Are you planning to launch a web app based business?

We know the most challenging thing in a business is coming up with great web app ideas that are unique and promising enough to become a million-dollar company.

A business’ real worth is not in the money it has or the assets.

The real worth of a digital business is in the potential of the static or dynamic web application idea and the heights you reach with your efforts. Well, you can also offer services of your non-tech startup online via a web app.

So, here are the best 30 ideas for web applications or progressive web apps that you should check out!

If you have already surpassed the stage of custom website development for small businesses, but don’t have enough capital to build a mobile app, you can convert your business website into a web app at a lower cost.

The app ideas for startups we’ve listed differ in purpose as well as execution format. So, these ideas for web apps fall into one of the following five categories:

List of Top 30 Web App Project Ideas

  • 1. Mall On Wheels Delivery
  • 2. Reservation Platform
  • 3. Online Storage Space
  • 4. On-Demand Commercial Transportation
  • 5. Buy & Sell Platform
  • 6. e-Wallet & Digital Payment
  • 7. CEO Dashboard
  • 8. Chatbot Hosting
  • 9. CRM for Startups & Small Businesses
  • 10. Docket Management System
  • 11. Retreat Management Platform
  • 12. Employee Orientation Software
  • 13. Job Recruitment Web App
  • 14. eCommerce Website/Drop Shipping
  • 15. All Kinds of Service Platform
  • 16. Online Gamer Platforms
  • 17. Deals, Coupon, Referrals Platform
  • 18. Digital Personal Assistant
  • 19. AI-Browser Cookies
  • 20. YouTube Radio
  • 21. Startup Club
  • 22. Personalized Q&A Forum
  • 23. Family Web App
  • 24. Crime Alert
  • 25. Machine Learning Astrology
  • 26. SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Music
  • 27. Hobby Connect
  • 28. Review Web App like IMDb
  • 29. Memes & GIFs Portal
  • 30. Social Platform Alert

Mobile apps are only available for smartphones, while websites aren’t very mobile-friendly. So, we figured out that you’ll prefer to find a middle ground with the web app development approach.

Hate reading long blogs? Here is the video in which we discuss the 10 best web app ideas from our list of top 30.

So, here are the best 30 ideas for web applications or progressive web apps that you should check out!

6 Enterprise LevelBest Web App Ideas

1. Mall On Wheels Delivery

There are several retail malls and supermarkets like Walmart, Costco, Target, all across the U.S. and around the world. But, these malls are seeing fewer customers day-by-day due to the expansion of eCommerce brands like Amazon and eBay.

But, there is a way, a business strategy that can bring back the golden days of mall shopping in the years to come. It, in fact, is one of the great development ideas. By offering a web application for grocery delivery where people can order retail products from your retail brands, you can launch a new sales channel for your retail store.

You may think, how is it different than what eCommerce brands like Amazon are already offering? Here, your biggest investment comes to the rescue. Your retail store already has all your products nicely stacked and ready to sell, so you can offer same-day delivery on any products that you showcase on your retail web app ideas.

Amazon offers this service only to its prime users, and that too only on specific products, while you can provide this feature for everyone for every product.

2. Reservation Platform

Reservation Web Application

How many times did you miss out on your favorite sports team’s match tickets or lost a date just because you couldn’t book a table at the best restaurant? It would have been acceptable in the 90s, but not in the year 2024.

Starting a reservation platform for public events is one of the cool web app ideas of 2024. With such a web application, people can book tables at restaurants, movie and concert tickets, seats at sports events months in advance. This web development idea will aid users in getting the best seats and special deals on early bird offers.

You can apply multiple revenue models to this app ideas for startups like a commission cut on every booking, selling ad space of your ticket booking web app, and even a premium membership offer for the customers with advanced features and deals.

3. Online Storage Space

In this app idea, you own servers and sell the storage space to small businesses. Providing online storage space at an affordable price to such small, personal websites is one of the most effective and simple web app ideas of 2024.

Many small businesses and individuals have a small but entirely digital platform-based business. They could be bloggers, small product stores, artists, wholesale dealers, etc. who run their business online. Such entities need an online storage space to store their business data, website, and other digital data onto servers.

You can be the server space provider that offers them this service. Such entities are so small that they only need a part of a single server to run their business and hence can’t afford to buy a whole server. So, you, as the online storage space provider, can offer a service where they can save and operate their business from your array of servers via the web application that you provide.

4. On-Demand Commercial Transportation

If you take any average city in the world, neither too crowded nor too empty. You’ll see that every city is capable of providing enough commuters for daily transport businesses to achieve a multi-million-dollar valuation in a couple of years.

Launching a web application for commercial transport will turn out to be the best decision as a startup. You can offer commercial transport service as hailing cabs, renting vehicles, and even small scale logistics for normal customers.

Transportation is the lifeblood of any civilization, and we are living in the biggest civilization that humans have created. Imagine the potential of business and profits when it comes to commercial transportation with web app.

5. Buy & Sell Platform

Millennials and Gen Zers have given up on the “owning stuff lifestyle” that their parents used to follow. The trend now is to rent and exchange stuff as per your current needs, and it is an excellent way to save money for the more meaningful things in life.

This rent and exchange lifestyle has given birth to a new industry where people directly buy and sell used items via web apps like LetGo and OfferUp. This industry vertical is relatively new, and there is a lot of potential for startups to launch early and become the industry leaders in 2024.

Such a web application platform has the potential to connect two people living in the same street or across the world to sell stuff to each other. Re-selling platforms will be a major trendsetter this year and become a significant business vertical in the near future.

6. e-Wallet & Digital Payment

e-Wallets are everywhere; you must have used it within the week itself. Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay are all examples of e-Wallets. In layman’s terms, an e-Wallet is an app linked to your bank account(s), using which you can pay at any place where the platform is supported. Make all your payments digital, quick, and safe, with a touch of a button.

Starting an e-Wallet web app ideas has its complications, but if done correctly, it can be a sure success web app business that can take your startup to millions within a year of launch like BharatPay.

Even though such payment web apps have been around only for five years now, they have become a global sensation. It is predicted that the digital payment market will grow 33% every year from 2021 to 2026.

You should start a web application for digital payments because not many e-Wallet apps are desktop-friendly. Most of the big names are focused only on mobile apps, giving you the chance to charge and take control of an entire customer niche that is, in a sense, “undiscovered.”

Top 6 Web Application Ideas for B2B Clients

7. CEO Dashboard

How many of you have faced this situation? You are doing some critical work, and the CEO comes in asking you to send some stats or piece of information for which you need to leave your task and crawl through old files. Such distractions can break the flow of work and hamper your productivity.

What if there was a CEO dashboard, just like many businesses have an admin dashboard? Why keep thinking when you can make it happen with a web app? Build and launch a CEO dashboard web application that crawls through all the work files and provides the exact metrics and data that the CEO needs from you without disturbing your workflow. This is a great web app idea for proper workflow management.

Such a ceo dashboard web app can be made for and used by any C-level executive, business leaders, board members, and department heads. Business dashboards have been in demand for several years now, and with each passing year, such web apps are getting more advanced features and better business potential.

8. Chatbot Hosting

You may not sense it, but most of the chat support you talk to on sites are usually AI-based Chatbots. The science behind self-learning chatbot is becoming more accessible to ordinary people and small businesses.

You can take this opportunity to build your own AI chatbots and sell them to clients as an array of your hosting service. The clients could be celebrities, small businesses, public organizations, among many others who are growing in fame and getting more visitors to their site than they can respond to.

Your clients will buy the chatbot hosting services from you, and they can access the chat logs of their site visitors using your company’s web app with the credentials you provide them.

9. CRM for Startups/Small Businesses

CRM stands for Content Relationship Management. So, by definition, a CRM platform is a platform that helps a business in managing relationships with customers. The simple definition would be a software or web app platform that helps companies interact with their customers and help them with any queries, issues, complaints, or feedback they may have with the company.

Word of advice, the CRM market is very lucrative but also super competitive. There are some massive names like Salesforce and Hubspot that have dominion over most of the market. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try this web app idea; instead, you should try really hard to carve a niche out for your CRM web application solution.

Those big names we mentioned are only behind the bigger fishes, which leaves you an untapped market of small and medium enterprises in need of an excellent CRM web app platform. When it comes to the B2B industry, CRMs are a very challenging and promising web application idea to try out.

Building a CRM app solution is not much hard work; an experienced website development company can make an MVP for you within a week. It can also work well if you are looking for potential web app ideas for startups. You can go small at first and target freelancers/ new startups / small businesses, and keep moving up from there.

10. Docket Management Software System

Before discussing a docket management operating system, you need to know what a docket is. A docket management web app is a document or label listing the contents of a consignment or package. More precisely, in legal terms, it’s a list of cases in court for trial.

Law firms have a colossal amount of paperwork and documents to manage, probably the most number of documents than any other kind of firm. Such document storage and maintenance are not possible on standard software platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox. Another issue is that such kinds of documents are highly confidential and require high-end security.

You can go for a custom web app development approach and build such a powerful, personalized, and secure docket management system web application. Then you can sell the solution on a SaaS-based model to law firms and also the judicial courts.

11. Retreat Management Platform

Businesses and enterprises are understanding the importance of employees de-stressing and rebooting themselves at regular intervals. Hence the trend of organizing corporate retreats has been on the rise for the past couple of years.

Such a rise in retreat programs has put the wellness resorts and hotels in a bit of a tight spot. Now they have to manage bookings, programs, and finances of such programs all around the year. That is where you bring in your retreat management system to ease their work.

A Retreat management system is an online web app software that is designed for retreat centers to manage their year around bookings, retreats, rooms, and finances, all in one place. So, resorts and hotels can purchase your management system and access it from any device using your web application.

One of the best advantages of web apps is that many development companies are highly skilled in converting your existing retreat or hotel website into a responsive web app.

The retreat approach comes under a larger wellness movement, which is rapidly growing in popularity. There is an entire wellness tourism sector which is currently valued at $639 billion and is expected to reach $919 billion in the forthcoming years.

12. Employee Orientation and Training Software

Employee orientation is a crucial yet much-ignored aspect of administrative duties. It’s the first culture and administrative process that an employee witnesses of the company, which means it’s probably the first impression of a company on their employee.

There are several reasons why employee orientation/induction fails in general. One of the biggest reasons why orientations don’t go so well is the lack of planning and organization when the company has several more significant procedures and protocols running parallely.

Other prominent reasons are missing employee orientation and training web application, essential documents misplaced, skipping introduction meetings because teams are “double-booked” on other tasks. It’s a pain, from the perspective of the HR as well as the new employee

Companies can avoid all these problems if they install an employee orientation and training software, the one that you will provide in the form of an employee orientation web app system that can be accessed from any device in the world with the right credentials.

6 Popular Web App Ideas for B2C

13. Job Recruitment Web App

Maybe you are not interested in serving enterprises; instead, you prefer to serve the end-users, the people. One of the best ways to start a successful web app-based business is to provide a platform from where people can find jobs. What could be better than to start a business that becomes the reason for employment for millions?

There are a few job recruitment websites where job seekers create their account and add the details of their qualifications, their resume, and what kind of job they are looking for. Recruiters from various industries and companies can directly check potential candidates’ profiles and choose the best ones to interview.

So, what will you do as a new job recruitment platform? The one problem that all these existing recruitment websites have is that they are not very user friendly, especially across various devices (desktop and mobile).

You can provide a new platform optimized for desktop and mobile usage and is very easy and practical to use by recruiters and job seekers. Instead of complicating a myriad of useless features, you can make it simple and to the point, making it the most preferred job recruitment web application available in the market.

14. eCommerce Website/Drop Shipping

eCommerce Website/Drop Shipping

The biggest store in the world makes the biggest profit. eCommerce stores like Amazon and eBay are among the most prominent enterprises in the world. You can also join their ranks and build a multi-million (even billion) dollar brand ranking in high revenue.

The best thing about this business model is that you don’t own the products being sold on your eCommerce or drop shipping platform. The products are bought, stored, and managed by the merchants registered to your eCommerce web app platform.

In case you plan to start a dropshipping business, you don’t even have to worry about the product shipping. All you need to do is list the merchants’ products on the web app platform and earn from the commission made on every order.

If you already have an eCommerce website up and running, converting that into a responsive web application is easier and more cost-effective than building a web app from scratch.

Unlock the potential of your online business with our top-notch eCommerce development services!

15. All Kinds of Service Platform

There is no better business model than the one based on skills and services. There is a subliminal guarantee that service-based businesses have been prospering for years and will keep doing so for years to come.

With a help of web developers, you can earn a good and steady revenue while making it possible for several service professionals to keep working and providing their skills. You can list many services on your web app platform, like plumbing, electrical works, hairdressing, babysitting, carpentry, etc.

Here we talked about the service providers that belong to the small-worker force and can’t afford to offer their services digitally. But there is a mass majority of such working-class service providers. If you launch a web app service platform as a business, all of these people get a platform to digitize, and you get to earn while expanding their business.

You can provide multiple on-demand services to the user by collaborating with various service providers.

16. Online Gamer Platforms

Online gaming is a rising industry that is becoming a global cult trend, with billions of users joining. This industry has several verticals that you can enter and carve out a niche market for yourself. You don’t even need to develop a game to become the biggest gaming brand.

You can launch a web app gamer platform that isn’t a game itself but a community platform where gamers come to socialize. Discord and Twitch are probably the best web application examples to define this industry vertical. Discord is a chatting server that specializes in serving lag-free voice & video chat for gamers. At the same time, Twitch is like YouTube for gamers, where they can live stream their games and interact with their viewers. Adding more to it, you can create a fantasy sports website to give a real feel of the sports world to the gamers.

The total valuation of the gaming industry by the end of 2020 is predicted to reach $180 billion, and it’ll rise to $250+ billion by 2025. Out of which Twitch and Discord valuation are $3.8 billion and $3.5 billion this year.

Starting a web app platform for gamers is literally a billion-dollar idea that you can try anytime.

17. Deals, Coupons, Referrals Platform on E commerce website

Deals & Coupons Web App

The eCommerce industry is thriving and becoming one of the highest revenue grossing industries in the world. Some industries came into existence as a by-product of eCommerce. If you want to launch a business that is as lucrative as eCommerce, but you don’t want to risk getting into a highly competitive industry, then opening a deals and coupons portal is an excellent web app idea.

Most of the eCommerce websites hold various deals, referral programs, special coupons all around the year. With billions using e commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many other eCommerce brands, people are always on the lookout to save money while shopping.

Finding a particular referral code or coupon for a specific product on a particular site is quite tricky and time consuming. To make work easy, you can provide the web application that gives people the right coupons and deals to make the best shopping decision. Build a single web app for all the best coupon codes and eCommerce special deals.

18. Digital Personal Assistant

Whether you are a student, a businessperson, or a homemaker, life has become quite hectic in recent years. If only you could have a personal assistant that would be present for you 24×7. Maybe not a real assistant, but a digital assistant can serve your needs round the clock.

In recent years, there have been some cool mobile apps that perfectly play the role of a personal assistant. But, these apps are limited to just the primary smartphone of the user. By launching a digital assistant web app, you can provide the personal assistant service to your users across various devices ranging from desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even smart wearables.

With various features like calendar management, reminders, taking notes, doing small tasks, etc., your web app can provide an almost realistic assistant. Maybe even more efficient than an actual assistant as this one doesn’t take leaves or falls sick.

Launching a digital personal assistant web application is probably one of the coolest web app ideas on this list. The development is not quite easy due to the massive integration of AI and ML, but if done correctly, it could become a global sensation like having Alfred or Jarvis on your phone.

6 Most Unique Web App Ideas for 2024

19. AI-Browser Cookies

Do you like cookies? The most common phrase you read when you visit any website. Have you ever wondered, what do these browser cookies do? Cookies are the files saved by the sites you visit to provide you with a quick and personalized site experience the next time you visit them.

These files save some basic information like which URLs you visited, save login details if you have registered to the site, etc. Browser cookies are useful for the businesses as their sites load quickly and take you to the same site location where you usually visit.

Now, imagine that these simple browser cookies get a massive upgrade with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an AI-powered Browser Cookie web app, you can have all your browser preferences from various devices saved into a single profile. So, the next time you wish to access your office PC to search for that special risotto dish you found at home, you can do that with this web app.

The lines between your different electronic device profiles get blurred, and you get complete access to all of your browser search behaviors and history from any of your devices. This amazing web application adds to your browser and tracks everything intelligently to provide you with quick and accurate content and links that you prefer. It can be one of the best mobile or web application ideas for startups.

20. YouTube Radio

YouTube is the biggest database of videos, from learning to entertainment, devotional to political, and anything you could think of under the sun. Every minute, almost 500 hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube. Just imagine the amount of video content that YouTube has, the entire world watches over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day (that’s more than Netflix and Facebook combined).

With such a colossal amount of video content, how do you watch the content that matters to you the most? That where a YouTube Radio web app idea comes in play. It’s a web app project that personalizes video content from YouTube for its users according to their preferences and viewing history.

If you are looking for some unique web application ideas for a project; the YouTube Radio startup is perfect for someone trying to take advantage of this trending and evergreen video platform. With your web app, people don’t need to search or scroll to find interesting video content on YouTube; the app makes the perfect playlist for you. Just play the radio, and the party is on.

21. Startup Club

By reading the title you may think, don’t we have LinkedIn for that? Well, not exactly. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where every kind of person is present from employees, freelancers, students, CEOs, public figures, and many more. It’s a lot like a carnival of professionals, while I am proposing a more elite club only for entrepreneurs and investors interested in startups.

The web app will have some unique features that LinkedIn doesn’t, like a bidding feature when people host business idea sales, keeping your profile hidden from users lower than your peers, having quick access to CVs for every member, etc.

We are in the age of personalized content and platforms, so providing a special space dedicated only for startup founders, innovators, and investors is a compelling idea for web apps. Such highly skilled and super busy people own multiple devices, so they need a web application platform that is logged in to every device they own. So, they can reach this startup club web app within seconds.

22. Personalized Q&A Forum

Do you like Quora and Reddit? A lot of us do. But what if I tell you there is a better way to run a Q&A forum? One of the main issues that such forum users face is finding the exact questions or spaces where only topics of their interest is discussed. Again, in those spaces, there is a lot of noise as people from every walk of life try to give their 2 cents.

Now imagine that there are around 5 million people on such forums that are working in the hospitality industry and wish to learn only about the latest trends, issues, and suggestions on hospitality. What if you launch a hospitality forum/community that caters exclusively to the needs of these 5 million users.

You can start such a web app platform for the IT industry, entertainment industry, education, real estate, technology space, startups, medical, and many more. There are virtually infinite industries and verticals for which you can launch such a personalized forum web application project.

23. Family Web App

Family Web App

Everything we do in life is for our family: all the work, efforts, care, concern, everything for our family and loved ones. But, when the larger family comes into the picture, managing meetups, family tasks, reminding important days like birthdays and anniversaries, etc. feels a little overwhelming.

Where ordinary people see a problem, an entrepreneur sees the potential for a new business. Starting a family web application could be very profiting as well as a wholesome experience as a business startup. Such a web app helps its users by saving time, moderating all the members, and organizing family gatherings in a better way.

The family web app will offer several useful features like:

  • Family calendar where everyone can add their schedule for meetups
  • A forum or discussing group where everyone in the family can chat
  • Personal chatbox for private messaging
  • A family gallery for pics and videos sharing
  • To-do list to finish of home itineraries like grocery shopping, cooking dinner
  • Among many others

Although mobile apps are the name of the game, there are several business ideas which haven’t been explored via a mobile app; a family web app is one such idea. If you consider the market size of the family app, the potential of generating substantial revenue for your business is tremendous.

24. Crime Alert

In the US, a house burglary happens every 13 seconds, and 80% of the burglars will burgle another house within seven days. Now, that’s just one kind of crime that we’ve mentioned, imagine the rates on all the other serious ones like kidnapping, murder, rape, robbery, etc.

Crime, sadly, will keep happening. But you can keep yourself safe from such incidents by staying aware of the localities and recent crime updates. We would say that’s a very promising web app idea to develop a crime alert app for citizens.

The crime alert web app would look a lot like any other social networking app like Facebook or Instagram. But, instead of posting their pics and videos, people will post updates about any crimes happening in their location, they can also share pictures and videos for proof, and also discuss events based on groups divided by location.

The app can help in saving many lives and probably in stopping some of the crimes by timely updating to the people and local police authorities. Because of the rise in crime and the extent of this problem, it should be easy to attract users. Once you have enough web app users, you can monetise your web app with the standard advertising revenue model.

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25. Machine Learning Astrology

There are two types of people in the world, ones that believe in astrology and ones that don’t. You don’t need to believe in astrology to earn money from it. Also, we’re not talking about frauding people, either.

You can earn a decent revenue by providing an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based astrology web app to the people who follow this culture. If you think there aren’t enough people to make a profit off this business idea, think again. Most of the countries in the biggest continent of the world (Asia) are staunch followers of astrology. Add all the people from the rest of the world who also follow astrology, and you get a very promising user base to serve by web application.

The approach of such web application projects is simple. An ML-based astrology app will study the astrological patterns and provide real-time horoscopes to the users in a very personalized pattern. The Pattern app is based on a similar algorithm.

You can also offer premium services with more features like numerology, classic astrological remedies, etc. making it irrelevant to visit an astrologer physically. Machine Learning-based Astrology could be one of the best web app ideas for beginners.

26. SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation Music

Sleeptube Web App

Insomniacs try several things to sleep, drinking warm milk, taking cold showers, and several more. But the best and proven way to induce sleep is through sound waves and hypnotic relaxation music. Some prefer white noise like rain, crickets, beach, etc. while others prefer deep, slow trance music that reduces brain activity.

Besides adult insomniac people, one of the most common users would be children. The hyperactive powerhouse of the house seldom sleeps, and that leads to the parents getting little rest. Your SleepTube web app can help those kids and in turn, their parents to sleep well.

While adults prefer sound therapy, you need to change the approach with kids. They need something of their interest. What they need is a bedtime story to sleep to. So, you can provide a curated list of children’s stories in audio format which the parents can play to help their kids to sleep.

The web application UI should be such that with time the lights start to dim, and the sound waves or background music changes to help the sleep faster.

27. Hobby Connect

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Life is passing us by a hundred miles per hour, and there is no time to rest, keep grinding and working, hobbies and passions will have to wait until we retire at 60. Or, maybe not! Why wait until you are 60 to learn that guitar or how to paint? Why not learn a new language or try acting this weekend?

That is what your app ideas for startups, Hobby Connect web app will do for people. It will help the app users to meet other people who share the same hobbies and to try out things together. So, if someone has been skipping the gym for months, they’ll now have a gym partner to keep them motivated and keep working out.

You can also provide a premium service for users with courses on learning new hobbies and even ask queries directly to expertsin web application. So, for example, someone who wants to learn how to play the guitar can learn from a guitar learning course on your hobby learning web app. At any moment, if the user doubts a strumming pattern or chord progression, they can ask a professional guitarist.

There are many ways through which you can earn a steady revenue from this web app platform. People will not be paying just for a reminder app or a hobby community app, but you can always earn from showing advertisements. If you decide to include the courses feature, then you can earn from setting a price to these courses or taking a commission from the teachers leading these courses.

28. Review Web App like IMDb

There is probably no youngster who hasn’t heard about IMDb (Internet Movie Database), the biggest database of movie reviews from cinema critiques and normal audience. How about creating a similar review web application for books, or electronics, or literally anything else that you can think of.

The best thing about IMDb is that it is trustworthy as the site is not trying to sell or promote any particular movie more than others. If you offer such an honest and straightforward reviewing app for any other thing, product, service, or art; your web app can also become a synonym of high quality and truth.

You may think, why would someone try to build such an review web application if one can not earn any profit from it? Well, IMDb is a subsidiary of Amazon and has been earning very well for years. They don’t try to push what they showcase, but they do show ads on their site, and that is their primary source of income.

The key to building a reviewing database web app is to keep it super simple and accessible. This is what will differentiate your reviewing platform from your competitors – the fact that you don’t tamper the review, and it is simple to use. Honesty and simplicity is the key, and it’s what your market wants.

29. Memes & GIFs Portal

Memes and GIFs are the legends of the internet that keep on coming back in some form or other. From the early 90s of the internet to the recent 20s and ahead, memes and GIFs will stay for a long time to come. We don’t need to tell you how popular these materials are on the internet; you can witness their presence almost everywhere online.

So, how about making money from this funny and trending internet culture? You build a web application where people can find the best memes and GIFs across all the topics and moods. They can also share these materials from there with their friends and over social media.

You can also go a step ahead by adding basic editing tools and letting people create their own memes and GIFs easily through your platform. It’s a very promising, trending, and fun web app idea that you can start as a beginner and earn a fortune from, within a limited time.

30. Social Platform Alert

Social media is a dangerous place, especially for kids. So, how do you stay away from the creeps, trolls, and threats, while keeping your sanity in check? That is where a social media blocker web app comes into action.

Imagine it just like the truecaller app, but for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The social media blocker web app works as a plugin with your social media accounts and notifies you if a “threat contact” tries to connect with you.

The way people behave behind the anonymity of the internet has made it a necessary precaution to keep such alert web app, especially for women and kids accessing social media. It’s a straightforward web application idea that anyone with a beginner’s knowledge can launch.

Final Thoughts On Web Application Ideas

That’s it from simple web app ideas. These were the top 30 web app ideas that you can try out in 2024 to start a successful business venture.

Our work here is done, and now it’s over to you. Make sure that you choose the best web app development company to build your business’ web application. We wish you luck in your future ventures, whatever your web app business goal be.

FAQs on Ideas for Web Apps

1. What are Some Good Project Ideas for Web Applications?

A good web app project idea depends upon the potential of the problem you are trying to solve and the depths of research you achieve for providing the solution. Classifying a web app idea as good or average is always a hard task, but the dedicated execution and applied innovation on the same defines the growth potential it has.

2. How to Make Money From Web App Ideas in 2024?

Making money by web app ideas in 2024 is something that every investor and startup aspirant is eying, so the emphasis needs to be laid on the longevity and depth of the problem they are trying to solve through their ideas for the profitability of the same. Great examples of this are iTunes (checking piracy in music), Amazon (building a reliable marketplace), Netflix (providing more control to users for viewing content), and more. These apps earn through subscription models (iTunes, Netflix, & Amazon), in-app purchases (iTunes), and commissions (Amazon). There are many other models to make money through a web app:

1. In-app Advertising
2. Data Monetization
3. Donations
4. SMS and Email Marketing
5. Sponsorships
6. Paid Apps

3. What Are Innovative and Unique Web App Ideas for 2024?

Technology is an ever-growing and ever-expanding field, every year we see several new applications gaining the limelight. Considering the increased pace of digitalization and the effects that the pandemic had, below are few innovative and unique web app ideas for 2024:

1. Family Web App
2. Crime Alert
3. Startup Club
4. Personalized Q&A Forum
5. Youtube Radio
6. AI-Browser Cookies
7. CEO Dashboard
8. Memes & GIFs Portal Web
9. Hobby Connect
10. Retreat Management App/Platform

Innovation is an endless notion, so there’s always a possibility to be surprised in the future.

4. Which Type of Web App Shall I Build to Be Successful?

You need to build a web app based on the present and future demand, while their user interface is developed on the basis of today’s user understanding and has the scope of inculcating future trends as well, then only they can be projected to be successful. Along with that your web app idea shall be based on extensive research on the user problem and shall be developed by an experienced and expert professional team.

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