Logistics & transportation is one of the complex and multifunctional industries having a huge contribution to the world’s economy. More complex than handling a single truck (or car) transport business is handling entire commercial truck fleets and equipment fleets.

For that, you need a Smart fleet management solution that offers complete Vehicle Management, Driver Management, and Operation Management Solution which includes vehicle tracking and monitoring, driver performance tracking and monitoring, fleet analytics, fuel management, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnostics.

The vast functionality and operations incorporated in the transport fleet industry give rise to various logistics business opportunities, and with the technology advancements, these business opportunities have been taking all new dimensions.

Fleet Management Industry Graph

The top industries that benefit from a Smart fleet management system are Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Government, and Energy. While the locations that are profiting from IoT in fleet management software are countries from North America, Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

According to Statistics, the global fleet management market size is will grow from $15.9 billion in 2018 to $31.5 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 14.7%.

Since the introduction of advanced on-demand transport services and logistics solutions, consumer spending in logistics and enterprise fleet management software has increased to a great extent, and the methods of transportation across the globe have significantly transformed.

With this progression, the concept of on-demand logistics and fleet management companies has emerged worldwide and helped countless fleet vehicle organizations.

Enterprise Fleet Management Solution

Taking into consideration this enormous success and mushrooming trend of smart fleet management services, more and more transport businesses are open to the idea of integrating such IoT fleet management programs with their business. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders are also up for investing in building their own proprietary smart fleet management IoT solutions to sell as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

If you own or manage a truck or car fleet, you must have asked one or more of these questions lately.

  • How can I save money by managing my fleet?
  • What is the best maintenance program for my fleet of vehicles?
  • How are my fleet vehicles costing me more?
  • When should I buy or sell a fleet vehicle?
  • What’s the best way to finance my vehicle?
  • How can I get the best price for my vehicle?

You will get accurate answers to all these questions from smart fleet management software developed by a smart and experienced logistics software development company.

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Top Enterprise Fleet Management Solution Features

There are many benefits of getting a customized vehicle fleet management program for your business.

Common Features of a Fleet Management Solution

  • Analysis & Report
  • Job Scheduling
  • Driver ID
  • Fleet Data
  • Telematics
  • Fleet Mobile App
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Fleet Planning Tools
  • Real-Time Vehicle and Cost Tracking
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Service Locator
  • Fuel Locator
  • Mileage Reporting
  • Compliance Management
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Live Route Map
  • Vehicle Route History
  • Driver Safety Monitoring
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling

There are many other software and app features that you get specific with custom fleet management programs

Cars & Light Duty Vehicle Fleet Management

Our Smart fleet management program for cars and other lightweight vehicles provides superior tracking, management, and operational features for all your fleet vehicles.

  • Fleet Vehicle Acquisition
    Simplified and cost-effective fleet vehicle acquisition process
  • Title, License & Registration
    Access all the vehicle registrations and documents at one place
  • Vehicle Connected Data
    Your fleet vehicle connected to our software delivers accurate data
  • Fleet Telematics
    Complete end-to-end vehicle telematics to improve fleet performance
  • Fleet Fuel Management
    Control your fleet fuel management and reduce fleet fuel costs
  • Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services
    Keep vehicle maintenance and repair costs in check with our fleet maintenance app
  • Tolls, Violations & Compliance
    Total control over toll expenses and violations
  • Fleet Risk & Safety Program
    Reduce corporate risk while increasing driver safety
  • Fleet Accident Management
    Easily handle the fleet vehicle accidents
  • Fleet Vehicle Financing & Leasing
    Vehicle fleet financing and leasing for all the cars & light trucks in your fleet
  • Fleet Personal Usage Reporting
    Track personal use, vehicle expenses, and fleet mileage at all times
  • Fleet Vehicle Re-marketing
    Achieve higher returns on reselling your fleet vehicle

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Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Management

Our enterprise fleet management software for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles provides complete end-to-end fleet management IoT Solutions to track, manage, and operate your various heavy fleet vehicles.

  • Fleet Truck Acquisition
    Simplified and cost-effective fleet truck acquisition process
  • Fleet Truck Financing
    Financing solutions for your truck fleets
  • Truck Fleet Telematics
    Improve your fleet truck performance with accurate telematics
  • Truck Fleet Fueling Services
    Control your trucks’ fuel management and reduce overall fleet fuel costs
  • Truck Fleet Maintenance & Repair
    Reduce the maintenance & repair costs to maximize productivity
  • Truck Regulatory Compliance
    Keep your fleet trucks legal on the road with regulatory compliances
  • Truck Safety Management
    Reduce risks and cut expenses while keeping your drivers and trucks safe on the road
  • Truck Fleet Accident Management
    Easily handle the fleet truck accidents
  • Fleet Truck Remarketing
    Achieve higher returns on your trucks’ resale

Material Handling Equipment Fleet Management

Our Real-time fleet management software provides excellent Material Handling Equipment (MHE) services that effectively track and manage your various equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, order pickers, scissor lifts, and many more.

  • MHE Acquisition
    Our smart fleet solution helps you find the right equipment for the job
  • MHE Consulting
    We specialize in material handling equipment consultation
  • MHE Financing
    Our innovative equipment financing solutions help you reduce costs
  • MHE Maintenance
    Equipment maintenance management increases productivity and cost savings
  • MHE Equipment Remarketing
    Sell out your equipment at the best price after your usage

Who can Benefit from Building Fleet Partnership Solutions?

Vehicle Accessories in Fleet Management Software

The web-based Smart fleet management solution allows fleet managers and drivers to schedule driving time using Smartphones. Fleet managers can check logs provided by drivers in real-time, and can also view drivers’ present location on the map.

KeepTruckin is an excellent example of mobile fleet management. The app automates the fleet management process. It identifies Hours of Service violations and notifies drivers of the risk of getting one.

Using Satellite GPS tracking, Fleet monitoring technologies have been more accurate than ever. There are many GPS-based features of Smart Fleet Management solutions like:

  • Dispatch Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accident Tracking
  • Driver Management
  • Fuel Management
  • GEO-Fencing & Tracking
  • Real-Time Routing
  • Vehicle Information and Tracking
  • Inspection Management
  • Speed/idling Real-time Feedback

Here is more in-depth information about some of the prominent features of fleet management services.

Traffic Information Solution

The usage of integrated GPS in fleet management programs could be more than just tracking. With GPS, the fleet drivers can access both historical data and real-time traffic information that illustrate the usual traffic for a specific region as per the time of day and week.

For example, the Trucker Path app allows carriers to identify where their trucks are and get up-to-the-minute information about traffic situations. The app provides enhanced productivity for all aspects of freight transportation procedures.

Inventory Tracking and Management

Shipping companies encounter the necessity for proper inventory management among their fleet management services for managing assets like load carrying units, trucking equipment, and the cargo. There are two ways to achieve this. First is a unique QR code scanning for identifying the individual asset, and another is using RFID and NFC tags.

For instance, the DHL ActiveTracing app launched by DHL Freight. This app has an integrated barcode scanning feature to track the fleet’s shipment and other assets. It eliminates worker’s task to feed in lengthy track and trace numbers, reducing chances of human error.

Real-Time Location Tracking

By integrating GPS tracking services with a mobile app of the enterprise fleet management model, you can achieve the best location tracking. The GPS can also collect information like altitude, the temperature of the engine, the amount of fuel, etc. Further, a geofencing feature can also be added to know when a user has come into or leave a particular area or geofence.

The DHL Global Forwarding app enables users to track the freight and shipments in real-time and provides a complete shipping history.

The custom fleet management solution is proving to be highly beneficial for the logistics industry and range of businesses, making things much easier than ever.

Advantage Of Enterprise Fleet Management Solution

Best Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions

The fleet management services for work drop and hook trucks, car fleets, and heavy-duty vehicles have numerous advantages. Putting them in points will only fill the space without giving you a proper idea. So here are the most important benefits of Smart fleet management solutions.

Convenient Fleet Transportation Solution

When you opt for fleet transportation app development, you will be having a complete solution for your business. You can automatically manage trucks and freights, track orders, maintain records, update information in real-time, and seamlessly connect with the customers, among many other aspects of your business with an easy-to-use fleet management app.

Engage with Customers

The anesthetic appearance and user-engaging features of your logistic & transportation application can easily catch customer attention and make them more inclined towards your business and services. Your fleet management and tracking solution provide customers a convenient way of accessing your services, which thereby helps you to acquire more customers involved with your business.

24/7 Availability

Giving 24/7 accessibility to your services is an essential but quite difficult thing. However, making a logistic & transportation application will help you to achieve this. Customers can get your transportation and services at any time and anywhere without any hassle and efforts. Your mobile app will represent your business completely and serve the customers 24/7.

Optimize Operations & Reduce Cost

The logistics and transportation businesses deal with complex operations like packaging, material handling, inventory, warehousing, transportation, and (the big one) security.

A custom fleet management app development renders the perfect solution for managing and optimizing these operations effortlessly. Consequently, this solution also helps to reduce the operational cost and increase business productivity.

Easy Payment Processing

Getting paid will become more effortless and accurate with fleet transport mobile app. Customers get convenient payment options to facilitate easy, secure, and seamless online payment with their choice of approach. This will help transport fleet businesses to receive payments instantly and securely.

Track Vehicles and Drivers

The fleet management app with inbuilt GPS tracking feature will enable transportation businesses to efficiently track their vehicles and drivers to ensure seamless and timely transportation of the freights. The GPS locator integrated into the app identifies all drivers and vehicles at all times. Freight location can be easily tracked to provide the service at the exact location.

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We can set up a Cloud based smart fleet management solution for transportation & logistics, Corporate Fleet companies & government agencies. Our experts can assemble a customized fleet management program that is just right for your transport business.

Our custom fleet management software covers the full spectrum of a vehicle’s lifecycle, including acquisition, registration, maintenance, use reporting, fuel card programs, daily fleet activity, manage drivers, automate driver assignments, fleet monitoring, scheduling, and remarketing, as well as fleet analysis and optimization.

We are among the leading Fleet Management Software Development Companies that help you maximize productivity, reduce costs, and reach your corporate fleet management goals.

Fulfill all your managing activities like tracking, maintenance, analysis, and reporting on our single dashboard web-based fleet management solution. Contact us to learn more about our Smart fleet management IoT solution.

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