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By the 2nd Jan, zero motivation is left, and people have started eating junk and unhealthy food. The reason behind such a shift can be an hectic lifestyle which gives no time to hit the gym and exercise. That is when fitness apps are the best for the rescue!

Besides, there are plenty of best fitness apps to help you remain healthy and achieve fitness goals. This blog will help in getting information on top fitness apps for a healthy body. So, without further ado, let’s know every fitness app in detail that are available in Android and iOS.

10 Best Fitness Apps For Android & iOS Users

The top 10 iOS & Android fitness apps can help in achieving fitness goals in the best possible manner. Check them out with their pros and cons to get a more detailed information:-

MyFitnessPal App


It was launched in September 2005. MyFitnessPal was developed by Mike Lee with his brother Albert Lee. In March 2023, MyFitnessPal earnings were 11.93 million US dollars in revenue.

MyFitnessPal is the number one choice of users for achieving their fitness goals. Let’s get a brief view of this fitness app with the help by understanding its pros and cons:
Pros of MyFitnessPal

  • A robust & easy to adapt app.
  • The app serves a wide database of foods.
  • MyFitnessPal app is flexible with programs irrespective of height, weight, gender, and lifestyle.
  • There is an option in the app, to use various types of measurements.

Cons of MyFitnessPal

  • The app has a huge problem of inconsistent updates.
  • Here, the baseline calories are often underestimated.
FitOn App


The FitOn app was founded in 2019 by the former Fitbit executive Lyndsay Cook. That is now a family of over 5 million members. FitOn is home to workouts by athletes, fitness creators, and celebrity trainers.

It is an all-in-one workout app for iPhone and Android users. That is providing fitness programs, nutritional plans, and other educational content. Let’s know the pros and cons of the FitOn app:-
Pros of the FitOn App

  • It is more inexpensive than gym memberships.
  • A range of workouts are available in the app.
  • The app enables celebrity trainers and personalized fitness plans.
  • All the workout videos are high in quality for the end-users.

Cons of the FitOn App

  • Meal Plans are not included in the FitOn app.
  • A monthly package is a bit pricey compared to a yearly plan of $29.99.
NikeTraining Club App

Nike Training Club

Nike is a brand that is familiar to everyone. It started its own Nike Training Club in 2009 and has gained an impressive following. As per the market demand, it is turned into an app that gives all the perks of personal fitness. Besides, it has more than 100 standalone workout videos.

It has enabled 200+ free workouts and has targeted training programs. The NTC app will support targeted training programs. That is helping the end-users in every step of their fitness journey. Nike training club is soaring higher position in the market due to its great user impact.

Pros of Nike Training Club

  • Due to its wide range of fitness programs, you will never feel the boredom of while exercising.
  • For every exercise, there are photo and video descriptions available by real athletes.
  • All the workouts has some customizable options.
  • Recovery and transition times are also included in most workouts.
  • Workouts become smoother with the NTC app.

Cons of Nike Training Club

  • Yoga sessions are fast with NTC.
  • You have to plan the schedule as the app is less flexible exactly.
You are seeing all these successful fitness apps, soaring high in the market. Are you also willing to create your fitness app?
Workout For Women App

Workout For Women

As the name suggests, the app is designed for women with individual mindsets. Besides, the women tend to have a hectic schedule. That’s why such an app is made for taking care of fitness of women. The app suggests specific needs or conditions such as a sensitive back, knees, limited mobility, etc. Here, you can find some of the pros and cons of this app and gain a brief perspective of this app:

Pros of Workout for Women App

  • The free premium trial is available for seven days for the beginners of workout app.
  • It can easily track health and fitness data which includes BMI.
  • Workout for Women app is fully customizable as per the need of customers and end-users.

Cons of Workout for Women App

  • There are no live exercise classes only the recorded sessions are available in this app.
  • The community feature is also not included in this fitness app.
Fitbit App

Fitbit App

The Fitbit app was launched in 2014. This fitness app was available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. Moreover, the Fitbit app’s versatility is its USB which has some of everything a user needs.

Note! that is no amount to pay if you are accessing the basic Fitbit app, but the membership charges will be $9.99 per month, and on an annual basis, it will be $79.99. Besides, if you buy a new Fitbit device, it will often come with a promotional free period for Fitbit premium.

Despite this fact, the global awareness fitness app market is expected to reach $13940 million by 2028. So, the Fitbit app is here to stay for the longer period of time.

Pros of Fitbit App

  • There is an availability of multiple options in this fitness app.
  • It is a completely seamless for use even to the beginners.
  • This fitness app helps in boosting motivation.

Cons of Fitbit App

  • The Fitbit band can be uncomfortable.
  • Moreover, it is slightly more expensive than usual.
GymShark Training App

GymShark Training

The app was made available in August 2019 for download to the end-users. It is one of the best fitness apps that provides a vast library of Gym and home workouts. This workout is handled by the Gymshark athletes and personal trainers, which enables more accuracy for the members to exercis.

It is mainly suitable for all levels of fitness. Besides, it can be easily used at home and in Gym. The Gymshark training app is free with zero ads and additional charges:

Pros of GymShark Training

  • It provides guided tutorials of exercises and training made by athletes or trainers.
  • There are step-by-step exercise breakdowns that will help give the users optimal performance.
  • This fitness app also offers some exercise meet-ups for local users in the UK.

Cons of GymShark Training

  • Zero live classes are available of this fitness app.
  • It has no social connectivity in the US available.
Burn.Fit App


The app took its initial steps during the pandemic in May 2020. It is the best iOS & Android fitness app for those more geared towards tracking their progress. Moreover, the app mainly helps track data, such as time, weight, and goals, to compare progress.

Burn. Fit is a workout digital journal for people as it analyzes their workout journey and utilizes helpful graphs that analyze workouts for inspiring and continuous improvement. The subscription plan of Burn.Fit is $5.99 per month and $49.99 a year.

Pros of Burn.Fit App

  • This fitness app has enabled personal workouts and shared with friends.
  • A calendar-based planner app mainly helps the user stay organized and committed.
  • The user’s data is synced and backed up in the cloud.

Cons of Burn.Fit App

  • There are zero live classes available in the app.
  • It has only physical exercises available in the app, with zero diet information being included.
JeFit Workout Tracker App

JeFit Workout Tracker

JEFIT is a popular fitness and workout tracker app with more than 8 million users worldwide and made its way to our list of best fitness apps of 2023.

There are many workout variations and exercises in JEFIT’s digital database. So, you can create a plan in-app according to your personalized needs. JEFIT’s wide range of exercises can help you customize your perfect exercise plan according to your desired muscle group workout or the availability of workout equipment. It is one of the best workout apps on Android for men and women. Moreover, it is considered as a best online gym fitness app.

The app has zero cost for the basic plan, $12.99 for a month & $69.99 annually.

Pros of JeFit Workout Tracker

  • There are expert trainers in demonstrations, promoting proper form and safety to the users while exercising.
  • It has many customized workout plans available.
  • Besides, the users can easily connect with the JeFit members for tips, feedback, and support.

Cons of JeFit Workout Tracker

  • There are series of workouts rigidly require for end-users to own equipment.
  • The heart rate monitoring and tracking are not included.
Body By Blogilates App

Body By Blogilates

Body by Blogilates was launched in 2020 by the youtube sensation and famous fitness instructor Cassey Ho. It offers practical pilates workout sessions for the end-users. Also, has a vast library of pilates classes for arms, bodies, legs, etc.

The experts tend to lead the app, and fitness challenges are available that enables motivating workout sessions. It also has a monthly workout calendar, which is handy for beginners. Moreover, the subscription charges of this app are $4 per month and $40 per year.

Pros of Body By Blogilates

  • A large class of library for workouts are available for every body part.
  • It comes with curated monthly workout calendars.
  • Fitness challenges like 21 days and more are available to motivate the end-users to exercise.

Cons of Body By Blogilates

  • In the basic, only some workouts are available. The content is mainly made available after the subscription.
Daily Workouts App

Daily Workouts – Home Trainer

This app is an ideal choice for those looking for a basic app to workout and has no time for rigorous training in the gym.

It has many 5 to 10 min targeted exercise videos and several 10 to 30 min workout sessions. Even though the workouts are short and sweet, the app still offers a large variety of workouts like yoga, cardio, etc. Moreover, the users can also stream videos targeting different body parts.
Moreover, the daily Workouts basic version has no charge, but there is a lifetime membership charge of $23.99 for a lifetime membership.

Pros of Daily Workouts

  • The app is available in over 30 languages for the end-user’s convenience.
  • In most of the workouts, no equipment is required.
  • It has an option to integrate data with Apple Health.

Cons of Daily Workouts

  • A small workout library as compared to the other apps.
  • App navigation might be hindered due to the plenty of apps available.

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With Best Fitness Apps Make Exercising A Habit…

We have picked the best workout apps for iphone & Android that is conquering the current market. Moreover, we look forward to seeing more such amazing apps that contribute to the digital fitness world.

If you are an entrepreneur willing to create a name in the fitness industry, creating a fitness app is a sure-shot solution. For this, you need the best healthcare app development solution providing company. Like us, our company can help you by providing a high-scaling fitness app that can be the best mate for fitness enthusiasts.


The leading fitness app in the world as of March 2023 is MyFitnessPal, with in-app revenue of over 12 million US Dollars.

There are various pros and cons of the usage of best Fitness apps which are mentioned in the below pointers:-
Pros of Fitness Apps

  • Track your footsteps
  • Monitor your diet
  • Provides personal health coaches
  • Monitors your progress
  • Provides a all-in-one health tool
  • Keeps you motivated

Cons of Fitness Apps

  • Ability to drain your smartphone battery
  • Can be expensive
  • Not always 100% accurate

If we consider the gender-wise comparison, men outshine women regarding fitness. And regarding platform-wise comparison, over half the end-users are iOS than other platform users.

Yes, as the best fitness apps for iPhone and Android users can be more effective and can let you lose weight at home without any inconvenience.

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