In this technological revolution, people become too busy with their daily work. Nowadays, people don’t have enough time for running their errands. They are always seeking for someone to do their errands and work on their schedules. This is where concierge services make profits, who plan clients’ errand on behalf of them, work on their convenience and care about clients’ every need if it is fair, honest, legal and ethical.

How do you feel if someone does every task on behalf of you like ‘arrange and schedule a meeting‘, ‘remind most important task‘, ‘planning of holiday‘, ‘booking appointments‘, ‘flight reservation‘ and much more? This is all that concierge does. There are too many companies that provide concierge services and their employee becomes your personal assistance OR your lifestyle manager.

Entering into concierge services – a luxury business model is a perfect choice for business in upcoming years. The popularity of this business model is rising day by day and becoming more profitable compared to the past.

Bookmark this page as a hands-on guide for starting a profitable concierge business in 2023 Because in the end, you will get ideas about how to beat your competitor in a single year through digitization.

What is a concierge?

A concierge is an individual person OR company who manage clients’ chores and charges for it monthly, hourly OR fixed cost. Let’s go through a short history of a concierge from inception and get actual ideas for ‘what is concierge’.

Concierge is a French term derived in the 17th century. I am not a pass out from French high school but I heard this term when I travelled to Canada. Here concierge obtains from origin word ‘conservus’, meaning a person who forced to obey their leaders. At that time around 1697, this term was only used for a hotel staff member who manages luggage and reservations.

From the past 450 years to the present day, concierge term used in many industries like education, business, travel, lifestyle, and much more. By now the term, as well as concierge duties and services have expanded. Where in the past, duties were limited to restaurant reservations, lighting candles and ensure journey is safe. But now research, hiring, management, vacation planning, assisting guests in a personalize manner, schedule spa services, arrange transportation, recommend the best trending place to visit, solving a tacky problem and many such duties are added and held by the concierge.

Today concierge performs most of the tasks of c-level executives, managers of banks, private parties, celebrities, weddings and much more at a variable price. The idea here is very simple i.e. take a task from a client, perform it and charge for it.

Now you have a better idea about what is a concierge, history of concierge, what concierge does and what is a concierge service. Let’s move on to why people looking for such services.

Why do people need high-end concierge services?

There are many advantages if you hire a concierge for your time and convenience. We all have 24 hours in a day, when comes to a c-level or manager level operations than due to loads of important work they are looking for a person who handles the important or routine task.

For Example, Booking a hotel, arrange a meeting, cancel a reservation, deal with important clients or customers, flight reservations, important research, suggest gifts/restaurants/nightlife, sending a parcel, receiving the parcel, and many tasks.

Now think, if these tasks are held by someone else, you can save a huge amount of time which you could spend on prioritized tasks. This is the reason today due to concierge services, people save their prime time and have breath from non-priority tasks.

The only thing is to get advantages from it, you need money in your pocket. We hope that now you have abstract ideas about why do people need this type of service. Let’s make it more clear by getting ideas about how many types of concierge service in the market.

Types of concierge services?

As we discussed, that a few decades back, only hotel concierge were in demand. But because of digitization in this service, it has expanded in many sectors. Here we gather the best 8 areas where these services are most used, in-demand and raising from inception.

1. Lifestyle concierge

Lifestyle concierge

Lifestyle concierge is a retainer and very different from the hotel concierge. It is a more personalized service that covers important areas like taking care of family, household management, personal, and professional lifestyle management. These services cover all areas required to manage your whole lifestyle, where you can give more importance to where you can enjoy most. The client here outsources their daily chores to a personal concierge, request for a lifestyle manager and pay on a monthly basis.

Task of lifestyle concierge

  • Personalize assistance
  • Errand-running
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Life administrator
  • Personalize shopping
  • Dining

2. Medical concierge

Medical Concierge

This service is specially designed for senior citizens, injured people and child cares. Even many people use this kind of service for monthly care and checkups. This service work on a pay flat and get personalized enhanced care, business model. Concierge medicine service is enabled for both Doctor and Patients – as a doctor needs to handle a huge number of patients and patients need routine care and treatments from a doctor.

This is one of the best winning business models because through this service, concierge get paid high from one thousand to ten thousand dollars depending on clients. Also, things to be noted here is this service is not covered by health insurance policies. So, starting this service is worth for business and to get a high ROI.

Task of medical concierge

  • Answer telephones
  • Add, delete and update patients records
  • Fill insurance form
  • Handle billing expense
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Keep inventory ready to supply

3. Business concierge

Business concierge

Business concierge is the most costlier services compared to other services. Because here corporate concierge needs to have a high-level of understanding of the workflow and knowledge for handling business chores. This becomes a win-win business model, if you have a team of profess

Task of business concierge

  • Recruitment
  • Business transportation
  • Handle clients meeting
  • Track financial reports
  • Industry research
  • Billing and expense management
  • Arrange, schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Recommend new business ideas

4. Hotel concierge

Hotel concierge

In this service, retainer from hotel OR restaurant assist, guides and provides solutions for guests’ problems. A good hotel concierge almost provides solution to the personal problem faced by a guest in the hotel OR resort. This service assures about your every need to get safe and solve on demand. The overall goal is to provide a personal assistant, a pleasant experience and increase reputation.

Task of hotel concierge in Hotel

  • Transportation arrangements
  • Recommend place to visit
  • Health and fitness care
  • Keep you safe
  • Help you enjoy
  • Fix sticky problems

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5. Travel concierge

Travel concierge

This service constantly rising and in-demand, gaining popularity from traveller and business people. From this service, clients get an expert opinion and necessary information both online and offline. This services mostly used when people want to go abroad for business OR for leisure time and looking for a local and experienced concierge. This service has agreements with local restaurants, transport provider and famous place, to provide a timely, safe and reasonable journey to tourists.

Task of travel concierge

  • Drive you to the hotel
  • Translate local language
  • Restaurant booking
  • Healthcare
  • Solve clammy problems
  • Recommend place to visit
  • Booking tickets for a local place to visit
  • Assure your journey get safe and joyful

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6. Wedding concierge

Wedding concierge

This service is disrupting since the past decade. Client hires this service for a block of hours OR day and pays huge for it. It’s aim to plan a wedding by providing a different level of services package and options.

Bride/Grooms/Parents request type of services based on their budget and niche. Here concierge has enough experience to do pre-wedding plan and arrange all necessary needs before 10 hours so that the wedding event goes smooth without any dilemma.

Task of wedding concierge

  • Pre-in-post wedding plan
  • Venue organize with necessary layout
  • Solution to the guest problem
  • Food and soft drink serve
  • Health safety
  • Arrangement of music, dance and other activities
  • Groomes and bride makeup
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Electricity and other accommodations
  • Pre-wedding and in-wedding photography and videography

7. Learning concierge

Learning concierge

This service right now is most in demand where specialist and experts launch custom programs for individual OR group of people. This service is available for parents and children both i.e. parents get coaching about child development and children get coaching about self-improvements, private class, post-school class and much more.

Task of learning concierge

  • Parents coaching
  • Early child development
  • Private tutoring
  • Test preparation
  • Post-school study
  • Summer field trips

8. Chauffeur concierge

Chauffeur concierge

This service is quite expensive, here individual OR agency provide a retainer to the apartment building, multi-tenant building, hotel, events who receive guests and celebrities. This service is totally personalized for private clients to provide the best experience and a sophisticated journey.

Task of chauffeur concierge

  • Chauffeur-drive
  • Reservation of meal
  • Health and fitness safety
  • Club reservation
  • Evening amusements
  • VIP nightlife

High-end concierge companies

There are so many concierge service providers but we have compiled the top 3 best companies, their revenue and when they started.

1. Quintessentially

Quintessentially is concierge company

Estimated annual revenue – $273.4M

Estimated employees – 1000

Founded – 2000

Headquarters – London, England


2. Oneconcierge

Oneconcierge is concierge company

Estimated annual revenue – $5M – $25M

Estimated employees – 175

Founded – 2008

Headquarters – Lehi, Utah


3. Pure Entertainment Group

Pure Entertainment Group is concierge company

Estimated annual revenue – $17.3M

Estimated employees – 75

Founded – 2006

Headquarters – Montreal, Quebec


From this, you can get ideas about potential revenue from concierge business and why this is the best business model to start your startup journey.

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Future of concierge services

In 2018, global concierge services market value around 537.6mn. This number increased by 5.3% in 2019 and expected to expand around the same pace until 2025. Today many top-level managers, VIP consumers, Influencer and celebrities faced a problem in their work-life balance. Hence these services are highly in demand to take care of each errand/chore of clients and assure to get free from a busy schedule.

Concierge service has spread all over the world as people expect more and more convenience in their life. Below is the graph in which, you can get the ideas about the U.S Concierge service market size.

US concierge service market size

From this, you can get an idea of how big is the U.S market is and how potential idea it could be if you start your business in this sector.

Internet changes our life totally, through mobile application people browse business in any area of the globe. According to a survey, most concierge service are availed through a mobile application and website. Even many services integrate AI to a concierge for speedy process of clients needs. ‘Google Assistance’ , ‘Alexa’, ‘Mercedes’, ‘Siri’ these are live AI concierge example.

These all are the proof of rising demand of concierge services and it is one of the best business models for your startup and also have less competition as well.

So, how to start a concierge business?

In the next section, I will walk you through step by step to get your business up and running.

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How to start a concierge business

Compared to other business models, starting a business of a concierge is smooth and agile. So why waiting? Follow this step by step process to get your business up and running without any hustle.

1. Choose niche

In the world of digitization, people are busier than ever before and almost in every area people need concierge who does their chores and work on their schedule. Hence, there is plenty of ways to start a concierge business. Nearly every industry gets the advantages of concierge, and you need to first research about which concierge services you want to provide to your clients.

You need to put extra attention to select services you want to start with, otherwise the journey gets tough and painful. We have already discussed the top 8 profitable and in-demand concierge services.

2. Name and register your business

Once you select a niche, it is time to make it live by giving your business a name. Naming your business must convey what your business is all about. Also, furnish your business with taglines like ‘Be Free‘, ‘Care Of Your‘ and ‘We For Your Chores‘. If your service works for local regions, then you can also attach a city OR area name with your business name to personalize your brand.

Research about business name always worth it because your clients refer your business through a name. After name selection, you need to make sure your name not existing and trademarked. Once you have verified everything, it is time to trademark your business name so other competitors can not take advantages in future.

3. Business license

Starting a new business with excitement is obvious. However, it is mandatory to get a license and permit before exploring your business. Additionally, you need taxing authorities if your business has employees OR sells services.

The Requirements are varied from industry to industry, most of the concierge operate business as ‘sole proprietor’ OR as L.L. C. But you need to get advice because of law and rule changes industry wise. Many companies like provide free advice about which one is the best and right option for you.

4. Arrange necessary asset

Each concierge services have their own asset like if ‘Learning Concierge Services‘ then need an experienced coach, if it is ‘Business Concierge‘ then need of the corporate level concierge. The answer to exact resources is quite difficult OR impossible and it depends on what services you go with.

You are alone to give exact ideas about which asset you need by asking questions to yourself ‘Whom I served‘, ‘What my clients expecting from my business‘, ‘How I impress client through services‘, ‘What separate my business from competitors‘. Answers to these questions will help you to make a list of a necessary asset.

Note that many people do not provide needful assets which leads to not refer and recommended your service twice. Remember word-of-mouth marketing always wins and If your clients are unhappy about your services then it will ultimately harm your business.

5. Finance your business

Finding financing is a challenging task, whether you are looking for seed funds, capital to expand business OR money when times get tough. It is true that without money, many businesses got success but even though, arrangement for finance is worth and help you to go ahead. There are many ways to get finance, few are ‘Venture Capital‘, ‘Angel Investor‘, ‘Friend and Family‘. And, if you are done with all options, then learning how to start a crowdfunding platform to accumulate funds will help. Figuring out which one is the best suitable option to start your concierge business.

A website named might help you with finance management, here you can get many seed investors who are interested to be part of your business model. Things to be noted here is each option have their own interest. For example, Venture Capital takes around 40% business share. Arranging finance is optional if you have enough money to start a business and when times gets tough.

6. Set your rate and launch a business

Setting your rate is a very important part and here many businesses have faced huge losses. They make the mistake of not charging enough for their services compared to asset they have spent. You need to make every accounting information from asset cost, transport cost(if have), license expense, security taxes and other accommodations.

There is no standard charge OR fixed charge for concierge services because the needs vary from client to client and industry to industry. Collect every piece of information to help you get ideas about charging your clients and set a standard rate.

Now, everything is done from selecting a business niche, business name, licenses, asset collection, to finance and rates. It is time to launch your business.

7. Marketing your services

No business is that much lucky where a customer comes to you, business needs to go there where a customer is. You need a proper marketing plan and strategy so that your business will get enough traction. Here you need to make a decision to choose inhouse team infrastructure OR outsource marketing to a well-known marketing agency.

It is highly recommended to put more effort into digital marketing rather than a traditional one. Because people spend more time on the internet, on an average around 4 hours a day. Moreover, people spend 40% of their time browsing social media platforms. Marketing your business digitally help your brand name recognized many times and lastly convert into leads.

SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing few are well known digital channel where business needs to present their brand on top of competitors.

8. Digitize your business

‘Uber’, ‘Lyft’, ‘Burger King’ and other infinite numbers of the well-known brand have a business application with an aim to access their business anytime, any place where customers are. From this customer get more loyalty for your brand and seamless brand experience. ‘Measure success‘, ‘Speed Marketing Effort‘, ‘Meet Potential Customer‘, ‘Less in Cost‘, ‘High Profit and Enough ROI‘ these are the few advantages when a business goes digital.

But, how to digitize your business?

Today everything on the internet is accessed through mobile and web applications. Provide mobile and web application that allows your customer to browse any of your services anytime on-demand. Even spending money to develop a mobile application is worth, because your business could get a massive RoI in a single year.

At the end, huge ROI and popularity is the main goal for any business. You can easily achieve it by going digital. So, we hope you got an idea of why to digitize your business is important.

Many well known concierge services like ‘Quintessentially‘, ‘One Concierge‘, ‘Pure Entertainment Group‘ are still lacking in mobile application and digital marketing. None of the concierge business have best mobile application and website to browse their service by the client at any moment. Meanwhile, you are alone OR few have still chance to succeed and get potential profit from concierge business.

Making application add advantage to your business and help you to succeed in the market soon. We recommend start your digital application with fewer features (Minimum Viable Product) and grow with your customers. Launching MVP(Minimum Viable Product) will help you to do A/B testing your strategy and reduce the cost of developing an application.

Compared to past, today developing mobile application and website not too much costlier as you think. If you need any assistance for developing application then we can help you with everything. We have a team of developers and marketers, help you with not only application development but also marketing your business and generate max ROI.

Ready to elevate your customer service with a custom-built concierge service app?

Final thoughts : vital moment to start concierge service

Till now, you have understood – what is concierge service, its type, future and finally how to start a business with it. Now it’s time for the execution of business ideas. The concierge service business model is very unique and still lacking to expand globally. As we have seen how much potential market this service has and also comes with low competition. Even, we have seen how you can take advantage of digitization to provide sustainable experience to your customers.

Here, I have mentioned two ways to explore the concierge service business model.

1. Launch marketplace

Before going further, let’s start with one example. Amazon is a marketplace where buyers [who want to buy products] and sellers [who want to sell products] meet in one place. If a product gets sold then Amazon gets a commission. Another great example is Uber. Here driver and passenger meet together and if the ride gets booked then Uber gets a commission from it.

You can integrate this marketplace concept with the concierge business model. Here you can build a mobile application and website where concierge services providers and customers meet together and if service gets booked then you can earn a margin from it.

2. Own application and website

If you don’t want to create a marketplace then you can also have the second option where you create a mobile application along with the website and start marketing of your business. Soon, people will start to browse your business and provide them on-demand service. The thing to note here is, providing on-demand concierge services will create brand loyalty and increase ROI. Through digitization, you are able to provide on-demand services at any time and anyplace.

So, what are you thinking? Share your thoughts on concierge business model with us.


To start with the personal concierge services, you can develop a concierge mobile app. Follow the simple steps to start a concierge service. 

  1. Choose the niche
  2. Register the business
  3. Avail License
  4. Know the Asset
  5. Finance
  6. Launch
  7. Marketing
  8. Digitize your business

Digital concierge services are nothing but creating a concierge mobile app to manage the operations with ease. Everything today is online and providing concierge services online is the best thing any hotel could offer to their customers. Spending money on developing an app will definitely prove beneficial to the business in the long run.

In a general sense, yes. Customer service is usually part of concierge services, including but not limited to hotel services, household services, personal and professional lifestyle management, business events management, medical assistance, tour planning, etc.

The benefits that a concierge service offers are:

  • Convenience
  • Freeing up your busy time
  • Making you aware of what’s trending and giving you access to lavish luxury.
Concierge services make all the arrangements and solve any issues that may arise, like documentation to personal requests, event ticket booking, calling a taxi, ordering medicine, shopping and more.”
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