Believing that you have good sense and the only thing you are looking to improve is your health, let’s start this article on the best fitness apps for Android and iPhone in 2023. All the apps listed in this article are solely on the basis of user reviews and the quality and creative uniqueness of these health and fitness apps.

A healthy body is the amalgamation of three things: a Fit Outer Body, a Strong Inner Body, and a Healthy Mind. The apps mentioned below are playfully bifurcated into these three sections. So without further delay let’s reveal the best fitness and health apps of 2023.

Most Popular Health & Fitness Apps For iPhone and Android

Fit Body

In this category, we will be talking about the best fitness apps & health apps that solely work on body exercises and outer body fitness.

Fitbit App

Fitbit App

The first app on our list is one of the best fitness apps for Android this year. Fitbit is an American company manufacturing wearables that measure your vitals and show you the data and what it means in terms of body health. Fitbit has launched an app that syncs with these wearables and gives you complete information about how many calories you have burned in a day, your heart rate, and other body vitals.

The best thing about the Fitbit app is that you don’t need to buy Fitbit wearables to use this app. Fitbit app can work on its own by tracking your basic activities in a day. You can set and manage goals for weight loss, workouts, eating habits, etc.

JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT is a popular fitness and workout tracker app with more than 8 million users worldwide and made its way to our list of best health and fitness apps of 2023.

There are 1300+ workout variations and exercises in JEFIT’s digital database. So you can create a plan in-app according to your personalized needs. JEFIT’s wide range of exercises can help you customize your perfect exercise plan according to your desired muscle group workout or the availability of workout equipment. It is one of the best workout apps on Android for men and women. It can be considered an online gym fitness app.

Spring Music for Fitness

Spring-Music for Fitness

Spring app by Spring Moves Inc is a unique music app that plays music according to your workout. It was featured by Apple among the best fitness apps for iPhone and the best new health & fitness app for women recommended by Women’s Health, and BuzzFeed.

Spring automatically detects your speed of running and finds music that matches your rhythm so that you can maintain the rhythm of your running without slowing down.

You get 100+ curated playlists and stations to choose from. The service for the first three months is free with Spring and renewal is for $4.16 per month. So make your workouts more interesting and challenge your fitness.

Strong Inner Body

You just can’t live a full life on an empty stomach. So how can we finish our list of best fitness apps and health apps of 2023 without considering the stomach or better, what goes into the stomach?



Fooducate is a very elite calorie counter app that has the ability to take your calorie intake into account and also track your sleep and physical activity in a day. There are many other apps similar to this but none of them are as good as Fooducate. Fooducate’s USP is that it can scan more than 250,000 product labels and give you the correct calorie, fat, protein, and carbs present in the product.

The Fooducate app also grades each food in a grade (A, B, C, or D) so that you can decide what grade of food you need to eat. In addition, it also gives you free tips on weight loss and it has a very supportive community where you can share your weight loss journey with fellow users.

My lung

My lung

A fit body needs fit lungs to properly workout. My Lung health app helps you to understand the current state of your lungs and how to improve them. It was launched with the aim to help patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This app has a smoking cessation feature sending text notifications based on your smoking consumption level and also outdoor pollution level based on user’s current geolocation.

My Lung app is our in-house project so if you are interested in how we developed this app and all the problems that we faced while building it and their solution, you can view its portfolio here.

Healthy Mind

Now let’s get to the category of best healthcare apps that help your mind to relax and stay happy. These apps are reviewed by users and many of them have had a life-changing experience using this app. Hence they have a place in this article among other best health and fitness app of 2023.



Calm is one of the best fitness apps in Android’s Play Store that focuses on meditation and calming the mind. Calm has more than 100+ programs available in lengths of 3,5,10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes. It has many reputable reviews from IT’s prominent news sites:

“Found myself similarly refreshed afterward”TechCrunch

“I’m generally wary of meditation apps because they sometimes weave in too much mystic talk for my taste. But Calm instead contains guidance like ‘Concentrate on your body’” -New York Times

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Happify is probably one of the best fitness app ideas that this category of Android has to offer. Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games, and activities that guide you to see more positive aspects of daily life. Happify app uses scientifically proven strategies developed as unique “tracks” to follow basic goals like reducing stress, calming anxiety, etc.

Each of these goals is made into separate “tracks”. Once you choose your track, you’ll get short games and quick tasks for each day that helps you with your chosen “track”.

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So this concludes our pick for the best fitness tracking apps. But there is still a magnificent year ahead and we are looking forward to seeing more of such amazing apps. Don’t be confused about how to create a fitness app. All you need to do here is share your idea with a fitness app development company. 

If you have an amazing fitness and health app idea and are motivated to create your own fitness app you can contact our healthcare app development team.

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