Why Construction Companies Are Adopting Smart Hard Hat?

A recent study from grand view research inc expected that the smart helmet market size would be $1.2 Billion by 2025.

That’s massive and promising if you glance at the benefits a Smart Hard Hat drives. The ever-growing need for the safety, security, communication and seamless operations in the businesses has boosted the need for such kind of various technological innovations.

Especially, safety becomes a major issue when you consider construction and manufacturing business.

Construction business is booming like never before in most of the parts of the world. And to incorporate such kind of next-gen technology in the construction site will not only take care of safety but it will also aid the company to overview the work of different workers remotely.

With further ado, let’s hop on and find out the advantages of our Smart Hard Hat for construction field.

Effective Monitoring Helmets for Construction Workers

One of the most crucial thing for construction site managers is getting optimum output from their workers. They understand that if the workers of the site are taking too much of breaks in between the work or wasting the time in trivial matters, at the end of the day, they will not meet the targeted work goal.

This GPS installed smart hard hats (Helmet) allow managers to monitor each and every activity of their worker. For example, by knowing the active helmet number you can get the ideas of attendance of your worker. The signal will show you if any worker is at the same place for more than the required time.

Besides, you can identify the task and their position as per their role and know every worker is active in their given work on a given floor of the building or not. This ultimately leads to higher production of the individual work.

Safety of the Workers

Occupational injuries in the construction sector are a global issue, and the construction industry is a hazardous sector in which these accidents frequently occur.

As a construction company owner, you would care for your workers’ safety more than anything. You don’t want any stringent incident that leads to some unwanted results.

The smart hard hat (Helmet) is made with the utmost care for the safety purpose as well. Firstly, you make sure that your workers are not at the place where they should not be. Secondly, the various sensors installed in the helmet constantly send out real time signals to the monitor.

It will notify the worker if there is any hazardous gas leaking or any unthinkable activities. The main purpose of this study is implementing a robust smart sensors is to activate an advanced warning device and automatic equipment control to prevent collision accidents from workers in hazardous positions.

The RFID sensor, around view monitor (AVM), and UWB sensor is used in the Smart helmet to recognize the workers and alert them through an alarm device.

Health Monitoring of Workers

The work on the construction site is considered to be physically challenging sometimes. You need to be on your best possible physical fitness. However, sometimes the conditions are not in favor of some workers and they might have some adversities in health.

The Smart Hard Hat has been furnished with a temperature sensor and heart rate monitor sensor to keep updated the worker with his health. By chance, if some worker finds anything that needs to be addressed, then this smart sensors will provide him accurate results and avoid major health problems. Apart from that, the SOS (Save our Soul) panic button will instantly send a signal to top level authorities about your condition, so any major health accident can be avoided.

So Smart Hard Hat ultimately leads to the trust and productivity of workers. They would love to work in a company that has such facilities. Besides as a construction company owner, you too can rest assured about any shortage of workforce happened due to leave taken due to health problems.

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How Our Smart Hard Hat for Construction Is Going to Change the Construction Industry?

Scrutinizing growing demand for the construction site safety technology, we have developed a IoT Hard Hat with comprehensive features that facilitate construction company to manage and provide safety to their workforce.

We have made sure that the technology installed in the smart helmet solution meets every criterion and standard rules established by government bodies. The heart rate monitor and temperature sensors are also tested by the leading medical agencies to provide a trustworthy product to the end-users.

Management Software for Smart Helmet Owner

Smart helmet software dashboard

What Latest Technologies & Features Our Smart Hard Hat Provides?

The Next-gen product needs next-gen technologies. And this smart construction helmet is made with various with smart PCB design services that work for making the world a better place.

  • Wearer’s location(GPS) + IPS for in-door locations
  • Map navigation
  • Humidity check
  • Proximity safety
  • Air quality check
  • Pollution check
  • Health monitoring (Skin temperature)
  • SOS panic button
  • Sensor data collection

Advantages of Smart Helmet on site

IoT-based smart products are being used increasingly in the construction site. If you are searching for a smart helmet for your construction site for better operations and management, then let’s talk. Drop an inquiry. We will guide you about the whole product and software associated with it.

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