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waze live navigation app

What is the Waze App All About? – An Overview

When it comes to navigation apps like Waze – always think of it as an entirely community-driven app.

This app operates quietly differently when compared to Google Maps. Adding more to it, many users even call it a – Wikipedia of Maps.

Henceforth, when you’re behind the wheels, this navigation app will connect you to the destination as soonest possible. Whenever the app recognizes traffic on the route, it will instantly change the route in real-time.

Besides all, it is also known as the #1 app for the notifications of road closures, crashes, construction, and cops.

The Waze app offers you a sleek and minimal interface with a high level of customization. (It is one of the reasons why people are attracted to this app)

With its availability in 13+ countries, Waze has gained huge popularity among users. You can even build an app like Waze for your area or targeted regions. Have a word with us for more details.

Screenshots of Maps & Navigation App like Waze

If you’re planning for a startup with other apps like Waze, then you must go through the below-given screenshots.

screenshot of the waze app

How Does Waze App Work?

You might be curious to know about the working of the Waze app. Here we go to understand how the Waze GPS app works.

All you need to do is log in on the app via manual or social media login. Later, enter your destination and the map will showcase to you the most sites and fewer busy paths to reach your place.

You can even listen to your favourite song while using the Waze app. Another best part of this app is it enables you with a feature wherein you can find empty parking lots.

In short, by using the Waze app you don’t need to waste your time in finding another app for the parking thing. Everything is covered under one roof that is the Waze app.

Additionally, it shares information about the nearby gas pumps with the cheapest price possible. Also, choose the voice guide from the variety of sounds made available by this navigation app.

The features and working of this app are lucrative to gain the attention of the users.

waze app work

Features of Waze App

features of waze app
  • Manual/Social Media Login
  • Route Finding
  • Alters on Traffic, Accidents, and more
  • Nearby Gas Pumps
  • Map Shows Nearby Wazers
  • Music & Podcast
  • Find Parking
  • CarPool with 30 million+ drivers
  • Find Easy Ways
  • Customer Support

Waze Application Development Costs

The fact is no one can give you the exact cost of the Waze app development. It varies for each app based on the requirements and region of the app development company. However, a few factors that can help you to get the average cost of app development are UI/UX design, the complexity of features, app development platforms, and so on. The cost range that we could share to build an app like Waze ranges from $250,000 to $500,000. (Note this is just a range, the cost may vary based on your requirements)

App’s Available On!

You can download the app from the App Store and Play Store.

app of play store
app of app store

Navigation apps like Waze have become a part of our life by providing ease of routes to reach any unknown location. Developing such an app will definitely add fortunes to your startup.

We’re an experienced software development company that has worked in almost every industry niche. Share your app idea with us, and we assure you harness the best possible solution for the same.


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