Project Framing with Client

This Kenya based client found some of our Clutch contributions and was really impressed. Later, he contacted us and shared his innovative business idea. The client wanted to build an online uber taxi apps in Kenya. And his main aim was to have a platform for the users where they can book a taxi as well as rent a car as per their needs.

The client wanted to build a car rental app & taxi hailing app in Kenya with unique features. But firstly he wanted to start this application in Nairobi. From the first conversation itself, he was very clear about his goals from the project.

Peppea Project Framing with Client

Why They Chose Us?

As said, from the first, the client was clear about his goals. But the point which made up his mind to work with our company was the approach and interest we took in his project. We not only just worked on the points that he asked for but even gave our inputs on how he can make better and appealing app. We found some new features that made the app more attractive and interesting.

This is how the framing of Peppea came in the picture.

Technology Stack


ios, Android


MySQL, MongoDB

App Security


PHP Framework


Payment Gateway

Paypal, Stripe

Runtime Tracking

Socket.IO Using NodeJS


Google Map integration

Top Features That Make Peppea – A Taxi App in Kenya a Unique One

The Peppea app has all the primary features that any taxi booking or car rental app has, but there are some extraordinary features that take Peppea to another level.

  • User Profiles
  • On-demand Area (increasing fare of the area that is on-demand)
  • Item Management
  • Driver details sharing options
  • Availability status for driver
  • Financial Data Management
  • Item Management
A taxi app in kenya a unique one

What We Made?

We built a user-friendly admin panel that makes it easy for the client to have a look at the day to day activities. With that, we’ve built a dispatcher panel where any ride is assigned to the driver and can even manage every trip status. The other unique thing we built as per the client’s request was having a feature that allows the driver to have multiple vehicle registrations. We have used social media login for the user app. All in all, it was really exciting to develop the new features with the other basic features.

We’ve integrated Flutterwave payment gateway to make it easy for all users to transfer and receive the payment. With that, M-Pesa net banking, cards and Cash are even the options for the users to make their payment. Henceforth, starting from the wireframe of the final app we got through within the 2 months.

Peppea - what we made

Emerging Challenges & Its Solution

To accept the challenges is what Excellent Webworld has always worked upon. The challenge we faced here was:


We’ve noticed it many times that the tracking map is quite behind than the actual place and the actual distance is not shown as it should be.


To solve this challenge we came up with a solution to give accurate tracking and distance. We just made it a real-time route map which keeps on showing the actual distance of the cab. We calculate the distance in a unique way to avoid the misunderstanding.

Peppea taxi app

Extras That We Came Up With

To take an app to the whole new level, after a deep discussion with the client, we came up with some extraordinary features that make this taxi booking app Nairobi to a new level. We added a feature like bid my trip in which a driver can bid on the passenger’s ride, and passenger can select the best as per their requirements. The second best feature that we came up with is On-demand Area where the fare of the area increases when more requests start coming from that particular area. This way, we’ve added many such features and built a user-friendly app that attracted users.

Peppea Extras That We Came Up With
Peppea taxi App in Your Country

Planning For Similar Car Rental & Taxi App in Your Country?

Taxi booking & car rentals are ruling the world and will continue to do so. Any Uber taxi business in Kenya with the right resources can get a large user-base and succeed with this type of app.

You can launch a similar platform with zero efforts. If you’re still confused about how to build an app like Uber, talk to our development experts.

Let’s work together and build your lucrative startup!!