“I want to build a dating app, but I want it to stand out in the crowded market. Can you help?” Since we are experienced with how to create a dating app, upon receiving this inquiry via email, we were excited about the new project.

For generation Z, variety is really the spice of life. 🔥 The more options to explore, the more the young generation is interested in finding a suitable partner.

This is a serious matter of concern – 75% of young adults in the USA said that it has become difficult to find a partner for dating in the last ten years.

In this blog, we will focus on the procedure of designing & building a dating app, trends in app usage, tech stack, and much more. So, let’s look at some statistics about how popular dating apps will become in the time to come.

Before Knowing How to Create a Dating App, Let’s Discover Why?

  • According to studies by Pew Research Centre, 60% of female users say they don’t use dating apps for hook-ups but for legit matches.
  • 20% of the current committed relationships (during the survey period) had begun online. This is a considerable figure.
  • Statista records say that over 440 million people will seek love online by using such online dating platforms by 2027.

How to Create a Dating App? A Comperhensive Dating App Development Process

The statistics seem very impressive if you have a dating app idea for your new dating app startup.

You can always choose to develop an MVP app if you are running low on budget or just want to check the user response on your dating application.

Moving forward to the procedure of creating a dating application, and dating website; this is the step-by-step process that we follow:

  1. Understanding and Building An App Architecture
  2. Research and Analysis of Target Audience/App Users
  3. Exploring and Learning Market Competition
  4. Building UI/UX for Online Dating App Design
  5. Choosing The Right Tech Stack and Development
  6. Performing Quality Analysis and Testing
  7. Launching App Deployment and Maintenance

Process to Creating a Dating App

Step-1: Build an App Architecture – Name & Logo

The identity of the application makes it stand out in the market. The first and foremost step is choosing the right name for the application and its look, i.e., the logo.

Step-2: Know Your Target Audience/App Users

It is essential to identify the target audience – who the app is being made for and who will all be the users.

Users can belong to distinct backgrounds and have different dating preferences when using matchmaking apps. Hence, the application should serve to all the possible purposes of the target audience.

Step-3: Analyze Market Competition

Any new business launch requires a thorough R&D of the market. Hence, this is the stage where the entrepreneur should take ample time to do market research about the existing competitors as there are many dating apps.

Before you set foot in the dating app market with your own dating app, you must observe all your competitors:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • eHarmony
  • Happn
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Grindr

Step-4: Online Dating App Design

In this stage, the world-class designers at Excellent WebWorld- a dating app development company designs a dating app interface. This involves detailed work on creating user maps, flow and journey, wireframes, and then the final UI/UX design.

Our design team is not only certified but also well-versed with the latest mobile app design trends. Furthermore, there’s also a lot of brainstorming on the finalization of colors before deciding on the final color theory.

Step-5: Tech Stack & Development

The expert in-house dating app developer team can lend you a hand in deciding the technology stack of your online dating site or dating mobile app. Also, you can choose to create a dating site also for matchmaking purposes. This will help you capture the web users.

Tech Stack Elements Technology Details
Programming Languages Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, React Native
Frameworks Node.js, PHP
Database SQL, Redis, MongoDB
Cloud storage AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Web servers Nginx, Apache
Payment Gateways PayPal, Stripe
Push Notifications OneSignal, Firebase, UserNotifications
Geolocation GoogleMaps, Google Location Services
Social Integration Twitter, Cloud SDK, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Apple

If you want to start a dating app ASAP, know more about our development expertise through our GitHub card – Working of Tinder-like swipe feature

Step-6: Quality Analysis & Testing

Completing app development is only what’s visible on the horizon. In reality, the application’s quality has to be tested and analyzed.

A super-qualified team of app testers and quality analysts scrutinizes the app process and flow in order to verify its working.

Step-7: App Deployment & Maintenance

Deploying the app is not the endgame. Deploying the mobile application and checking out its working and flow is what helps in understanding the application.

The app is uploaded to the App Store or Play Store. Furthermore, spotting bugs or performance lag in the app requires regular maintenance and updating. Only reliable mobile app maintenance services can help you keep the app up-to-date!

So, this is how we build dating apps. Now we will throw some light on how dating applications work.

Dating App Development Algorithms

Swipe Profiles Left and Right to Choose
Does falling in love in the age of AI dating applications hit differently?

Many say yes, it does!! And the main difference is the matching algorithm that holds the power to change anybody’s future!

In a survey, 52% of people affirmed that they use dating applications.

Now that you are exploring how to create a dating app and a successful dating app business model, let’s check out a few algorithms of such an application.

1. Mathematical Algorithms

Applications that use personal information such as date of birth, age, preferences, etc., and then display your potential matches using the mathematical algorithm. This is also a calculative form of showing profiles suitable for the user.

For additional information on features, check out our articles on the Tinder business model and Hinge, which use swipe-based algorithms.

2. Behavior-based Algorithms

Some apps connect the user’s other social accounts (social media accounts, music apps, etc.) with the dating app in order to analyze their preferences. The deciding base is user behavior. This is done with the help of Big Data and AI. Thereafter, on the basis of this, the app suggests profiles to the user.

You can check our App of the Week article on OkCupid to know more features of an app based on this algorithm.

3. Location-based Algorithms

Some dating app users want to first meet the potential match only virtually and ensure that they are with the time, effort, and energy of meeting in person. Hence, matchmaking apps often provide a distance radius bar for users to choose from.

Brainstorm Features With the Dating App Developers for your Project

3 Out-of-the-Box Dating App Development Trends

How to make a dating app that tops the app market? Here’s the secret!

Apart from executing the codes in the latest mobile app development technologies, we also keep up with up-and-coming trends in dating application development.

1. Metaverse

Metaverse in the realm of dating app trends is like experiencing virtual reality a step ahead. This means that the users can experience reality online. For instance, users’ avatars can go on dates to their favorite restaurants or take a walk in a park.

2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI is important in analyzing the user’s preferences and data. It also suggests more profiles in the future based on the user’s actions on the app.

Additionally, ML ensures that the behavior of both users in the app chat adheres to the platform’s rules and regulations. It helps find the success rate of any match made on the app by going through the chats and activities of both users toward each other’s profiles.

3. AR & VR

Augmented and Virtual reality technologies have practically transformed how people use dating applications. These allow users to enter a new reality horizon via their video chats and calls. They can transform normal in-app messaging or in-app voice and video calling into an immersive and interactive experience.

Few Pivotal Dating App Features

While we are on our quest of how to create a dating app, we must discuss the key features your dating app requires. Apart from the basic features of a dating application, you must consider adding these outstanding features:

Dating App Features

1. Thorough Identity Verification During Profile Creation

How many times have we had a bad experience in which we have come across a person trying to fake his or her identity? It doesn’t count as a pleasant experience, whether you meet the person for a date or not. Hence, official verification of ID proofs is very important.

2. Icebreakers

If you plan to make a dating app, note this feature tip!

Striking a conversation with someone is not easy for everyone. Sometimes extroverts are confused; leave alone introverts! Therefore, a few icebreakers to start a conversation can be very helpful for users.

3. Gamified Profiles

Gamifying elements in non-game environment applications brings a user to the app and compel him/her to stay. This can be as simple as awarding the user points or coins upon crossing a certain number of right swipes.

4. Undoing the Mistaken Swipe

Have you ever swiped right a profile accidentally? None of the most popular dating apps today can undo such a mistaken swipe. If your app provides this, this can help you get an edge over your competitors. Take this as a tip when starting a dating mobile app development.

5. Preferred First Date Idea

If the thinking matches, it is very likely that compatibility will go hand in hand. Moreover, the first date idea of both users can be seen on the profile itself. It’s fun to add to your app. Usually, people stumble upon their ideal first dates ideas. It’s not clear whether to go out for dinner or coffee casually. Then the best possible dates will come. By giving them a quirky and exciting dating plan, you can ensure that your dating app is admired by everyone you meet.

Insight Into Our Dating App Development Team

We believe in a structured approach, always!

To create a dating app, a proper app development team structure is decided upon and assigned before the project starts. This means that the team that works on developing and designing the dating application has designated roles and individual responsibilities.

Later, when all the design builds and codes are compiled, the individual approaches become aligned as a combined team effort.

dating app development team structure

MOST IMPORTANT SECTION! Dating App Monetization Strategy

Have you been eager to know how do dating apps make money? Well, if you are planning to start a dating app of your own, here’s the secret!!

You can monetize your dating application in multiple ways:

  • Membership Fee

Offering speedy, quantity, and quality matches for a subscription fee or premium membership plan for users is the primary source of earning from a dating application.

Ever wondered how does Tinder make money? It has specialized plus, gold, and platinum plans for users.

You may also design a subscription model with numerous tiers. Each tier can have a different set of added premium features.

  • In-app Ads

Even the best app for dating runs advertisements on the platform. This becomes the second source of income on a dating app. Advertisements of brands associated with dating and relationships can be the most fruitful.

This is a similar module like in app purchases or affiliated links.

For instance, running an ad from a customized gifting website can fetch you many customers.

  • Event-Based Monetization

In-app events can be created, and the entry can be kept paid. This will help the app dating app founder to earn some bucks while hosting an event for the app users.

  • Expedited Verified Profiles

Users who want their profile to stand out can choose to get the verification tickmark for the added idea of profile security. This can be kept paid for users who’re willing to add this tickmark next to their name.

How Will You Make your Mark Despite the Competition?

What’s the fun in conquering an untapped market? Making a goal where there’s a goalkeeper will help you prove your worth.

We believe it will take you a long time to lead the dating industry. But, if you consider conquering a particular niche, you can become the first of your kind dating app.

We mean to say you can launch a dating application for LGBTQ or for Blacks in Africa or college teens, etc. There are countless niches in these terms that you can capture.

Dating App Development Cost & Timeline Structure

Factors Affecting Dating App Development Cost

Module Timeline
Analysis and Prototyping 100 hours
Project Management 150 hours
Frontend 350 hours
Backend 500 hours
QA Testing 150 hours
Deployment 40 hours

Estimated cost to create a dating app:

  • MVP – $10k – $15k
  • App – $15k – $30k

Note – These are rough figure ranges of dating portal development and are subject to change as per your requirements. Get a FREE quote from our business analyst team today!

Epilogue: From Dating App Concept to Connecting Couples!

The team at Excellent Webworld is happy to attend to your queries about online dating app development. Moreover, developing a dating application will need you to connect with a trusted on-demand app development company like ours.

Want to Build a Unique and Secure Dating App?


Firstly, there’s a massive demand for the target audience in dating apps. Secondly, these matchmaking apps allow users to chat, engage, and go on a first date if everything falls in place.

A dating app development usually costs $15,000. This can go as high as $30,000 considering the added functionalities and additional features used. A dating app MVP can cost as low as $10,000 depending on which main features have you picked for the app.

Dating apps make money with various streams such as membership fees, subscription plans, charges for profile verification, and fees for event entry.

Yes, making a casual or serious dating website or app is absolutely profitable with the growing demand and faith of users in such platforms. Get in touch with the team at Excellent Webworld to learn more.

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