Have you heard about connected home? Maybe you know it by a different name; Smart Home. A connected home is as the name suggests, a smart infrastructure that is connected via a network. Such a home is made up of several connected devices (smart devices).

If all of this is going over your head, then let me simplify it for you.

What is a Connected Home? Explain it like I’m Five

Do you remember those big, cool, back-to-the-future-styled universal remotes? Yes, the same ones that let you operate your TV, stereo, and DVD player from the same device.

How cool were they back in the day, right? Connected homes use the same concept and magnify the capabilities of universal remote manifolds.

Now think, about what device is the most powerful yet compact enough to fit in your pocket. Yes, you guessed it right, our personal companion; the smartphone. So, the ability to control almost every home appliance from your smartphone is what a connected home is all about.

How does a Connected Home Work?

Your office’s computers are connected to a LAN network; all the PCs are connected to a common office network. A connected home works exactly the same way.

All the electronic devices in your home are connected to your home network and respond at your command. The command given could be by voice, a tablet, a smartphone, or a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Home.

With such a connected home interface, you can control the lighting, temperature, entertainment units, and home security, among many other factions.

The IoT software development is a phrase that is tossed around a lot when it comes to connected homes and smart living. IoT refers to the devices and gadgets that are interconnected through a digital network.

The web of connected tech and smart devices is growing bigger and better every day. By 2020, almost all the electronic devices in your home will join this tech revolution.

Which are the Top Connected Devices Available in 2022

You don’t need to build a $100 million Xanadu 2.0 (Bill Gates’ Smart Home). Instead, get tons of similar features for a smaller budget and more modest smart devices.

Smart Home Lights

What’s your mood right now? Romantic, nostalgic, or sleepy, whatever your mood it can be matched with the lighting of your home. Smart lighting changes color, brightness, and intensity according to your choice.

Lighting products like Philips Hue, Sengled Element, and Eufy Lumos respond based on the command given by you from an app. So next time you can host a party for 100 or a dinner date for two at the same place with smart lights.

Smart Lights for Connected Homes

Smart Home Thermostat

Nest is the king when it comes to smart thermostats, but there are several other companies like Hive, Ecobee, and Honeywell.

So how are these smart thermostats different than your regular knob thermostat? Glad you asked. First of all, these smart thermostats have screens on them that show the current settings.

Secondly, these thermostats learn from their users’ behavior. What is the ideal temperature they like for their rooms and how often do they change their settings?

Smart Thermostat for Connected Home

Smart Entertainment Unit

Why do people fascinate with and love smart homes? Because it reminds them of the sci-fi movies and series that they watch. Well, how about making your watching experience smart? I am not just talking about the latest smart TVs that have come to the market but an entire smart entertainment unit, including your TV, stereo, projector, and any other appliance enhancing your viewing experience.

For instance, Auton has launched a smart TV concealment system that will only bring out your smart TV when needed, this saves a lot of space and keeps your costly TV safe from any mishaps when not in use.

How we made

Smart Home Security System

How secure is your house from burglars? A simple lock and grill on the window won’t suffice. How about a smart surveillance system? There are many components like cameras, motion sensors, multiple wireless radios, built-in sirens, etc. that you can install to set up a smart security system for your connected home.

Some of the top smart security product companies are Abode, Honeywell, Remo, and Arlo. If you don’t wish to shell out more money on such smart security devices, even your smart speaker can be a security measure. Many Alexa and Google Home owners set up commands to on/off their home lights at some intervals when they are not at home; this gives an idea that someone is at home.

Smart Security for Connected Home

Smart Garage Door Opener

So, now your entire home is stratified from your living room to your kitchen, what’s left? Your garage. Let’s make it smart too. There are smart garage doors that open and close with a tap on the phone app or even with a voice command.

While converting your company into smart office automation, you can install some of these smart solutions, and products. 

Smart Garage for Connected Home

Pros of Smart Connected Homes

  • Energy Savings. Smart Home devices are good at saving energy by continuously optimizing performance, this is an environment-friendly approach.
  • User’s Convenience. The devices and gadgets are really user-friendly and make life hassle-free.
  • High Security. These smart gadgets offer a more secure option than your usual lock and key security approach.
  • Smart Customization. The user can include as many smart products and fully customize how it operates and responds.
  • Easy to Learn. Modern-day connected home devices are very easy to learn and operate so the kids and elderly can also benefit from the smart living lifestyle.
  • Increased Home Value. Research states that a home with smart features and integration can draw a higher selling price in the realtor market.
  • Insurance Incentives. A few insurance companies offer discounts for clients who use smart devices in their homes.

Cons of Smart Connected Homes

  • Complex Installation. A few smart devices may seem hard to install in comparison.
  • System Compatibility. With different generations of smart devices in the same environment, complete system compatibility may be difficult to achieve.
  • Cost of Smart Devices. The initial cost of smart devices is obviously more than their simple device counterpart.
  • Internet Reliability. Smart home devices are almost entirely reliant on your internet connection. So, if the internet is down, several devices may not function properly.

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How Smart is Your Home?

So that was it for this blog. Oh! By the way, what if I tell you that you can have a connected home without buying any of these smart devices? Yes, that’s absolutely possible. Smart Switches is an invention that can convert and simple electronic device into a smart device.

We have designed and developed several new smart home solutions and products this year. Talk to our experts and get a demo of our smart connected home solutions.

If you are interested in building your own smart device and launching a smart IoT solution business, this is the time, and we are the company that can help you with that. talk to our smart solutions experts and discuss how you can start your own smart business.