Have you ever wondered why brands like Facebook, Google, and Uber keeps updating their App’s UX / UI Design? Why they launch new versions in a short time? The answer is simple; they need to be updated with the trend to deliver the best experience to their users.

If you are thinking that you have recently updated your existing app and you don’t have to do it now then let me tell you one simple thing. UI/UX trends keep changing every month and if your competitors are leveraging these trends in their app then you might lose your clients.

With every passing day more and more smartphone users are coming up. The approx figure of smartphone users until this date is 5.13 billion.

It is a huge number right?

And the fact is this number will rise in the decade 2021 to 2030.

In this competitive world; your app needs to be the best and the only way to be at the top is to make your app the finest in the niche. You need to update your application per the mobile app design trends of 2024.

So, what are your efforts in delivering the best User experience? Do you think your app is well adapted with the latest trends in mobile app design?

Whenever the thought of launching an app comes in the mind; the UI/UX design is the first milestone.

Then this blog is going to be your Wikipedia of UI/UX to get a cutting-edge in your app competition. Keep reading to learn the modern mobile app design trends 2024.

Top Mobile App Design Trends To Go For in 2024

Down below, we have researched and listed 5 mobile app trends for you to check out!

1. Motion Design

Motion Design
When we talk about the latest app design trends, motion design tops the list. It is one of the emerging and popular trends spreading its wings because of rapid digital transformation worldwide. Some best examples of motion design are films, animated text, web-based animation, and applications.

Today, because of technological improvement, motion design has replaced the traditional design method and added a new dimension to graphic design, in addition to time.

2. Immersive Scrolling

Immersive Scrolling
Immersive scrolling is another latest mobile app design trend have opened a whole new world of possibilities for doing great storytelling. Traditional features had no such features, and the designer had difficulty scrolling through the order of the content.

However, with the coming of immersive scrolling, designers now have complete control over what content to display and how it will appear before people’s eyes. We can now present content in a more strategic, narrative-centered way.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots UI Design
Chatbots are modern app design trends that have become omnipresent in web and app designs over the last few years. Boats are a mini-robot that imitates real conversation with the users. Mobile app designers can use them for providing customer support, answering FAQs, and marketing products and services.

Because AI manages these robots, the replies of these robots are human-like. As Artificial intelligence continues to grow, so does the chatbot. It is expected to rise to $13.9 billion by 2027. So, it is also a significant mobile app development trend for the coming years. You can apply it and be on the wave!

4. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & Augmented Reality
VR & AR is the newer technology that is gaining traction in mobile application design. It is a technology that bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. For example, you could use AR to view a 3D model of a product before you buy it or to see how a piece of furniture would look in your home. Similarly, virtual reality (VR) allows users to view digital information in a completely immersive environment.

AR has a lot of potential for the future of app design. As AR and VR technology becomes more and more prevalent over the year, we will see more and more apps incorporating it into their design. Some examples of VR already being incorporated into app design over the last couple of years include Google Earth and Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

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5. Gradient Design

Gradient Design
The 90’s trends are back with style! Crop top, chokers, and scrunchies! And there is one trend that is taking the design world by storm, Gradient design. A few decades back, gradients were a popular way to add color and depth to designs. They remained a reasonably prominent design trend until the late 2000s when they took a backseat to flat design.

But the gradient trend has come back with a bang. It is one of the trends that is heavenly adopted this year. And now it is showing no sign of slowing down. As per the study, this latest mobile app design trend will dominate the market.

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Why Update Your Existing App Design With the Current UX Design Trends?

Do you know according to Google research, 26% of all the installed apps are used not more than once?

If you still have the mobile application having unattractive UI, then it’s time to bid goodbye to it.

The old tactics of having just aesthetically appealing app won’t work anymore because users are now smarter, they will find an alternative to your mobile app which has a better user interface. Henceforth, to survive you require a mobile application development with innovative UI and provide users a good experience.

Reasons to Update with Latest Mobile App Design Trends

Here are a few reasons why you should change your app to the latest demand of the users. This will make your visitors content and will deliver an engaging experience.

  • Ease of Using

Don’t make your design too much complicated so that the visitor gets confused and are not able to navigate easily. Make your landing page ordered and well managed so users can have easy to use UI.

  • Affect Mood

According to Neuromarketing, ”If good color sells, then the right color sells better.”

By understanding the psychology of color you can increase the conversion rate of your app. Thus, by using needed UI design trends, you can get better engagement of users and keeps them attentive to your app.

  • Increase Trust

By using the trending mobile UI design you can garner the loyal customer base to your app. It’s not a big thing to get a visitor one time; the most important thing is to make users get back to your app again and again. For that, you need to enforce the trust factor in the visitors by having the best app design.

So, I guess now you will be getting the importance of mobile app development for startups and also updating the existing app with current trends in mobile app design.

A Little Bonus for You! Update Your Website This Year

With updation in the latest app design trends, websites also need timely revamping in terms of design and functionality. So; if your business relies on the website then you need to serve the appealing design for new clients and for the engagement of existing clients. Although; the UI/UX of app and website is not much different still there are few trends which are must for every business website.

The latest trend in the website design includes all the above list of elements along with particle background, From shadows, Mobile first designs, and grid layouts.

mobile app design trends infographic

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Wrapping up!

So, the year 2024 and further ones will flood with new trends and technologies and more and more users will be attracted to it. To let your business survive here, you need to focus on new mobile app design trends. Your prime focus should be to keep your mobile UX design updated with the latest trends. Otherwise, the mobile app that has been created using old ways will be tagged as outdated. Your UI designers need to incorporate with above-mentioned features.

If you are a business owner and you don’t want to be labeled as outdated, then you should build or update your application as per the mobile app design trends 2024 For that, you can approach mobile app design company so that you can compete in the market having trending mobile design apps.

FAQs on Mobile App Design Trends

1. How Much Does it Cost to Design a Mobile App?

The cost to design a mobile app completely depends on your requirements. On average, the cost of a mobile app will be from a thousand dollars to several tens of thousand dollars (for a highly featured app). Again the charge of app differs from country to country. For instance, the US charges $50 – $150 per hour while India charges $50-$70 per hour.

2. How to Design a Mobile App?

The designing of a mobile app is divided into few steps to make the process easy. You need to have an idea and carry out the market research for the same. Once you’re done with marketing, create the wireframes for your application. Further, create the mockups and ask your tester to test it. Now you just need to give the final touch up and select the platform you want your app to built upon.

3. How to Design a Mobile App for Android?

Building a mobile app for Android is all about drag and drop. Install Android Studio and go for a new project. You will see a mobile screen with a “WELCOME” message. You can edit that text as per your niches. From the menu, you can select various buttons, fonts, color, alignment, etc. You just need to drag and drop the buttons and you’re done with the design of your mobile app. 

4. How to Design a Mobile App for iOS?

To create or design an app for iOS, you need to install various software. Firstly, install the XCode where you will design and create your application. Then install a good text editor to make it easy to go through the large chunks of code. If you are planning to create some custom designs or art for your application, install a vector graphic program to make it easy. Above all,  you need to address your app with your targeted audience.

5. What are the app Design Trends of 2024?

What’s new with the year 2024 is the motion designing trends, immersive scrolling feel, gradient design, AR & VR. Designers will experiment with these elements in the new mobile app UI.

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