Mobile App Design Company

Mobile App Design Company

To Build Alluring UX/UI Designs

We combine our years of experience and deep knowledge of technology trends to deliver stunningly attractive mobile app design services.

Why Choose Us For Mobile App Design Services?

We believe that for the success of an online app, its design plays a major role. Therefore, being a mobile app design agency we always keep updated with the latest trends. This helps us to build the best mobile app designs for our clients.

Whether it is a design for Android or iOS, our designers never fail to impress the clients. Our designers aim at developing the best mobile app designs as per your requirements. We build user as well as business-centric mobile apps designs.

We understand the importance of your business growth, henceforth come up with innovative and clean mobile app designs.

Benefits of Hiring Our Mobile App Design Company

As a mobile app design firm, we always believe to deliver the best designs to our clients. Here are a few advantages you will get by working with our app designing company.
  • Multi-Step Design Process
  • Trending Tools & Design Strategies
  • Certified UX/UI Designers & Engineers
  • Manual & Automated Design Testing Tool
  • Adjustable Approach with Continuous Improvement
  • Usability & User-Testing
  • Updated with the Latest Design Trends
  • Help & Support

Our Mobile App Design Services

We deliver the best mobile app design services with the latest market trends. Astonishing digital experience is a result of trends enclosed with a thorough understanding of mobile apps.

Below are a few mobile application design services provided by our mobile app design company.

  • Material Design
  • Flat Design
  • Animations
  • In-App Gestures
  • Custom Illustrations
  • 3D Designs
  • Fluid & Liquid Effect
  • Isometric Design
  • Minimalism Concept
  • Floating Elements
  • Open Compositions
  • Micro-Interactions
  • Thumb-Friendly Navigation
  • Glitch Art
  • Asymmetrical Layouts

We Design Apps Which Are Impossible to Ignore

At Excellent Webworld we make sure that your company goals and strategy are built at the heart of your app.

By incorporating the latest technology and our years of experience, we will design UI & UX that fulfill your objectives, engage your users and look stunning while doing that.

We design top-notch hybrid as well as native iOS and Android mobile apps with an engaging interface and robust user experience.

We convert our clients’ raw ideas into a tangible product by refining strategy, outlining objectives, and sketching layouts and storyboards.

Our Mobile App Design Process & Costing

Being the top app design agency in India and worldwide, we believe that designing an app is like walking on a circular path rather than a straight line. The reason to repeat the design cycle several times is to guarantee complete client and user satisfaction. We make a clear roadmap for the best mobile app design process for your business app.

Below you can see how long each app design stage may take and the mobile app design price for each stage

Mobile App Designing Process and Costing
Mobile App Designing Process and Costing
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Your Innovative App Idea Needs Dedicated and Professional Mobile App Designers

Statistics claim that a vast majority of users’ reject mobile applications due to their abysmal design. After all, it’s the mobile app design which attracts the user to stay engaged in your mobile app. Often some businesses make a severe mistake of compromising with the app design by hiring amateur mobile app designers which results in a sub-par outcome. Hiring a mobile app design company will help you to get a perfect app design.
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FAQs For Mobile App Design

Choose from many different mobile app mockups or create a custom template based on whether you want an isolated object with a changeable background or a still photo. Next, upload your elements or assets, adjust the size and position, and customize the screen.

Once the mockup image is ready in super high resolution, share it with the developers to further develop.

Wireframing for a mobile app is quite different than wireframing for a desktop application. You need to make sure you’re adhering to Android, iOS, and any other platform standards that you wish to launch to.

Having a small interface means your mobile app design needs to be compact, with clear and easy navigation.

Wireframing is simply answering to several designing questions like, How will your push notifications be enabled? How will you encourage your users to keep using the app without getting bored? How will the users interact with the app? Etc.

The timeline to design an app depends entirely upon the complexity of the design and the number of screens the app will have. The time to develop a mobile app design can range anywhere from 20 hours to 140 hours.
A mobile UI is the design part of the app that allows the user to interact with the device’s features and functions. It’s the design part which makes it possible for the users to easily and interestingly interact with the app.
Steps to design an app are:

  • Sketch your app idea.
  • Do some market research.
  • Create mockups of your app.
  • Make your app’s graphic design.
  • Send the app design ahead for development.

FAQs on Cost of Designing a Mobile App

Do you need help in creating visual elements for a single page application (SPA), a mobile app, or a progressive web app (PWA)?

The cost of your app designing project will depend on the scope of work, the level of experience of the app designer, and the specific skills needed to bring your project to life.

Follow these steps:

  • Writea well-defined app designer job description.
  • SearchUI freelancers on designer platforms like Behance and Dribbble.
  • Interact with design communities
  • Shortlist the potential designers.
  • Run interviews with them.


Just interview the best designers of Excellent Webworld and choose the right designer for your project.

There are several other services needed, like creating custom icons for the app, social media graphics, the stationary design like envelope and letterhead, and some more.

Such type of brand designing could cost anywhere around $700 to $1500.

The cost of hiring app UX designers depends on several factors like the location of the designer, their amount of experience, whether they are freelancers or part of a larger IT firm, etc.

If we talk just based on the location of the designer, someone from the USA would cost around the range $50-$150 per hour, while you can get the same quality of work from an app designer in India for the price range of $15 to $50.

Remember that going way too cheap or costly will either affect the quality of work or your budget, respectively.

If you wish to build an app that does more than just perform tasks, if you wish to build an app that people love to use, you need a UI designer. To find the best UI designer for your project, you need to first identify your UI design needs.