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Best Small Business Opportunities in Los Angeles for 2020

“For the entire world, Los Angeles is a city of dreams.” – Barry Sanders

So the city of dreams waits for its next business star. Would you let it pass by or grab this chance by the horns and ride it to sunset? Besides the shiny Hollywood, there is a very thriving business industry that is turning its course towards digital space.

App Development Los Angeles is all about the LA startups and new innovative mobile app ideas that can improve the world and make a ton of money while doing so.

The two top app markets, Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store had crossed the billion dollar revenue mark a couple of years back. In 2019, just the top 10 highest grossing apps of iOS app market raked in a staggering $3.3 billion. It is also predicted that the total revenue of these two app stores will surpass $120 billion in the next two years.

How well are top startups in Los Angeles doing?

Before we go to the list of top LA startups; a special small section for all of those readers who are still in doubt about this idea.

To prove that we aren’t making things up and mobile entrepreneurs in LA are really flourishing, here are a few relevant stats:

  • Since last five year; Los Angeles has been one of the top five cities for corporate development and technology investment.
  • This year, ChowNow gobbled up $20 million in funding and expanded its services to over 8,000 clients.
  • TaskUs has been placed on the Inc. 500 for five consecutive years and helped secure $79.7 million in revenue.
  • Fair raised $1 billion in debt capital, which the company will use to scale its platform.

Top LA-Based App Startups

In the last few months, there have emerged some really amazing and new startups that are changing the face of Los Angeles app development market.

Here are some of the gems of this year’s best Los Angeles Business ideas that made it big. Remember that all you need in the beginning is a good web application idea, and build on from there.


The most luxurious way to booking a salon through your mobile, Prête partners with the best and high-end salons all over the country for you to book your wedding makeup session a month ago or a last-minute impromptu salon visit before a meeting.

LA is home to the most elite salons that are booked months in advance, but with Prête mobile app you can cut out the wait.

The process is simple, the salon appointment booking app shows you nearby salons in your area; you choose a date and time and choose an exclusive treatment. Viola!! It’s done, now go to the salon at your booked time and experience luxurious service.


DroneBase is a professional drone service provider for various industries. They provide aerial photography and videography services for any industry or individual that needs their services.

DroneBase’s platform was available for people from quite some time but they added a new feature to their app recently.

The company built an AirCraft, an AR (Augmented Reality) platform that can include various virtual objects into the real footage from the drone. This AirCraft augmented reality platform will be integrated into the already existing DroneBase iPhone app (the Android app is under construction).

This AirCraft platform helps the drone pilots to create, edit, and share objects like a virtual building or structure in the sky.


Swann is a Santa Fe Springs-based security monitoring and Video Surveillance solutions startup. Their tagline is “Security Made Smarter” and they did indeed. After the massive success of Swann’s wireless, rechargeable security cameras they have added new features to the model like “True Detect”, a thermal sensing technology.

With their company’s Swann app, the users can monitor their cameras in real time and also talk/listen using two-way talk feature. Also, if some unexpected motions occur in the room then they’ll receive a push notification on their Smartphone app.


Cannabis is on the verge of legality and there are many businesses that want a piece of this lucrative business opportunity. One of the prime contenders is Tökr.

The startup has revolutionized the way people buy cannabis products with a mobile app that simplifies the whole process. This company has made cannabis consumption no less than a luxury activity.

Tökr is available in Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store which is a big achievement for any cannabis company. The Tökr app showcases various products and users can choose according to their specific tastes and preferences. Many dispensaries are Tökr’s associates that benefit from this online business model.


ETHiQ is a non-partisan platform that is built to inform Americans of where the political parties are getting their money from. Ethiq follows the money and shows the flow of money between corporations and politics. They’re still in Android and iPhone app development in Los Angeles.

In 2010, the Supreme Court concluded that political spending is protected under the First Amendment.

ETHiQ is a startup created in response to this. Users of ETHiQ can find out where businesses actually send political donations, and how much donations were made informing users to find parties that are better aligned with their personal and political beliefs.

Los Angeles Mobile App Development: The Final Call

Any business idea however big or small can’t survive without accepting and upgrading their technology stacks.

Especially for such businesses that depend on a large user base for revenue, creating a mobile app for your product/service is a must.

Going with app development companies in Los Angeles is a smart and beneficial decision that you can make for your startup. So you need to choose the top app Design And Development Agency Los Angeles to develop an app that can compete against the A-listing apps in your industry.

How to Start a Business in Los Angeles in 2020?

LA is the city of angels but it’s tough to start a business in heaven. So you need to have every possible resource at your side.

You need to understand that the cost of Los Angeles app development may seem very high but there is an option of off-shore app development. But make sure that you hire only the best Android and iPhone app developers.

Besides expert developers, the mobile app development Company in Los Angeles should have a team of proficient designers, business analysts, and marketing experts that will create a complete digital plan of action for your startup.