schools and businesses are stored. We built their backend and cloud integration with CodeIgniter on the AWS servers.

Due to our robust and yet scalable backend architecture, the reward system offers a secure and instantly accessible data storage.

Best Reward Points System Website
Reward Points System iPad App

What’s the Future?

This sports-based reward program is expanding rapidly across all of America, and a myriad of schools and businesses are joining their community. Schools have to pay no price for registration while the companies have to only pay mere $100 per year.

So we have anticipated a massive surge in user base, and we are working on building a more robust backend that can efficiently handle requests from thousands of schools and businesses.

The reward system card is, at present, just a simple ID card. We are planning to integrate NFC to it so that the stores can track how much business is coming from this reward system program.

The Website will soon have an auto fill up form for the schools just as it has for the businesses.

Thinking about creating a similar reward system app?

The app reward system platform has become a massive success among American schools, and the affiliated companies have stated that the business from the reward system program is substantial. There are many other communities where this same model can be applied.

You can launch a similar platform for other communities like Corporate Entities, Community Clubs, Car & Bike Clubs, Senior Citizen Clubs, Suburban Clubs, etc.

Talk to our sports app development experts to get the specific budget and requirements to build a similar business platform for your startup. Let’s create your unique startup, together.

creating a similar reward system app