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Geo Location Based App Development is the hottest buzzword of the corporate world. It is the only trend your business needs right now to get your targeted audience to your store. If you are an entrepreneur or wanna be an entrepreneur then this article is surely for you, keep reading and learn everything that location based apps are doing in the business world.

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Geolocation services are ruling all industrial sectors today with its ability to track the locations and device-based collection. So, Excellent WebWorld is presenting every detail you need before geolocation API and Google maps integration in your business app.

What Is Geolocation?

Geolocation is the process of determining the exact location of a person from a network device like a smartphone or tablet. Geolocation services can be general enough to tell you the continent of the user and can be specific enough to tell you the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the user this depends on the method used to testify the location.

Location Based App Development Helps In:

  • Identifying the position of a person or an object
  • Measurement of distance between two objects
  • Building optimum routes from one point to another

A location based app needs an interactive UI along with a strong backend server functionalities such as:

  • GPS coordinates of the location
  • Receiving the current location of user
  • Serving the nearby locations
  • Directions for driving or walking
  • Map integration

How Geolocation Works?

An application provides Geolocation of a person or object by using GPS location or Geotag of a Smartphone. To determine the Geolocation of an object a couple of services (API) are required, and to gather these services following technologies are required

gps technologies


The global positioning system is required to gather data on location and time as per the moving satellites. GPS app development process is the most accurate, fast and easy to use technology to create a location based apps.

Cell Id

Cell Id

Cell Id is used in the cases where GPS is not available. A device will identify the location of the cell station and based on that information the Geolocation will be tracked.

Assisted GPS App technologies

Assisted GPS App Development

This technology is a mixture of GPS and cell id, on one side it helps to generate more accurate data and on the other side, it consumes more phone battery.

wifi technologies


Wifi provides a strong level of connectivity to its users in offices, public places and business centers. Although Wifi is helpful in collecting all the required data from the internet, its availability is still limited to metropolises.

Geofencing System

Geofencing System

To determine how close a mobile device is is to a particular point we have Geofencing. It is mainly used in Farm/Land Monitoring, Location based marketing, Tracking stray cattle, Asset tracking, Vehicle Movement, Elder Care and Warehouse Operations

Whenever a user needs to access Geolocation, every Smartphone has GPS chip installed. The chip leverages satellite data to store and transfer the exact location. If GPS is unavailable then, Cell towers will be used to triangulate the appropriate position. On the other hand, some devices use GPS and cell site triangulation which is known as Assisted GPS.

Importance Of Integration Of Geolocation Services In The Business Mobile App

Brands are getting new ways to interact with customers. Geolocation services are helping not only to know where the customer is but also to track the attention of the customer. Here is how businesses are utilizing location-based technology for mobile app development

Predictive Analysis

Provide location-based offer to your customer just-in-time whenever a customer is near your store location is old school now; predictive analysis is the new trend. Forecast a user’s location based on the past data and then send offers.

Beacons For The Help

Beacons can be used to track where a person is located in the store and based on that information you can send push notifications in the real-time regarding the offers in that section. Beacons & ibeacon Integration with mobile apps is trending due to their increasing need in an industrial zone.

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Guide your customers to your store. Provide them a way to navigate through your store by giving them a floor-by-floor map store and directory using Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Bluetooth Beacons.

Instant Notifications

Your customers can place the order in advance and whenever they enter your store, you will get notified and you can get their order ready instantly.

Better Customer Reachability

No need of sending offers and discounts repeatedly, notify your customers when they are in your locality to gain the best outcome of your offers.

Better Event Marketing

If you are opting for Event marketing for your business then the best way you can get nearby customers is by targeted Facebook ads and push notifications to nearby customers.

Most popular Geolocation based apps ideas

If you are planning to have your own startup then Geo location-based app development can be a great mobile app idea. Wondering how to create a location based app?

IoT Asset Tracking Solution

Tracking of assets (items, tools, equipment etc.) in a company by combining desktop software, barcode labels, barcode scanners and mobile devices can be a great app idea. Asset tracking solutions involve location identification, storing asset attributes and tracking the movement of the asset by using technologies like RFID, GPS tracking, and Industrial IOT Solutions (IIOT).

Geofencing System
GeoLocation based Dating apps

GeoLocation based Dating apps

Dating apps can be transformed to a new level with Geolocation services integration. To earn the attention of your users you have to be unique and geolocation can help you in that. Allow your users to connect with each other in real-time, if two users are in close proximity then their profile will appear on the app like Tinder. You can build an app like Tinder for your locality as well.

Mapping / Navigation apps

We all are aware of the popularity of Google Maps API when it comes to GPS location search and map tracking. But why don’t you be the Google of your town? Make an app to navigate through your town and display every major place in the path. You can develop an app like Waze for navigation and directions around your city.

Recommendation App
On-Demand App

Recommendation App

Before making up your mind to develop a recommendation app, you should check out an app like Yelp or another yelp recommendation app. An app which displays the reviews and feedback along with the images is the buzz in the marketing field. Want to build an app like Yelp? ask the experts here.

On-Demand App

On-Demand is the trending category for best startup ideas and app development. With everything digital, people need instant at-home solutions. With this comes the introduction of On demand app development for taxi booking, grocery shopping, plumbers, electricians everything. Create an app like Zomato today and enter the world of On-demand apps.

Travel App
Bonus Travel App

Travel App

Travel apps getting a lot of attention nowadays because of the ease of booking they provide. Geolocation integration makes the basic travel app a unique hospitality app. with Geolocation users can track the directions for the hotels, restaurants, airport, bus stations etc. If you want to make an app like Uber, trip advisor, then you should consider adding a Geolocation feature as well.


Location based Augmented Reality Apps:

From the PokemonGo craze, location based apps have witnessed a great evolution. With Augmented Reality Geolocation apps you can add virtual content to your app; so instead of figuring out the points, dots and lines on the map the user can simply points out the camera at a street and will get the relevant information.

To develop a location-based AR app; there are few tools and platforms available like:

  • GART for windows phone
  • Droid AR for Android Users
  • ARLab & Browser for Android and iOS
  • Wikitude AR SDK is a paid tool for Android and iOS

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