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WHY & How to Create a Meditation App Like Evolve?

With events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war crisis, the need for Evolve mental health applications has risen seamlessly.

In this fast-paced and competitive world, almost everyone has coped with stress, anxiety, or panic attacks at least once. God forbid, but there is no guarantee that this won’t happen again to someone who has been a victim once.

Hence, everyone needs assistance in learning how to handle stress and make time for themselves. Also, everyone must understand that these are just as important as eating right and exercising daily.

  • First among all is that 64% of the total users claimed that mental health apps are effective. This helps diagnose the problem if there is an issue at all.
  • Evolve has been named one of the ‘Best Apps for Personal Growth’ on Google Play’s Best of 2021. This further implies that apps for personal growth and self-care are in great demand and that the public is loving them.
  • Many psychiatrists recommend the public to use such applications because this can help users realize if they need professional therapy or not.
  • According to PR Newswire, the Mental Health apps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.5% between the period of 2021-2027 to reach US$ 3.3 billion by 2027.

The numbers look very green, and now would be a perfect time to enter this market.

Aren’t these statistical reasons enough to convince you to develop an app like Evolve? Talk to experts to kickstart your mental health app development today.

Screenshots of the Evolve Self Care Tracker App

The apps ‘Calm’ and ‘MindDoc’ also fall under the same category. But, the reason behind choosing Evolve for this ‘App of the Week’ edition is its exceptional UI and the soothing calm music.

We captured a couple of screenshots to show you how appealing the Evolve app is to the mind, body, and soul!

screenshots of the evolve self care tracker app

How Does the Evolve App Work? Does it Really Help the Users?

Evolve – the name itself suggests — a user can evolve from a particular mindset to a better headspace.

The application has very soothing background music that starts playing from the moment a user signs up or logs in. However, there are options to put that music off, control the volume, and choose from the four different available tracks.

The app has a big plate to offer. The exercises and activities cover many things – mental workout, self-awareness, love life issues, personal growth tactics, routines and habits to prepare oneself for peak performance, and building and maintaining strong relationships.

The Evolve app is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy app (CBT).

What’s New on The Evolve Health Care App?

The team at Evolve recently released the latest version of the app. A remarkable feature they added is that users can now connect and share their issues with the expert life coaches available online.

how does the evolve app work

Drumrolls… Unfolding the Features of the Evolve App! 📝📝📝

Evolve mental wellness and health apps aid the users to understand themselves better. Let’s explore features of Evolve behavioral health in detail.

features of the evolve app
  • Self care courses
  • Meditations to find the purpose of life
  • Sleep exercises to deal with insomnia & improve sleep quality
  • Safe spaces for LGBTQ
  • Daily journal for self reflection
  • Tips for mental health, self help & self care techniques
  • Positive self talk to fall in love with your own body image
  • Tips to make your partner feel more loved
  • Self awareness courses
  • Self discipline & reducing procrastination in daily (personal/work) life

What EWW Liked About the Evolve App? – Highlights

Although most features on this app are impressive, a few outshine the others. The team at Excellent Webworld picked some features from this trucking app that are the highlights of this app. As follows:

lgbtq mental acceptance icon

LGBTQ Mental Acceptance

Everyone has to widen their scope of thought and acceptance, and this app contributes to the community in its ways. It is commendable!

meditation icon

21 Days of Meditation for Resilience

It is scientifically proven that regular meditation releases a different energy level in the meditator.

quotes icon

Diurnal Affirmations & Quotes

A daily dose of motivation can only do good and no harm.

Cost of Developing an App Similar to Evolve ($)

Evolve is a health-tech application. It might not be one of its kind as there are many other USPs that it hasn’t covered. To know more about the same, your next step should be to contact a mobile app development company that can take you a step nearer to your dreams.

Quoting an exact price is difficult, but a rough estimate can be $22500 to $33000. This can go up or down depending upon what type of feature you want to incorporate; hence, reach us out at or +1-(612)-552-6226 to get a FREE quotation.

Evolve App Available for Download On!

Evolve App is one of those best self-help apps available for download on both Android and iOS.

app of play store
App Store

Nobody knows the importance of mental health applications better than the patients themselves. Enough about other people’s apps. Let’s connect to talk about your dream app and get started with its development procedures as soon as possible!


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FAQs – Evolve Self Care Tracker App

There are ample free mental health applications, viz. – Moodfit, Happify, Calm, Shine, MoodMission, Headspace, etc. All have limited free versions, with a few also offering premium versions on subscription.

Yes, mental health applications make immense money. As a matter of fact, this app category is expected to go beyond 3 billion US dollars by 2027.

Yes, self-care applications work wonders. These can be either a secondary aid, an expert psychiatrist and a pre-therapy trial for someone who is confused if they need expert help. Users have given positive feedback after using the application.