Logistics Fleet Management App for a Transportation Company

Learn how a growing logistics company made its jump into mobile technology with our fleet management app solution and became an overnight sensation in the trucking industry.

Client & Project Overview

A fast-growing trucking and logistics firm in India looked to scale their business and increase their customer reach through digital logistics management software. Their search for the best app development company brought them to Excellent Webworld.

The client had a very clear idea of what they were looking to build and achieve with their trucking and transportation management system, but they were confused with the fleet management app’s visual aspect. We helped them with the app’s visual design, UI/UX design, and developing the entire trucking app solution from the base.

We built a complete fleet management system for logistics and driver tracking apps for the Android platform that the company could use to manage their business and reach new customers.

The client had some budgetary limitations, so instead of going with both iOS and Android app platform, we decided it would be better to build a single platform app. Our BA’s preliminary research suggested that most truck drivers used Android devices, and the platform had a higher battery output in general compared to Apple devices. So, we decided to develop both the apps only for the Android platform.

Typography Trucking App

TruckzApp Features

An app is only as good as its features, so we made sure that TruckZapp becomes the best TMS software that the Indian transport industry has seen.

Here are the list of fantastic features that make TruckZapp, one of the best fleet management app to track trucks and manage logistics business.

Driver App Features

  • Upload & Save Documents
  • Receive & Accept Requests
  • Navigation Using Google Maps
  • View Revenue Breakdown
  • Mark Available/busy
  • View Details Of Users & Consignments
  • View Real-time Trip Routes
  • Push Notifications
  • Earning Dashboard
  • Contact Support
  • Preferred Delivery Destinations
  • Reschedule Pickups And Drops

Customer App Features

  • Registration & Login
  • Select Truck Type
  • Estimated Trip Time
  • Track Consignment
  • Push Notifications
  • Paytm Payment Gateway
  • Instant Consignment Schedule
  • Rate & Review Driver
  • Invoices Through Email
  • Cancellation & Refund
  • Estimated Costs
  • Consignment Cancellation

Web Admin Panel Features

  • User Management
  • Role Management For Admin Panel Users
  • Trip Management & Track Trips
  • Complaint Management
  • Driver Management
  • Revenue Management & Reports
  • Trip- History Management
  • Track Daily Reports & Transactions
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Fleet/vehicle Management
  • Operational Parameter Management
  • Invoice Management

What Did We Make?

The client came to us with a precise list of requirements for the fleet management systems and a confirmed list of app features to build on.

It’s so rare to find a client who clearly knows what they want and is confident about it. The work went smoothly in terms of communication, design, and development. We created the Android apps for customers and the truck drivers and also built a fleet management web app panel for the admin team to track the trucks and cargo.

We wanted to raise the bar with the map integration and make TruckZapp our best map integration project yet. With consistent efforts and innovative development methods, we were able to achieve 99% accuracy in map location with a tolerance range of 10-15 meters.

With years of experience in developing transportation management systems, we knew exactly what to do and how.

How Did We Make?

We had a lot of fun developing TruckZapp, but there were a few instances where we did face some hiccups. For instance, we had an issue with the driver app, as in some instances, the drivers would be running the app for almost a whole day. Such a length of operation puts some load on the app, but we quickly solved the app hang issue.

Another interesting problem that we loved to tackle was when the driver app runs in background mode; the real-time tracking feature faced some issues. Thanks to our development team that entails a majority of senior developers with several years of experience under their belt, the solution was relatively quick and quite efficient, keeping us under the decided development timeline.

Technology Stack of TruckZapp



MongoDB, MySQL

App Security

App Security


Runtime Tracking

Runtime Tracking


PHP Framework

PHP Framework


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway







Google Map Integration

Front & Backend Development

Front & Backend Development


Do You Wish to Launch Your Own Fleet Management App?

TruckZapp is charting new heights with the fleet management systems that we built for them. Besides getting a whole new channel to gain and interact with customers, the web app panel that we built helps our client manage their business with ease from a single panel from anywhere at any time.

If you own a transport business that can benefit from our fleet management solution, we would love to talk to you about your business’s growth potential with our assistance.

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