To start stock trading app development, you might have two goals behind – first being to earn billions of dollars and second being to transform the way people invest money today.

We have come a long way from calling the brokers (to buy and sell shares) to now being able to trade online on our devices. And it’s for good. There are tycoons like the Robinhood App who have made their way to the top of the market. Do you want to beat the progress other stock trading applications have been making and capture a fair share of the market?

Fortune Business Insights estimate that the online trading market will grow up to $12.16 billion in 2028! In the same line, it has already seen tremendous growth during and post the pandemic.

Look at the tweet snippet which clearly shows how the interests of people worldwide changed in the pandemic.

Stock Tweets

Image Source – Twitter

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea on how huge the stock trading market can get.

Now,let us help you with a few must-add components in your stock market app:

  • Bid Types
  • Daily Trade Limit
  • Trading Tools
  • Watchlists & Charts

At this point, when the stock trade market is booming, it is the perfect time frame for starting a FinTech company of your own. But, with the existing competitors, are you afraid of setting your foot in the market?

Why Stock Trading App Development is an ideal business segment to invest?

There is an ever-growing base of users who want to become accomplished investors. Numerous amateur Joes and Janes aspire to become wealthy seasoned investors in the market.

The best stock trading apps and softwares apps ease down trading for users.

But, to compete with your competitors, you have to build a trading platform that is absolutely the best!

Yes! Your stock trading app development has to end up far, far better than your existing investment app competitors.

At this point, when the stock trade market is booming, it is the perfect time frame to set your foot in the fintech industry. But, with the existing competitors, are you afraid of entering the market?

Most Popular Stock Trading App

With a strong trading platforms development USP, you needn’t be scared of entering the market. In fact, you should plan how you would retain your #1 position!

What are the Types of Stock Market Trading Apps for Development?

There can be many approaches to classify the stock trading platforms into types. But, here is the easiest way to categorize the trading application development into two groups, i.e., traditional trading apps and crypto trading apps.

The table below contains both types of stock trading app development on different bases:

Points of Difference Traditional-Oriented Trading Platforms Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms
Meaning These allow users to buy and sell the typical assets. Most traders invest in crypto online as it is a new entrant in the market and has been estimated to hold high future stakes.
How old/new is the method? Old.
It has been prevalent for decades.
Relatively new.
Entered the market a couple of years ago.
What do you trade exactly?


  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Precious Metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)
  • Stocks & Shares


  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Dogecoin
  • Binance Coin
Market Maturity More mature as it has been decades since people started stock trading. Less mature, yet the market is constantly growing.

More than 80% of the stock market is now automated. Do you want to create a stock trading platform with added expert advice from our team? Contact Excellent Webworld!

How Does Stock Trading App Work & What Are The Essential Features?

Working of some of the best stock apps does not depend on any algorithm. Instead it is a real-time interaction that the users do with the app due to the changes in the stock market.

Following are the must-have elements or features of a trading system app:

  • User Registration & Profile – Investors can create a profile using their identity card as proof. This will be followed by investments or returns going to the specific user.
  • Navigation Tools – The app’s structure matters a lot for the user to understand the UI easily without any third party’s help.
  • Balance Details – This part of the app is all numbers! The leftover balance, the value of assets, and purchased/sold shares – all amounts are displayed here.
  • Asset Selling & Purchasing – Users can purchase and sell assets from this app section.
  • Payment Gateway – The payment gateway is that portal wherein users can complete their transactions.
  • Personal Goals – Users most likely set a daily limit that they don’t want to surpass, whether they are doing well in the market or not.


One cannot develop a trading platform without the SEC’s (Security and Exchange Commission) permission in the USA. Ensure that your app’s terms and conditions adhere to the guidelines of the SEC..

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How to Create a Successful Stock Trading App or Platform?

Regardless of the types, the stock trade app development procedure remains quite the same. Let the following steps guide you towards how to create trading app:

From conceptualizing an idea to wireframing and from coding the app to launching it online, the procedure of creating a trading system app remains the same.

Let’s explore the five most essential aspects of stock trading software development in detail!

1. Building Stock Trading API for Real-time Trading App Terminal

End users must be wondering how every stock app gives them the same information about the stock prices, forex rates and crypto status.

Well, during the stock trading app development, the apps are integrated with the APIs. These are called Stock Market Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API development plays a core role in enabling sharing of data, transactions, and file access to all users.

Syncing of data and data aggregation are the two biggest strengths of integrating APIs with trading system apps.

You can choose to integrate the best stock APIs available in the market. Some of the best ones are Alpha Vantage, Intrinio, Xignite, Tradier among many others.

2. UI / UX Design Concepts

The primary reason for an app’s success is its lucrative design. Moreover, the structure of the app’s elements matters the most, and the User Interface of the app will decide the quality of the User Experience.

Now you must understand that if the app design is creative enough, it will attract the users to download it. Our mission is to not only surge the downloads but also to retain the users.

3. MVP of Stock or Investment App & Standard Features

Exclusive features are the hook of any app. Yours being a prototype, must have the required basic features to provide a wholesome experience to the users.

To map out the features of your prototype platform, you can use either of the two methods explained below:

i. User Story Mapping

Agile app developers can create story maps of how a user would do any activity on the app. Later, these story maps aid in fixating on the features of the MVP.


MoSCoW model Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Won’t Have this time. The practice is beneficial in mapping out the MVP’s features. You can use this method to prioritize requirements, although the approach is also helpful in many other areas.

4. A Team of Stock Market App Developers

Stock trading app development is not a one-man army role. It can be delivered successfully only when your chosen app development agency has a proper app development team structure. Also, they work in coordination with each other.

The team members ought to include a contribution from:

  • Project Manager & Coordinator
  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Backend & Frontend Developers
  • Quality Analysts
  • DevOps Engineer

5. Essential Tools and Technology Stack for Creating a Stock Trading Platform or Application

The tech stack is the bundle of technologies to develop trading apps or platforms. Ensure that the mobile app development company you choose suggests the latest technology for your app or software. Also, their employee personnel should be well-versed in the technology they are offering.

Database PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
Utilities Google Analytics
Business Tools Asana, Slack, Trello, G-suite, Jera
Programming Languages Android (Kotlin/Java), Flutter or ReactNative, iOS (Swift/Objective-C)
Backend Laravel, Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, Python
Version Controls Apache SVN, Git
Payment Gateway PayPal, Stripe, Moneris, 2Checkout

Having discussed all the essential aspects of how to build an investment app, let’s talk money!

What are the monitory benefits of Stock Trading App?

It is evident that you are creating a trading platform to earn out of it.

  • Users Pay Nominal Fee Per Trade

More than 90% app owners adopt stock trading app development model wherein apps charge per trade done by the user. Since the charge is minimal, a high volume of trades provides more revenue to the app. This is the most used revenue model implemented by the app owners.

But, do you know ALL the definite ways of earning money from such a platform if you don’t charge a fee?

Zero Fees Trading Platform

Image Source – Quora

Mentioned above is a brain-scratching question because most trading online apps have zero fees.

So, after the trading application development, how do they earn exactly? Peep into the below points:

  • Premium Subscription

The app’s free version is available for users but with limited features. To access the advanced features of the application, users have to switch to the premium version. Moreover, users who are into hardcore investing or brokerage subscribe to the premium version for access to more features.

Many applications provide tips to help users understand the market situation and trends. But, what’s the catch? These apps offer the users all the credible knowledge in the premium version. This, in turn, drives the users to pay for the pro version.

  • Interest on Trades

Let’s say the app displays the bitcoin buy value at $1.05 while the actual value is $1. Users don’t even question it as the bitcoin price keeps fluctuating. The difference in the actual price and the displayed value is the app’s revenue. Users pay such minimal charges to the app unknowingly.

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What is the Trading App Development Cost?

Stock trading app development is a subjective process; hence, quoting a cost would be an arduous task. Many factors affect the cost decision – app platforms, features, UI, tech stack used, time consumed, etc.

But, considering the business and technical aspects of How to build a stock trading platform, we have come down to an approximate value. The trading app development cost can be between $25000 and $75000.

Stock Trading App Development – Closing Bell!

To start stock trading app development and to take it on the top can be a task, but imagine the profits you can earn if you beat your competitors!

Apart from the information we provided in this article about trading platform software development, we can help you with the secret sauce to make your app idea #1. Stock markets might close everyday but Excellent Webworld’s services are endless. Share your stock trading software development idea with the trading platform development company to enhance it into a bigger and better functioning mobile application.

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FAQs on How to Build a Trading Platform?

To create a trading platform (app or software), follow these steps:

  1. Jot down your exact goals.
  2. Perform a market analysis.
  3. Choose a design and development company with exeperience and expert resources on board.
  4. Receive UI/UX design mockups and wireframes.
  5. Fixate the tech stacks and API integration.
  6. Develop and text the MVP version.
  7. Release MVP and collect feedback. Continue working on this.

Coding your own algorithm can be time consuming. Also, this would require an expert’s help who understands the stock market app trends in order to decide the algorithm flow. This would be like a trading robot that could advise the users on buying and selling of shares. In around three to four months for stock market app development, you can create ‘Robot Trading’ and ‘Auto Trading’ platforms.

Most apps downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store are reliable. There’s a slight chance of the app being fraudulent. To prevent falling into a trap, you must check out the app’s reviews before installing it on your devices.

Whether digitizing your existing brokerage business or starting one from scratch, you must check all the legal requirements beforehand. Specifically, check your platform’s licensing requirements, multi-factor authentication, fraud prevention chemes, etc.

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