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What Is Smart Life App

At a Quick Glance – ‘What Is Smart Life App??’

From kitchen and home electronics to garage doors,
Also, from sprinkler systems to vacuums,
From fire and life safety systems to digital locks…

We can go on and on about how well the devices can be operated through apps like Smart Life… And speaking about how big a blessing this app is to nature since it helps cut off electricity waste. And this indeed is the need of the hour.

From being a wonder that viewers only saw in The Fifth Element or Iron Man movies to becoming a common thing on Earth – smart device management applications have significantly evolved.

One single application lets the users control, manage, and handle all the smart home appliances. The Smart Life App is relatively safe to use. It works on all devices – viz. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and all other Android devices.

In the next section, let us get into the depth of how the app Smart Life works.

How Does the Smart Life App Work & How to Use Smart Life Application?

This Smart app can group a certain set of appliances together. It actually becomes like a centralized system to handle all the instruments together.

To set this app up, a user can go through a designated smart life app instructions procedure. A user can sign up right after installing this smart device management app on a mobile or iPad device. After this comes the family/member management settings. This implies that multiple users on different devices can access the same account. However, one super admin user will have more controls than the other added member users.

After this, the admin can add all the smart devices located on their premise in the app. Also, he or she can automate smart life app devices according to the valid period.

Also, all members can change the password from settings, even set gestures, passwords, time zones, etc.

How to Use Smart Life App

Let’s Preview the App Via Screenshots of the Smart Life App

On this note, let us show you what this new generation app looks like! Following are some screen captures from an iPhone model.

Screenshots of the Smart Life App

Features of the Smart Life All-Inclusive List

Smart Life-compatibility with humans makes a lot of difference today

Features of the Smart Life App
  • Setup voice command controls
  • Control multiple devices in one app.
  • Remote device control
  • Family sharing
  • Alert notifications
  • Group devices
  • Time switch/ Time zone changes
  • Energy consumption tracker
  • Profile setups & customizations
  • Automate devices

Excellent Webworld Loves These 2 Features of the Smart Life App

As such, all features of the Smart Life app are fantastic. But, Excellent Webworld has picked two amazing ones:

Family Sharing Icon

Family Sharing

A smart home full of appliances can have two or more members. And it is necessary to provide access to all the users since everyone doesn’t need to enter the home at the same time.

Alert Notifications Icon

Alert Notifications

Home can be locked for several days, or kids and elderly can be home alone while the rest are out at work – in such situations, safety is a top priority. Surveillance cameras can notify the admin user in such cases about an intruder or any unusual activity captured.

Cost to Develop an App Similar To Smart Life

Visibility and control of smart home appliances will never be enough. We humans always want more out of what we have. Like, in this case, we want to be living smarter life. Humans will probably need an advanced version of this application in the future.

Keeping in mind the high-end integrations that this application requires, the API development and integration, coding quality, and maintenance of this app should cost somewhere between $40000 to $55000. Smart device management app development is a lengthy but fruitful process that gives a very convenient app solution.

Are you Ready For Smart Life App Download On Your Device??

In the 21st century, the Smart Life app has gained much popularity among tech-savvy users. You can download and use this amazing app on any Android and iOS device, including mobile phones, iPads, tablets, smart watches, etc.

app of play store
App Store

Applications like Smart Life – Smart Living are on the way to becoming permanent residents of users’ mobile phones. If you want to launch an app that every smart homeowner wants, consult the best custom IoT app development company.


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FAQs About Smart Home App

The smart device management app works with a variety of smart life devices:

  • Smart life lights & Smart switches
  • Air purifiers
  • Smartlife plugs
  • Family sharing
  • Light strips
  • Surveillance security cameras

Yes, the Smart Life app is free on Google Play Store and App Store.

Yes, the Smart Life app easily connects and works with the Alexa app.