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poshmark shopping app

An Overview: What is Poshmark App?

We keep looking for different apps to buy and sell clothes online. Poshmark is an eCommerce platform that links together the buyers and sellers.

With the still prevalent post-pandemic fear, users don’t step out of their homes. This app is based on a shop-from-home concept.

Sellers on this platform can quickly upload and list the items to be sold. This includes clothes, footwear, and accessories for men, women, kids, plus size, etc. Beautiful home decor pieces are also available. Items up for sale are second hand but in good, usable condition. Not all items sold here are secondhand. If a seller sells an unused or brand new product, they can earn more money out of it.

Buyers can add filters for their preferences, mark items they like in a separate list, place orders, and make payments. Sellers receive the price and then dispatch the item. It’s an easy-to-use app with an available website for desktop users.

Poshmark App Screenshots

Users of the Poshmark App find the UI simple to understand as well as like the flow structure of the app. Come, let’s have a look at a few screenshots of the home screen,
wishlist, filters, and settings of the app.

poshmark app screenshots

How does Poshmark Work?

After seeing the above screenshots, you must be wondering how the Poshmark app works. Let’s read to understand.

After the Poshmark App download on mobile, a user needs to sign up. Creating an account is entirely FREE. Also, if you want to sell any item, you can list it on the app free of cost.

To list an item, clear and good quality pictures can be clicked and uploaded. Item’s description and category must be selected carefully. Buyers will buy the product only if they find the product description convincing enough.

Poshmark as a platform charges a minimal percentage fee depending on the selling price. Also, the policy ensures that the item delivered and the item as shown match with each other.

As a buyer as well, signing up is mandatory. The buyer can return and claim a full refund on receiving a damaged product within three business days.

A help centre that a user can use to resolve any issues with the app working or in case of a dispute with the seller.

how does poshmark work

Features of Poshmark App

An app is known for its features. More the merrier and more convenient for the users. The Poshmark shopping app’s must-have features have been listed below. Check them out!

features of poshmark application
  • Shopping Posh Parties
  • Make an Offer on Products (Accept & Decline)
  • Vacation Hold (For Sellers)
  • Shop Wholesale
  • Boutique Certification
  • Search Filters
  • Shop by Categories
  • Posh Market
  • News Notifications
  • Wishlist / My Closet
  • Connect with Contacts
  • Social Media Syncing
  • Customer Support

Cost of Developing Poshmark App

With online shopping becoming a trend, an e-commerce app is a profitable idea. To get a good revenue out of it, one must launch the app and start building the customer base. The app owner must always be ahead of trends and vigilant of the frequent changes in the industry. If the app is updated enough, user’s loyalty towards the app will grow with time.

A certified and experienced eCommerce app development company should be consulted for building the e-commerce fashion app.

To develop such a fashion app with advanced features, you would have to spend between $65000 and $1,10,000.

For an MVP eCommerce shopping app, the estimated cost can be between $20,000 and $35000.

App’s Available On!

You can download the app from the App Store and Play Store.

app of play store
app of app store

We prefer safety and comfort over everything today. Using an e-commerce shopping app to buy outfits and decor pieces is the 21st century’s trend. Benefit from this as much as you can by launching a shopping app like Poshmark App! Contact our experts, discuss your business idea with us. We will provide end-to-end eCommerce development services and build an app that fits your expectations of features and budget.


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