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Make an App Like Trucker Path

WHY Should You Make an App Like Trucker Path?

This question will puzzle you. There are beaucoup (many) independent and chain stores of truck stop stores and restrooms. Then, “What is the need for building such an application?

With digitization at its peak in the 21st century, on-demand business applications have not only been gaining momentum but also have been ruling the industry.

Additionally, how often do truckers face ”Black Eye”! The services they require while on the road in the middle of the day, at night, or even during peak hours have no fixed schedule. For instance, the headlight, engine, or horn can need repair anytime and anywhere. All of this can be facilitated by a single application that includes all types of services.

Truckers go places at different paces. And, when they will require service is never decided. Hence, an app business enables them to find the nearest truck stop, garage, restrooms with showers, gas stations, etc.

Screenshots of Trucker Path App

“Eighty thousand pounds of muscle, blood, and steel in a pile. It’s spectacular.”Gary Williams

We don’t want you to miss out on the fantastic UI of the Trucker Path app. Here are a few screenshots we captured…

screenshots of trucker path app

How Does the Trucker Path App Work? – Explained!

How to use Trucker Path app after optimizing the profile? Well, the app gives better suggestions to the user according to their selected choices. Right after signing up on the app, the GPS for truckers provides the drivers with real-time geographic-based updates on parking spot availability, goods weight stations, fuel and diesel stations, and finds ‘truck stops near me’.

The app also asks for minute details like the truck specifications, type of goods the driver delivers, duration of the stop he is looking for, a route he wants to follow, goods he wants to weigh after each delivery, etc. The trucker can also log in the daily information of how much distance he has covered within the day.

Adding more to this, the fleet management companies can also assign the pick-up and delivery tasks to various drivers working with them.

Moreover, the Trucker Path application’s pro version (Gold and Diamond packages) offers out-of-the-box features. Few of the many are offline path station maps, Integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, and Driver Behavior Monitoring Feature. The pro version ensures the utmost safety of truckers on the road.

How Does the Trucker Path App Work

Discover Features of the Trucker Path Application

top features of trucker path app
  • Reliable nearest truck stop finder
  • Available parking slots
  • Trucker path weigh stations
  • Fuel price comparisons
  • Truck wash centers
  • Navigation and GPS for truck drivers
  • Truckers’ forum
  • Restrooms with showers
  • Live Chat Support for Trucker Path app review
  • House of Shelter recommendations

What EWW Liked About the Trucker Path App?

Although most features on this app are impressive, a few outshine the others. The team at Excellent Webworld picked some features from this trucking app that are the highlights of this app. As follows:

hos icon


Without rest, nobody can function effectively. And driving a fully loaded truck is all the way more responsibility. The House of Shelter recommendations on the app aid the user in knowing when he should plan the next stop.

forum icon


This app contributes to the community in numerous ways. The truckers have a common forum wherein they can post about their difficulties on a particular route.

parking icon

Available parking slots

Truckers need to know how they can plan their entire journey. By pre-booking the slot at the estimated time of arrival, they can also take proper rest and start again for their journey.

Trucker Path App Cost ($$)

Touching the financial aspect of building trucking software or an app like Trucker Path, this app would require three panels at the max.

  • First, a user panel;
  • Second the registered partner shops on highways,
  • And third, the admin panel to manage everything.

Approximately all of this can figure up to $45000 for a basic application and around $65000 for an app with more features.

Note – These numbers ($) are subject to change as per your selected features and budget; hence, feel free to drop an inquiry.

Trucker Path App Download on Android & iOS

The Trucker App is available to download on Android and iOS both.

app of play store
App Store

In the words of Erol Ozan, “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” But, truckers cannot afford to get lost in the beauty of the roads as they need to deliver the goods as per a pre-decided schedule. Therefore, an application can guide them throughout, i.e., from goods weight station to restrooms, fuel stations to nearby garages, truck wash centers, and exact navigations.

It has been long since developers and designers at Excellent Webworld have been building taxi and travel applications. Reach out to us today for mobile app development, and we will help you enhance your idea of an app like Trucker Path.


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Yes, the Trucker Path app is super safe to use.

The Trucker Path app for Android and iOS is the best for truck routes. Additionally, it also displays the restrooms, truck stops, houses of shelters, and fuel stations based on the user’s location.

Yes, the Trucker Path app is very good. It is accurate enough in navigation, availability of parking slots, and fuel stations.

Trucker Path has both free and paid versions, and the Pro version is further subdivided into Gold and Diamond packages.

Trucker Path app for Android and iOS is the #1 app for truckers in the free and paid category.

No, Google Maps does not show routes for trucks specifically.

The Trucker Path app costs approximately between $8.30 and $8.50.