Mobile App Design Trends

Mobile App UI design for 2019

By the end of this blog, you will learn the importance of Mobile app design trends of 2019 for your mobile app.

Have you ever wondered why brands like Facebook, Google, and Uber keeps updating their App’s UI/UX Design? Why they launch new versions in a short time? The answer is simple; they need to be updated with the trend to deliver the best experience to their users.

If you are thinking that you have recently updated your existing app and you don’t have to do it now then let me tell you one simple thing. UI/UX trends keep changing every month and if your competitors are leveraging these trends in their app then you might lose your clients.

In this competitive world; your app needs to be the best and the only way to be at the top is to make your app the finest in the niche.

So, what are your efforts in delivering the best User experience?  Do you think your app is well adapted with the mobile app design trends?

Whenever the thought of launching an app comes in the mind; the UI/UX design is the first milestone.

So, if you are also haunted by questions like:

How to create a mobile UI design?

What is the latest trend in mobile app design?

How to design an app?

What makes a good app design?

Why do you need to redesign your app to increase its profitability?

Then this blog is going to be your Wikipedia of UI/UX to get a cutting-edge in your app competition. Keep reading to learn the modern mobile app design trends of 2019.

Seamless interface

The foremost one among the top app design trends is to deliver a picture-perfect experience. The page should be able to load completely without any transition and all the content should be accessible from the first page.

A mobile app UX design will be effective only when it is able to keep the visitor occupied and the best way to achieve user engagement is by showcasing everything on the home page. This way if a user is visiting for the first time he will spend a few minutes and you will get the chance to grab the attention.

Seamless interface

Custom illustrations

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Digital illustrations are proving this phrase right and as a result, it is among the booming app UI design trends and yes, we are sure of that. Digital illustrations efficiently showcase the rapid perception of the screen or page information. Icons, mascots, and illustrations are capable of enhancing the look of any screen or page.

Illustrations are one of the newest ways to elucidate the abstract of the blog or the services of a company from the banner only. Vector banners are old things now; this is the era of combining creativity with conceptualization and digital illustrations do that only.

Instead of creating boring banners, graphics with the repetitive type of images try to create your own digital illustration for expressing the concept better.

Custom illustrations

Storytelling with Character Design

Today, more and more apps are moving towards storytelling concept for their company’s service or product revelation. Instead of uploading lots of content about what they do, what they have and what they offer, companies are now moving towards self-explanatory illustrations.

Original characters are used for human-like interaction and it sets a sturdy visual relationship with the real world. It transfers the company perception to the visitor instantly. The characters can play an essential role to transform any regular app screen into a dynamic one, but everything is dependent on the composition.

Storytelling with Character Design

Full-Screen Background Images

The latest trend in the app design includes the usage of the full-screen images that are visually appealing and triggers positive emotions while you land on the first page. Be it a photo or specially rendered visualizations.

The aim behind putting full background images is to attract the visitor and engage them to spend more time than usual so that they can get motivated to browse further. Some of the beautiful images give customers a sense of realism and authenticity. Therefore, these background images provide beautiful mobile app UI design with the amazing user experience.

Full-Screen Background Images

Buttonless UI

Buttonless UI is the Most Popular app design trends of this era. Is it really possible to have an interface without any buttons? Time has come when you accept the fact that it is going to be implemented in fact, it has been around you but you are not aware of that.

Think of Instagram! Is there any button for changing the stories on the page? No. You do it by just tapping anywhere on the screen. There is no specific button for changing the story forward or backward.

Another example of a good mobile UI design for the buttonless UI that can ease consumers’ task is in their check out procedure in the e-commerce app. Some of the UX/UI design allows you to just drag down the item you have bought to the cart instead of clicking on the add cart button.

Buttonless UI

Experimental Palettes and Layouts

To make the best Mobile app UI design, the experimentation of color combination plays the most important part. But to blend a different color to make a new outcome just doesn’t come out easily; it takes a thorough knowledge of color theory, color psychology, and virtuosity of user interface designers.

Some of the leading apps make their user experience aesthetically appealing by using pallets and layouts. Therefore, by implementing and experimenting different color combination leads to better visitor traffic on your app.

Experimental Palettes and Layouts

Hero Images for Landing Pages

With coming out of the different superheroes, I thought it would be wise not to ignore the idol of the app designing called “Hero Images”. It refers to the specific type of the app banner, mostly quite large, and at the top of the app. Hero images are an important and effective tool in the world of mobile design.

Hero images carry the message of the whole app. Since it is on the landing page of the app, it portrays an idea about what to expect from the app. For example, if you have a sophisticated image then they expect your app to have some class and culture content, and if you have colorful or vivid hero image then they presume your app to have some entertainment or comedy content. Hence, the inclusion of the hero images for the landing pages on the app will be the top trend in mobile UI design.

Hero Images for Landing Pages

Why Update Your Existing App As Per the UI/UX Design Trends Of 2019?

Do you know according to Google research, 26% of all the installed apps are used not more than once?

If you still have the mobile application having unattractive UI, then it’s time to bid goodbye to it. The old tactics of having just aesthetically appealing app won’t work anymore because users are now smarter, they will find an alternative to your mobile app which has a better user interface.

Here are a few reasons why you should change your app to the latest demand of the users. This will make your visitors content and will deliver an engaging experience.

Ease of using

Don’t make your design too much complicated so that the visitor gets confused and are not able to navigate easily. Make your landing page ordered and well managed so users can have easy to use UI.

Affect Mood

According to Neuromarketing, ”If good color sells, then the right color sells better.”

By understanding the psychology of color you can increase the conversion rate of your app. Therefore, by using a design that is very radiant, you can get the better engagement of users and keeps them attentive to your app.

Increase trust

By using the trending mobile UI design you can garner the loyal customer base to your app. It’s not a big thing to get a visitor one time; the most important thing is to make users get back to your app again and again. For that, you need to enforce the trust factor in the visitors by having the best app design.

A little bonus for you! Update Your Website in 2019

Websites also need timely updation in terms of design and functionality.  So; if your business relies on the website then you need to serve the appealing design for new clients and for the engagement of existing clients. Although; the UI/UX of app and website is not much different still there are few trends which are must for every business website.

The latest trend in the website design includes all the above list of elements along with particle background, From shadows, Mobile first designs, and Grid layouts.

Wrapping up!

The year 2019 will come with more technologies and new innovations in the mobile area. To keep up with the latest technology it will be the prime focus of the UI developers to incorporate above-mentioned features. Otherwise, the mobile app that has been created using old ways will be tagged as outdated.

If you are a business owner and you don’t want to be labeled as outdated, then you should build or update your application as per the mobile app UI trends of 2019. For that, you can approach our experienced app designers so that you can compete in the market having trending mobile design apps.