It is the time of Mobile Apps. Be it Android or iOS apps, they are reigning over the minds of people.

This has made people run behind the mobile app development to either digitize their existing business or build an entirely new startup.

Though, it becomes quite costly to go for native app development, as the developers need to build an app for two different operating systems.

For quite some time now, a good alternative to native development is around. Yes, that is Cross-Platform App Development!

Let’s see how it came into existence!

One of the ultimate reasons behind selecting the best mobile app development technology is to cover a large audience base with a single code base. That means you don’t need to build different codes for two operating systems.

However, it is crucial to give the same feel and look to cross-platform app development as that of native. That’s when React Native took over the minds of entrepreneurs and startup enablers.

“Learn Once, Write Everywhere” – The sole thing on everyone’s mind since Facebook open-sourced React Native in the year 2015.

Yet, worried about a question like is react native good for mobile app development?

No worries! This article covers answers to every question you have above react native mobile app development!

Let’s begin with a brief on React Native & its examples!

What is React Native & Who is Using it?

We can call react native as an open-source framework that is built with a declarative programming paradigm. It enables developers to create a smooth and scalable mobile application.

Most of the organisations and startup enablers opt for React Native as it provides the flexibility to use a single code for two different operating systems. For instance, you can write code in javascript, and share it among Android and iOS platforms.

Some of the most popular apps using React Native are as mentioned in the below-given image. Again, note the point that these are just a few popular react native apps examples, however, there are tons of apps built with React Native.

popular react native apps examples

Bothered with a question – is React Native good for react native app development? Let’s solve your queries with the help of the advantages of react-native!

Benefits of React Native

Knowing about the pros of react-native enables you to make your vision clear when you hire react native developers.

Here we go for the benefits of react native mobile app development?

#1 Supports Cross-Platform

Have a word with any developer, and you will come to know how hectic it is to maintain the apps for different operating systems.

React native gives a single platform to build an app, and it results in a consistent user experience. All you need here is an excellent javascript developer who has the knowledge to work with native UI libraries, hybrid app development, and APIs. ‘

#2 Live & Hot Reloading = Quick Changes

One of the core reasons why react native is trending among the people. Its live reloading functionalities benefit the developers while making the changes in the mobile application.

React Native app development lets the developer update the code in real-time and while the app is loading the live feature is implemented.

Whereas, hot reloading enables the app to reload the specific area wherein the changes are made. To put it short, live and hot reloading eases the entire testing and app development process.

#3 Community Support

If you’re confused about whether react-native is good for web and mobile development, then you must pay extra attention to this point react-native benefits.

Being an open-source framework, React Natives lets users examine any documentation for free, and even enable them to contribute to the community.

In fact, React Native is also known as a community-driven framework. At any moment, you can reach out to the community in case of any queries. Besides all, developers can reach out to other developers of the community to take their reviews or suggestions on your project.

Is React Native a Pick For Your Next Application?

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#4 Optimal Performance & Simplified UI

The effectiveness of any platform lies in its ability to enhance performance through native controls and modules. And, that’s where react native app development wins the race. Performance amplification and improvement is the direct result of optimizing react-native to build your online platform.

On the other hand, the driving force behind the craze of react native development is its appealing and user-friendly UI designs. The apps built with react native have a more responsive and seamless UI/UX.

#5 Increased Stability & Reliability

The key benefit of React Native app development is for simplifying data binding in a way that the changes made in the parent component in no way affect the child components.

In short, it makes the binding process of an application simpler and flexible that ultimately increases the stability and flexibility of the app.

#6 Cost-Effective

Money is a prime factor – either you’re planning a startup or digitizing your business. Henceforth, choosing a solution that is cost-effective and profitable is always advisable.

You can effortlessly achieve this goal with the help of react-native as it saves you time and money. As we already discussed, code reusability is possible in react native, therefore you can save time and money with this factor.

#7 Modular Architecture

This architecture of react-native helps you to divide the functional programs into various interchangeable blocks known as modules.

With this technique, the development becomes more efficient and flexible. Also, enhances better coordination between blocks for each other update. Another thing, you can reuse the modules to update the web and app APIs or opt for API development.

So, these are a few advantages of react native that is highly trending among people across the globe.

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The Concluding Point – React Native App Development

Now you might have got the answer for – is react native good for app development or not? While discussing the pros of react native, we can say that it is more than a framework with numerous benefits.

If you still have any doubt, you can get in touch with our react native app development company. Our experts will ensure to enforce you with the best possible solutions.

Let’s brainstorm your app idea together!

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