Minneapolis Tech startups are making huge rounds in the tech world, especially in America. Learn which these unicorn startups are and how they got there.

The Twin City Minneapolis-Saint Paul is slowly rising to the list of the top 10 tech startup cities of America. Thanks to their strong technical base, this city is attracting a lot of investors and entrepreneurs and becoming a new home to some SaaS-Based Software & mobile app-based startups. Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon have been investing in the Minneapolis startup scene. This must entice you how to start a tech company of your own since it shows a promising future for the tech industry in the zenith city.

Stats on Minneapolis Tech Startups And Their Success

  • Bright Health, an insurance startup closed its latest funding round with $200 million in series C in November 2018.
  • Bright Health is now valued at approx. $950 million.
  • A Minneapolis food delivery mobile app startup, Bite Squad, was acquired by Waitr for $321 million.
  • At present, there are 18 Fortune 500 companies that have made base in Minneapolis.
  • In the past half a decade, companies in Minnesota’s “Medical” Tech sector collectively raised more than $2.5 billion.

We Know There May Be Many Questions Arising In Your Mind Like

  • What are the best startups in Minneapolis, Minnesota?
  • What are some of the most interesting tech startups in Minneapolis?
  • Which are the top tech companies in Minnesota?
  • Which startup companies in Minneapolis are the best to work for?
  • How to start a business in Minnesota?
  • What is the process of setting up a tech or a non-tech startup business in Minneapolis?
  • How profitable is starting a business in Minnesota?
  • How helpful are existing businesses and Minneapolis government organizations?
  • What is the cost of developing an app in Minneapolis?
  • How can I begin a business in Minnesota on a limited budget?

This blog is aimed to give you a complete and unbiased perspective of the recent mobile app and tech startup scene in Minneapolis and answer all the questions mentioned above. So without any further ado, we present to you the top Minneapolis tech startups.

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Best Minneapolis Tech Startups of this year

We have gone through factors like business potentials, revenue reports, future predictions, and company environments to make a list of the top businesses in Minneapolis that are sure to make it large in the coming years.

MPLS Parking

Minneapolis city and Parkmobile, LLC partnered and made one of the most important public apps for the city. This is the most user-friendly parking assistance app that the citizens of Minneapolis can have. Register with the app for free and join instantly. Now you can get information about all the available parking spots near your location.

You don’t need to worry about coins to park the car or any out-of-service parking meter; all of it can be done in app. Users can also extend their parking session and pay for the same from the app itself. The app users also receive a notification of parking session expiration 15 minutes prior. For the users who own multiple vehicles, you can also change the number plate of the vehicle in the app that you are using for the day.


It is an Agri-tech startup that is changing the approach to farming across many countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. Conservis provides a cloud-based farm management system that gets better with farmers’ input. The older methods of managing operations were very troublesome, time-consuming, and prone to errors, while Conservis puts all your farming data in one place and does all the data analysis for you.

The aim of Conservis was always to help agricultural enterprises make confident management decisions based on reliable data using BI & Big Data Technology. Every user (farmer) has private cloud access to their farm’s database which can be accessed from any mobile device or desktop. This makes it easy for farmers to get reports on any given data and share them with other stakeholders.

When I Work

‘When I Work’ is a business software that companies can use for employee scheduling, communicating, and time clock. More than half a million people from 50+ countries are using When I Work. The startup provides free employee schedule software for companies having up to 75 employees. They have other software models for businesses that are looking for something more than basic software.

The business’ software uses a combination of various communication tools to keep in touch with its users like web, mobile apps, social media, text messaging, and email. While other work management software have been quite troublesome to manage “When I Work” guarantees a smooth, intuitive alternative.


Gravie is one of the leading Minneapolis startups that is reinventing health benefits. This startup has made the health insurance marketplace simpler and easier to afford for employers and employees alike.

Their company goal is “Better benefits for all.” They have combined smart technology with a human touch. Gravie helps employers outsource the hassle of benefits administration.

So the companies opting for Gravie don’t need to go through cumbersome processes of annual renewals, open enrollment, and insurance companies. They advise employees in every step from choosing to buy health benefit plans, and then they take care of the application and payments, including government tax credits and coordinate it all in one spot. Gravie also offers a special Gravie Care, giving free year-long one-on-one expert help on anything related to health benefits.


Sentera is yet another Agri-tech startup that is helping farming enterprises across America. The design and engineering teams of Sentera have made the most trending technologies work for the agriculture industry. They build drones and sensors that provide software and data management solutions to farmers.

They have a robust array of products that are used for farm management and other inspections saving a lot of time and money for their users. This startup has helped many other industries besides agriculture like infrastructure, mining, public safety industries, etc. The expertise of Sentera in customizing drones, sensors, and software solutions according to individual needs is helping it reach new heights not just in Minneapolis, Minnesota but all across America.

The Scope of Startups in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota was very different a decade back. If you came here in 2009 with a startup idea in your mind, then you would most probably give up on your idea in a few months partly because of the economy and partly the ecosystem. But in the last ten years, a lot has changed, and all of this became possible due to the digitization of businesses in the city.

In just the last couple of years, there has been a 40% increase in startup investments.

The support doesn’t just stop at guidance and business advice but individuals willing to set up your business and help you make strong and relevant contacts with other entrepreneurs and investors. The two main industries that are flourishing under this digital reign are agriculture and healthcare. Several more businesses have impacted these sectors in a drastically constructive way.

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How to Create Your Own Mobile Tech Startup?

Creating a successful mobile tech startup, however difficult is not impossible. And, if you follow this proven road map, then you are bound to succeed.

  • Find a Problem to solve.
  • Generate an app idea to solve the problem.
  • Research properly how to implement your app idea.
  • Choose an expert App Development Company
  • Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and test it.
  • Develop a full-fledged app from the MVP.
  • Launch the app after proper marketing strategy execution.
  • Provide proper service to the users via the app and make sure the work goes on seamlessly.
  • Go back to the drawing board and start working on new updates and features for the app.
  • Keep on reinventing and innovating with future trends and features.

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