The common process until now for destressing is to switch off the mobile phone and go to faraway places to find peace. But, things have taken a huge turn with the inception of mindful meditation apps like Calm, which has made people realize that smartphones can be a boon, not only a curse.

People are looking for more meditation apps like Calm in the current market to teach meditation practices in their life. Besides, that is why the calm app has already touched the 3.6 million downloads mark in the Q1 of 2023.

Though do you know, ’How to create a meditation app like Calm?’ then dive deep into this blog to get a comprehensive guide to Calm-like app development with a detailed app development process, cost, features and much more information. First, let’s overview the recent mindful meditation app market.

An Overview Into Mindful Meditation App Market

The Calm app is currently on a mission to help people relieve stress through meditation. Here is the list of stats that will help you know the current market growth of the mindful meditation app:-

  • Recently, around 65% of people have been searching for yoga and meditation apps to destress their minds at the end of the day.
  • There are 275 million people at a global level who are practicing meditation in the world.
  • Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace are ruling the current mindful meditation app market, which is evident from this recent graph.

Revenue of Meditation Apps

  • By 2027, the meditation market is bound to grow globally worth $9 Billion.
  • It is estimated that almost one-quarter of Gen Z is currently part of mindfulness meditation to improve their mental well-being.
  • In Q1 2023, the Calm app generated $22.5 million US dollars of revenue worldwide.

Somewhere, people have found comfort in digital wellness solutions to relieve depression or stress. During the worst phase of the pandemic, millions of people downloaded calm like meditation apps to get rid of sudden depression.

Besides, during that phase the Calm app has achieved a huge user base in recent times. Hence, if you are planning to create a mindful meditation app, then the perfect time is now.

But how to make a meditation app like Calm? Here is a complete guide to make a Calm-like app for the business. But before that, let us review some of the best apps like Calm.

Best Meditation Apps Similar To Calm

Best Meditation App
These meditation apps, from Calm to Breathe, are conquering the current mindful meditation app market. Besides, the apps are thriving in creating a more seamless experience for the end-users. That is why creating a meditation app like Calm with a unique idea and business plan is a perfect thought to conquer the number position in the app market.

Though they all are currently ruling the mindful meditation market still we will focus solely on the Calm app.

How Does Calm App Work?

The app has enabled many features for the user to relax and stay extremely stress-free. Besides, once you install the calm app, they will ask questions like, ‘What brings you to the calm?’ For the answer they will give you options like increasing happiness, reducing anxiety, better sleep, etc.

Then, users can register on the app and get the 7-day free trial. After that you can buy the subscription on the monthly, yearly and lifetime basis. And that will cost a user around $14.99 per month, $69.99 per year and $399.99 for a lifetime membership.

Calm is a user-friendly app that mainly gives recommendations based on the end-user’s answers during registration. It has availability of more than 100 guides to relieve stress and anxiety. Besides, they also have an amazing library of sleep-time stories.

Interested? Right to make a similar app like Calm!

But,’How to create a meditation app like Calm?’

Then, go ahead with the next section to learn the in-detailed app development process.

How to Create A Meditation App Like Calm?

Steps to Build Meditation Apps Like Calm
The 8 step development process to create a Meditation app like Calm:-

1) Plan a Business Idea & Do Thorough Market Research

Before market research, knowing what you want to offer to the end-users is crucial. Even though the Calm app inspires you, make sure your mindful meditation app idea is unique and worth it for the end-users.

Once your app concept is ready, the next step is to do competitive research and analysis. Knowing the meditation app market leaders will help you find the unique value proposition and help your app stand out in the competition. Besides, market research will help in coming up with a better product.

2) Choose The Correct Platform

Before anything, you should know what your target audience is using which platform the most so that you can decide whether you should go for iOS or Android development or on a cross-platform app development. It depends on the audience of your app.

Another factor that impacts is the development approach that will help you give me an approximate budget for the app development. Hence, choose the right platform to engage more end-users in your platform.

3) UI/UX Design

For building meditation apps like Calm make sure that the UI/UX design approach should be utmost relevant to what you are trying to serve for the end-users. Mainly, because people who are already suffering from a mental health issue like stress, anxiety and depression are capable of getting irritated a bit more easily if you have a messy interface, poor navigation or any other similar problems.

Hence, you need to make sure that you have involved the UI/UX specialists at this stage. Though, here are some key facts to keep in mind for the best UI/UX design:-

  • Don’t use bright colors instead have pastel colors.
  • Do not overload the patterns as it can distract the end-users.
  • Consider using more animation instead of the texts.
  • You can focus on the natural elements to give a more pleasant experience to the end-users.
  • Use soft graphics so the user gets positive and calm vibes from the app.
  • Collect positive and negative references to create a better and more apt design for the app.

4) Tech Stack for Meditation App Development

The techstack that you should take into consideration for making apps like Calm:-

Component Technology Stack
Programming Languages Swift, kotlin & Java
Cross Platform Frameworks React Native, Flutter & Xamarin
Database MySQL, MongoDB
Backend Technology PHP, jQuery
Web Server Apache HTTP, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2.

Note:- Except these there are many other technologies which you can take up for building your meditation app.

Though, for the seamless meditation app development process it is better to hire the expert developers for which you can connect with us.

5) Build An MVP

Building an MVP app can be a fruitful idea for a better future of meditation app development, as the basic set of features can easily help you know whether your app has the potential to succeed in this blazing competition. Besides, you can take the user’s feedback about their app experience, letting the functionality you would like to add to your product.

Building an MVP app is a great source to save money and analyze user behavior to add the most demanded features to your meditation app during development.

Willing to Develop a Mindful Meditation App? We Exactly Know the Approach You Should Follow..

6) Test Your App

Once the meditation app is built, it is crucial to test the app in terms of speed, response time and scalability. Moreover, it will also help in letting you know that meditation app features are working seamlessly for the end-users.

7) Submit The App To Play Store & App Store

Once your meditation app is tested, you can easily submit your app to the App Store and Play Store. Though you need to apply through the developer’s guidelines for App store and Play Store, and align the monetization models as per the requirements prescribed.

8) Market Your App & Know The User Engagement

Creating a marketing plan for your app during the Calm-like meditation app development phase is important to promote and let the end-users know you are developing an app for meditation. Apart from that, it is also crucial to track user engagement to understand the user product mainly:

  • What are your target users’ most popular demand features that you must teach in your app?
  • Are there any hurdles that users have to take inside the app?
  • How long does it take to reach the goal?

Besides, there are also more economic KPIs like:

  • Retention & Churn Rates
  • App Stickiness
  • The average revenue per user(ARPU)

Hence, these are some of the ways through which you can do Calm-like app development.
Now, after knowing the in-detailed app development process, let’s know about features from basic to advanced for building a meditation app.

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Features To Consider While Making An App Like Calm

There are certain basic and advanced features that you should consider while building apps like Calm. These features will help in enriching your app and deliver a more alluring app experience to the end users:-

Must-have MVP Features For Mindful Meditation App

MVP Features for Meditation App Development
As mentioned in the steps, starting with an MVP app is always profitable. You can include basic features like registration, onboarding, profile set-up, library, etc., with no other advanced features. It is the way you can create a successful and seamless app application with minimalistic efforts.

Advanced Features That Can Be Integrated While Building A Meditation App

Advanced Features for Meditation App Development
The advanced features that you can include in your meditation app are explained below:

  • Wearable Tech Integration

The hand band can become the user’s meditation coach throughout the journey. Also, you can integrate the advanced sensors that detect when end-user’s mindsets. So whenever they lose focus, through the help of this sensor it will bring back towards meditation.

  • In-app Chat

The in-app chat feature can help your users get the luxury of relaxing anywhere, whether they are taking time for the chaos of the regular office or in bed. Users can meditate at any point through this chat feature integration.

  • Gamification

As meditation is more easier said than done, what people lack is the motivation to take a step forward. That is why enabling the gamification feature will help them cultivate meditation habit. The gamification features can be streaks and badges, and many more to keep the user intact with your meditation app.

  • Personalization

Mainly, this feature lets you have one-on-one conversations with a user. With that, you take the user experience to the next level. It can be as simple as,’ How are you feeling today?’ and more.

  • Geo-Location

With the help of Geo-location, you can give your end-users a location-based app experience. That will help end-users in getting a better and more personalized experience.

  • Live Streaming

To stand out, consider a live-streaming feature in your meditation app. That broadcast quality live, linear stream across iOS and Android will create a great impression on the mindsets of the users.

  • Timer

For the end-user, you can also provide a simple meditation timer for them to never breach a day of use to stay without meditation.

  • Reminder

In your app, you can also give the end-user a reminder, ‘It’s meditation time’ message. It will better to keep users on track with their meditation practice.

  • Sleep Stories

You can provide your end-users with sleep stories at night to have a deep and silent sleep. It will calm their mind amidst all the stress and improve their sleep cycle.

These are some must-have features you can integrate while developing a Calm-like app.

We have also created a health & fitness app called MoveCoins. That is enabled with the best Tech stack and amazing features.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Calm?

Now, after reviewing the features list and development process to build a meditation app like Calm. Then, let’s find out the cost of making a meditation app like Calm then for:

MVP App:- $12,000 to $15,000
Fully-Fledged App:- $20,000 to $35,000

Note:- These are mere estimations to get the exact cost estimation. Connect with our consultants on a call!
The cost of building an app like Calm varies based on the features and needs. Though some of the important aspects that decide the cost to make an app like Calm:

Aspect Cost Range
App Concept & Planning $4000 to $5000
UI/UX Design $5000 to $6000
Development Cost Range $6000 to $10,000
Testing & Quality Assurance $4,000 to $5,000
Deployment & Launch $1000 to $2000
Maintenance & Updates $5000 to $6000

Hence, these prominent factors directly affect the cost of building a mindful meditation app for your business.

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Monetization Strategies To Integrate In Calm-Like App

The monetization strategies mainly includes the two models subscription and in-app purchase for the meditation app like Calm:-

If you are willing to build a meditation app like Calm, then know what Calm’s business model and revenue strategies are. The Calm app has two monetization strategies through which it earns revenue:

  • Subscription Model

Calm as well other mindful meditation apps are currently dependent upon the subscription model. Though, monetization hugely implies a meditation app monetization model where users pay a fixed subscription fee on a monthly, yearly and lifetime membership basis.

  • In-app Purchase

The apps like Calm under this model mainly purchases some services/products related to meditation from the platform itself. Through this Calm mainly generates the revenue for itself you can also opt for the same into your own mindful meditation app.

With Excellent WebWorld Build A Mindful Meditation App Like Calm

Calm is considered one of the most popular meditation apps with a huge user base. As people are now literally moving towards digital solutions for de-stressing their minds. Therefore, if you’re done with knowing how to create a Meditation app?’

Besides, if you are looking for amazing app development services like us, then we are here to provide the ultimate healthcare app development solution. Get in touch with our consultants, who can provide you with expert developers to build the best meditation app in the market.

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FAQs For Meditation Apps Like Calm

The app comes with three subscription plans for its users. You can get a Calm app subscription for $14.99 per month, $69.99 per year and $399.99 for a lifetime membership.

To build a meditation app like Calm, you have two options. You can either buy the ready-made Calm clone app solution and customize it as per your needs, or you can build an application from the scratch by hiring a software development company. Just make deep market research on the current trends and check which option suits your business. The point to take note here is choosing the right software development company for your business.

Major revenue of meditation apps like Calm comes from the subscription plans they have. To use the Calm app you need to buy its subscription plan. They only provide a 7-day free trial, after which buying a subscription is compulsory. So, the meditation app like Calm makes money from their different plans.

The cost to build an app like calm will be around $12,000 and range up above $35,000 as per the app and its features.

If you look at the current bursting stress levels amongst every age group, it is evident that meditation apps are the current market need. Besides, the mindfulness meditation market size is predicted to reach 7586.45 million per year by 2031 at a CAGR of 34.90% during the forecast period for 2023-2031.

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