The weather has to be the safest topic to talk about and also an icebreaker free of controversies. A lot of us these days rely on weather apps to find out the weather forecast.

Weather applications have improved drastically over the years. They also come with a whole lot of cool features like real-time surveys and all of this is possible with the help of survey app development that later helps a great deal in research.

Let’s check out some of the best and most accurate weather apps for Android here below:

Top 7 Weather Apps for Android

1. AccuWeather

Talking of the best accurate weather apps, we must begin with AccuWeather. It has a simple interface that efficiently displays comprehensive information. Its MinuteCast feature provides a minute-by-minute weather forecast up to two hours in advance. You can see hourly forecasts up to up to three days and daily forecasts up to 15 days.

It has sunrise and sunset information along with weather news and videos. One thing that sets it apart from other weather apps is its allergies feature. Ah, and you can contribute to AccuWeather by sending your own weather reports and videos.

2. The Weather Channel

One of the oldest weather apps out there, The Weather Channel provides comprehensive weather-related information. It provides location-based hourly weather information for up to two days and daily forecasts for up to 15 days. It also sends severe weather notifications. You can also watch The Weather Channels’ television broadcasts.

It also has its own six-minute weather show called “The Lift”. The app also suggests activities based on the weather forecast. Very few best weather apps have lighting forecast and The Weather Channel App is one of them.

3. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the newer apps to enter the Android universe. What sets it apart from other weather apps is that its weather change notification feature. It notifies the user in case the weather is due to change suddenly.

It provides minute-to-minute forecasting and sends you daily weather summary each morning. It also contains a full 24-hour forecast, a detailed 7-day forecast, current conditions, multiple saved locations, historical data, and beautiful weather maps. It has a cool home screen widget that gives you all the weather information you need. And, you don’t even have to head to the home screen to check the current temperature as it is displayed in the status bar.

4. Flowx

Flowx is a weather app that focuses on the graphical display of weather information. And, it is quite user-friendly as you can use swipe gestures to check the weekly weather forecast, wind speed and direction, rain forecasts along with 30 other kinds of weather data.

The app’s travel mode helps you plan trips based on forecast at your destination. Flowx is ideal for planning fishing, sailing, surfing, cycling and hiking trips. You can also view the weather information offline using Flowx.

5. Weather Underground

Weather Underground has more online personal weather stations than any other weather app out there. This means you can get the weather forecast for most places on the planet.

The data-heavy app displays weather information in the text as well as graphical form. You can find data on temperature, wind speed, daily rainfall, pollutants, local flu outbreak, and UV index. You can also access historical data related to weather. You can check the weather forecasts for up to 10 days in advance. You can contribute photos to Weather Underground’s crowdsourced photo feature ‘Wunderphotos’.

6. Fu*** Weather

Fu*** Weather is for those who like a bit of humour with their weather forecasts. Filled with funny words, Fu*** Weather does a good job of providing local weather conditions, hourly and weekly forecasts. It has a cool visual interface that displays maps for radar, satellite, wind and more.

The home screen widget shows you all the weather information you need. It sends notifications in case bad weather is on the horizon. Fu*** Weather app is also compatible with wearable devices.

7. Weather Radar & Forecast

Weather Radar & Forecast is the ideal weather app for the minimalists. It does the simple things right. Its clean and minimal interface displays current conditions, daily forecasts, and even radar data.

You get minute-by-minute as well as up to nine days forecasts. If you want detailed weather information then it has humidity readings, pressure, barometric pressure charts, dew point readings, UV index readings, air quality, and wind forecasts for you. It recently added ski reports, airport reports, and disease outbreak alerts as well.

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